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A Pragmatic Vacation Rental Software To Make A Mark In Your Niche Market

The advancement in the sharing economy has led to the rise of vacation rental app platforms like Homestay. Such apps are built on a novel business model where property owners can directly connect with their target market. This way, the need for intermediaries is discharged, and both parties get profits - property owners receive increased revenue, and users relish satisfied service.

Our vacation rental software is a white-label application that empowers businesses to enter the lucrative vacation rental market in the quickest turnaround time. The solution is packed with all crucial features, contributing to its sustainable performance. We employ the latest technology stack and upgrade the app periodically to ensure the solution aligns with the market trends. To gain a competitive advantage, and reach heights in no time, get in touch with our team fleetly!

How Does Our Vacation Rental App Solution Work?

Our vacation rental app platform houses two crucial stakeholders - the user and the host. Let’s take a glance at the app workflow of both parties.

User App


Users register with the platform and sign in as guests.


Users set up their profiles and add the necessary information, such as contact details, profile picture, etc.


Users browse the various listings on the platform and explore more options by applying filters, such as price, location, and more.


Users send stay requests to hosts and receive notifications on the request status.


Once the stay request is approved, users pay for the booking promptly.


Users check in on the day of their booking and have a GALA time!

Airbnb clone app

Host App


Hosts sign up with the platform upon complying with the requirements of your business.


Hosts post their property listings, with details such as property type, location, amenities, price, photos, etc.


Hosts receive the stay requests from users via push notifications.


Hosts initiate conversations with users to discuss the regulations of their property.


Hosts approve or reject the stay requests as per their discussion with users.


Upon arrival, hosts receive payments after the users check in to the property.

Airbnb clone solution

Features Of Our Vacation Rental Application

  • Sign up/ Log in

    Users can register with the platform via multiple sign-up options. The registered credentials are used for logging in.

  • User account

    Users can set up and manage their profiles, with their basic contact details. They can also change their password periodically.

  • View property info

    Users can go through the complete details of the properties before sending their stay requests.

  • Wishlist

    Users can create a wishlist and add the properties they prefer, so they can quickly refer and book them for their future stays.

  • In-app chat

    Users can instantly interact with the hosts to inquire about the property and clarify their queries.

  • Push alerts

    Users are notified of the status of their booking requests promptly via in-app push notifications.

  • Secure payments

    Users can pay for their property bookings fleetly via the payment gateway available in the app.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    A valuable feature to help users make informed choices. Users can rate and share their feedback for properties they have stayed.

  • Invite and earn

    Users can get exclusive discounts for their bookings upon successful referral of the app to their friends and family circle.

  • Explore listings

    Users can discover the properties listed on the platform and choose any one according to their preferences. They can also use the sort and filter for an effective search.

  • Onboarding

    Hosts can register with the platform and log in as property hosts.

  • Booking alerts

    Hosts are updated on the booking requests from users readily via instant push notifications.

  • Accept/ reject bookings

    Hosts possess the ability to accept or reject bookings for any valid reason.

  • Customer chat support

    Hosts can interact with users and attend to their queries without any hassle.

  • Booking history

    Hosts can view all upcoming, ongoing, and completed bookings here for their quick reference.

  • View ratings and reviews

    Hosts can check the ratings and reviews shared by users for their properties. A vital feature to keep service quality in check.

  • List properties

    Hosts can add the properties they manage with the complete details, like property type, number of people accommodated, amenities available, property images, and more.

  • Earnings report

    Hosts can view the payments received for the successful check-ins on a weekly/ monthly basis.

  • Dashboard

    The admin is given a god’s eye view to manage the overall activities of the vacation rental platform via the intuitive admin dashboard.

  • Manage listings

    The admin can view and manage the listings posted on the platform and ensure they abide by the imposed regulations.

  • Manage bookings

    The admin can view and manage the confirmed, cancelled, and rejected property bookings with their complete details.

  • Manage payments

    The admin can track payment status, deduct commission, and process payments with ease.

  • Live chat

    Users or hosts can immediately reach out to the customer support team if they face any issue with the bookings.

  • Detailed report

    The overall activity of the app is analyzed and presented with detailed reports to help the admin gain valuable insights.

  • Map integration

    The vacation rental app is integrated with maps that give users an overview of the properties listed in the location users search for.

  • Coupons

    Coupons received for regular use of the platform can be used while processing payments, so they can get price cuts.

  • Deals & offers

    The properties with deals and offers are listed in this section, so users can refer to them effortlessly.

  • 360° Property tour

    A crucial feature that influences the users’ decision. Hosts can add the 360° view of the property to the listings so that users can view the amenities available.

Drive Your Revenue Engine With A Feature-packed Vacation Rental Script!

Build a vacation rental platform that empowers users to find the property of their choice effortlessly and have a great time. Our vacation rental software is laden with crucial features to ensure users access the app seamlessly and efficiently.

Deploy A Profitable Vacation Rental App In Your Niche


Every business is unique in its own way. Hence, we ensure the application is tailored to the exact needs of your business model.


