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Airbnb Clone Script - The best rental app solution for your startup

In the midst of the popular on-demand services and its competitive market, one among the businesses that are gaining enough spotlight is the property rental. As the sharing economy has almost revolutionized the way business operates in the past few decades, people have started to look for a simpler solution to get their needs done at the demanded time. The same happened in the property rental industry, paving the way for the emergence of an online marketplace to help people to book homestays, tourism with simple taps. Such a tremendous change in the business functioning has also increased the user-base while allowing startups to explore this field with more confidence.

If you're one among them who is looking for a full-fledged rental platform to set foot in the rental industry, then choosing an Airbnb clone is a viable option. With a robust configuration and appealing interface, our developers will deliver the best-curated app to take care of all your vacation rental business, i.e., right from accommodation to ticket booking demands at fingertips. As the app is built from a white-labeled solution, customization will be a significant benefit, thus allowing you to make modifications without any complex procedures. Get it at a reasonable price and launch it on your preferred platforms (Android or iOS) in just 48 hours.

How Does The Airbnb Clone App Work?


  • Guest Login Users will be provided with a robust interface to quickly log into their account in a secure way.

  • Property Listings Users can browse the listed property and can enter their preferred dates to look for availability.

  • On-time Booking Users will be notified with a confirmation message after the host's approval on availability.

  • Payment Gateways Users can complete their payment hassle-free via the in-app payment gateways.


  • Host Login Secure login access will be provided to start hosting your properties.

  • Start Listing With the provided dashboard, you can set up schedules, terms & conditions, offer listings, and the required quickly.

  • Booking Approvals On viewing the customer profile and the availability, you can approve the booking request.

  • Commission Deduction For each guest's real-time money transaction, you can deduct the commission via the app from the service providers.

Product Features That Make Our Airbnb Clone Script Distinctive

Robust Dashboard Both admin and provider will be provided with a simple yet robustly configured dashboard to oversee and manage all the business operations at ease.

Instant Booking Customers will be provided with an instant booking option, which enables them to book quickly rather than waiting for the host's approval. This can help you gain more potential customers.

Multiple Booking Option Our clone script supports this multi-booking feature to enable your users to book multiple favorite spaces in real-time without any inconvenience.

Preferred Payment Options Allows the guest to pay their fare as per the preferred method, i.e., both cash and cashless methods. We integrate the best payment gateways to carry out the payment procedures smoothly.

Location-Based Search Our dedicated location-based search filter allows the guest to choose their suitable accommodations at their favorite spots via the map search.

Cancellation & Refund PoliciesThis feature is completely customizable, allowing you to add various cancel policies and refund terms so that customers can choose them at the time of requirement.

Customize PricingSet custom prices based on seasons like holidays, weekends, festivals to gain more new customers. This is one of the vital features that a host should have in the application.

Admin Roles & ManagementAchieve seamless management of your rental business by splitting up your administrative operations among sub-admins. You can easily assign and can effectively manage through this feature.

Multiple LanguagesTo be more customer-friendly, it is important to have this feature incorporated into the application. Our Airbnb clone comes with a sufficient set of languages, but you can customize it as well.

Multi-CurrencyThis feature will allow your customers to view prices in their preferred currency format. We also integrate a location-based auto-currency switch for a better display.

PenaltyYou can have this feature in the app to deduct the amount if guests cancel their booking at the time of the check-in date. Many rental businesses have this feature to reduce loss.

Transaction HistoryUsers can check their transaction history at the required time. There will also be a filter option that allows them to carry on search precisely, i.e., by giving the specific date and property.

Admin Commission MethodThis feature allows you to deduct the commission amount during real-time transactions so the host can avoid settling it later. Set commissions reasonably to acquire more service providers.

Manage UsersYou can manage the users' accounts, that is, both service provider profiles and customers'. You can view and modify the details whenever required.

Manage ReservationThis feature allows the host to modify and rearrange the trip schedules on the customer's request. This can increase the user-friendliness as well as service quality.

Dispute Management OptionAdmins can handle if any dispute arises between the user and the host and can take immediate steps to clear the issue through this feature.

Multiple Listing For Single HostMultiple property listing features will be enabled for the host, which in turn brings you profit. Our clone script carries this feature free of cost.

Ratings and Review System Your Airbnb clone will be offered with an advanced rating system that allows your customers to rate the service that they received from service providers. This can increase your credibility while allowing other customers to choose precisely.

Benefits of the Airbnb Clone Script

  • Multiple Logins Easy and quick logins can be executed through social media profiles like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Advanced Filter Option Guests can search precisely based on location, accommodation types, room facility, number of people, etc., through this advanced feature.

  • User Verification Before enrolling users, a screening process will be carried out like scanning documents and IDs to provide secure usage.

  • Wishlist Option To increase the sales of the business, you can integrate this feature since this allows the users to bookmark their favorite spots and places in advance.

  • Shared Room Option This feature is best suited for the hosts during their property listing. Enabling this option in the application will help to increase your customer base.

  • Invite Credits This feature is entirely promotional as it allows the users to earn points by inviting their friends and families. This can help you gain enough potential customers.

Advanced Features of Airbnb Clone Application

We offer a complete package with advanced and robust admin panels to manage your operations efficiently. Our Airbnb clone script enables you to launch the application in your preferred platforms with no extra cost.

  • Admin PanelOur admin panel is incorporated with robust admin options that include User verification, list management options, etc.

  • Host PanelOur Airbnb clone comes with a separate panel for the host through which he/she can list a room, and manage.

  • Guest PanelGuest (or) front-end panel helps customers to browse rooms and experiences with an advanced search filter option, along with Google map integration.

  • 24/7 SupportRound the clock support for customers who have difficulty with management operations.

Why you should Choose Airbnb Clone as your Business Model?

Whether you are planning to start an online hotel booking business or property rental business, then choosing the Airbnb business model is profitable. With simple yet effective features, the Airbnb clone package will be offered with three stakeholders, admin, host, and guest panels.

Each of these modules will be prebuilt with the necessary features that are required to run the business smoothly.

  • The host panel will have options that allow him/her to upload their property pictures with details and availability. Also, he/she will receive the fare once the end customer completes the transaction.

  • The admin panel allows you to overview the operations like handling booking requests, deducting commissions, listing approval, etc., on fingertips.

  • The customer panel allows the user to browse, search, filter, and view the property listings while experiencing a smooth payment process via gateways.

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