The app includes a seamless workflow where users find it extremely convenient to process bookings or list properties.

API integrations

Extend the functionality of your vacation rental script by integrating third-party APIs for cutting-edge performance.

Go global

Scale your vacation rental business globally and witness instant success with multilingual and multi-currency support.

Dedicated support

Get your app developed by a dedicated team of developers who strive to personalize the app to align with your business needs.

Scalable business

Start with serving a single location and expand your business to multiple locations. Make everything attainable with the scalable nature of your business.

Why Choose Us?

Modifiable clone script

Our vacation rental script is highly customizable, offering room for future enhancements without any hassle.

Native apps

We specialize in developing native Android and iOS applications that are compatible with all Android and iOS devices, respectively.

White labelling

It is crucial for your app to flaunt your brand. To achieve the same, the app is white-labeled with your logo and other branding elements.

Timely delivery

On-time delivery of your application stays our primary goal, driving us to build the application without delay.

Free server configuration

Our team installs the vacation rental script in the server of your choice and ensures that it goes live seamlessly.

Free app submission

We submit the fully functional Android app and iOS app on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, respectively.

Free app rejection support

Your app launch is our sole responsibility, and we offer support if the app stores reject the submitted app. We fix the issue and resubmit the app free of charge.

Free maintenance support

We offer free-of-cost maintenance assistance post the app launch for a limited time. A step we take to ensure you run your business hassle-free.

Our Vacation Rental App Package

Airbnb like app

User panel

Users or guests can discover the properties listed on their user panel using the advanced search option and process bookings in no time.

Host panel

Hosts can list and manage their properties on the host panel. They can edit their property details, connect with guests, receive payments, etc., with ease.

Admin panel

The admin can effortlessly manage the entire app activities with the powerful admin panel integrated with robust functionality.

Android app

The Android version of the vacation rental app solution can be easily accessed on all Android devices, reaching a large audience base.

iOS app

Never leave out any user. Cover iOS phone users to avail your vacation rental service with our leading-edge iOS application.

Multiple Revenue Streams Of Our Vacation Rental App Platform

Property listing fee

Collect charges from hosts for listing their properties on your vacation rental solution. It can be primarily applied for properties at premium locations.

Host commission

Receive commissions from hosts for every successful booking processed through your platform.

Featured listings

Hosts can increase the visibility of their properties by promoting them to reach a large segment of your audience base.

User subscription

Allow users to access the app’s premium features by subscribing to the package they find feasible. A stable revenue source!

Service fee

A certain percentage of the booking amount is collected from users as service charges for letting them access your platform.

Advertising fee

Promote the products and services of third-party businesses by displaying their adverts on your vacation rental app.

Cost Involved To Build A Robust Vacation Rental App

Various factors influence the development cost of a vacation rental application. We scrutinize your business model, analyze these factors, and arrive at the cost. Such factors include:

Technology stack

The technology stack we deploy to develop your app influences the cost to a greater extent. Ensure to never compromise on this factor as it leads to the app’s hassle-free functioning.

Development team size

The size of the team engaged in building your app plays an important role in determining your app development cost. Keeping it small and effective will make a huge impact.

Native or Cross platforms

The number of platforms and the platform type is vital while deciding the development cost. Native Android apps cost higher than cross-platform apps.

Time needed

Each application has varied development time depending on the complexity of their development process. Yet another crucial deciding factor!

As you connect with us, we will understand your business needs and provide you with the development cost fleetly.

Our 6-Step Vacation Rental Software Development Workflow

  • Project study : Examining your business model and researching your target market is crucial to building a successful app solution.

  • Team set up : Based on your business's app development needs, we create a team that strives to build a resilient vacation rental application.

  • Design and development : Our UI/UX designers work to build a solution that is intuitive and easy to access. Our back-end developers deploy the latest technologies to ensure the app's cutting-edge performance.

  • Quality checks : Our QA engineers run the app through a litany of quality checks to ensure the app is fully operational and seamless throughout its lifecycle.

  • Deployment : Your vacation rental app solution is launched on major app platforms - Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

  • Post-launch maintenance : To ensure you manage your business hassle-free, we offer free technical support after the app launch for a limited time.

Airbnb Clone Demo

Web Panel Demo

Admin Live Demo
User Live Demo
Owner Live Demo
Manager Live Demo
Employee Live Demo


Vacation rental script is a ready-made script pre-packed with all vital features and technology stack, similar to the popular vacation rental apps. Hosts can post their listings, and users can readily book their stays in their respective app panels. Both parties can interact with each other seamlessly through the chat option in the app. Here, businesses earn commission for bringing both parties together.
Yes. Once the free maintenance support is completed, you can continue to avail our paid services offered at an affordable price.
Yes. Serving our clients end-to-end has been our priority since our inception. Hence, we support our clients in developing their business idea into a full-fledged business model. You can connect with our support team anytime to get started.
Our vacation rental software is a robust solution that allows several guests/ hosts to access the app concurrently. It functions hassle-free with zero downtime.
Feel free to reach out to us over email - info@uberlikeapp.com or the chat option available on our website.

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