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Customized Alcohol Delivery App Solution

With the smart application, businesses can commence alcohol delivery to customers across the globe with ease. Powered with robust features including but not limited to search & filter, geolocation, delivery tracking, store locator, online payment and much more, witnesses an instant surge in customer sign-ups. Venture in the market with readymade apps for popular mobile (iOS and Android) and web platforms. We offer intelligent and remarkable solutions for popular business app models:

Get a tailored Uber for booze delivery app

Booze chains

With a cutting-edge dashboard, monitor and manage all wine & alcohol delivery stores seamlessly.

Reliable delivery of wine & alcohol to customers

Single wine & alcohol delivery store app

An app to connect customers with liquor stores near their location for end-to-end doorstep delivery.

Robust and scalable
delivery app

Online liquor marketplace

We build apps to assist alcohol owners, entrepreneurs, and startups connect with delivery service seekers.

Uber for wine delivery app - Solutions overview

Customer App


Customers sign-up with credentials like phone number and email or login with social media accounts to access the app.

Liquor store locator

The dedicated app for customers shows the nearest store selling wine and alcohol. Users can choose as per their discretion.

Search/browse products

Customers search for the booze of their choice. Based on the entered keywords, the app showcases relevant results.

Smart filter

To further enhance results, activate filters. Select price range, brands, quantity, delivery time, type, and much more before tapping “Filter search.”

Schedule delivery

The smart feature lets customers schedule alcohol delivery as per the preferred date and time.


A time-saver, customers place the same order by viewing the order history and tapping “Re-order.”

In-app payment

Integrated with multiple payment gateways and methods, customers can pay online securely.

Order history

Customers via the app feature view the order history comprising details like alcohol type, quantity, cost, date & time, and others.

Rate & review

The Uber for Alcohol app lets customers rate and review the product and the delivery experience with ease.

Special promo & offers

Customers get notified of special promotional codes and offer via push, SMS, and email.

Help & support

Customers get in touch with the liquor store or with the service provider’s help and support team directly via the app.

Delivery tracking

Post booking confirmation, customers track the delivery executive’s location via the in-app map.

How it works - Customer app


Choose location

Browse liquor stores

Choose alcohol product

“Book now”/ Schedule

Pay online

View driver details

Track order

Receive delivery

Rate & review

Driver App


Delivery executives register in to the app with email and phone number. During the process, create a profile with details such as name, display picture, delivery vehicle number, and others.

Availability toggle

Drivers via the app feature confirm their availability or on-availability to serve delivery requests.

Accept/reject request

Drivers get service request notifications. They can either accept or reject as per their discretion. However, they require to opt a reason (among the options) for request rejection.

View order details

Pre or post accepting the order request, delivery agents view details such as customer name, alcohol product, delivery location, and others.

In-app navigation

Post accepting a delivery request, drivers view and reach the customer’s location via inbuilt navigation.

Delivery history

Drivers view the delivery history with details comprising date & time, product, quantity, cost of delivery, and others.

Help & support

For any assistance, drivers contact the service providers help and support team directly via the app.

Rate & review

Drivers rate and review the customer and store post service completion as per their discretion.

In-app chat

For assistance regarding the location of customer or store, product availability, and others, drivers communicate via the in-app chat feature.

How it works - Delivery executive app


Mark “Available to service”

Receive order notifications

Pick-up and destination details

Pickup alcohol product

Update delivery status

Deliver and confirm

Receive payment

Rate &review

Store App

Manage product information

Stores via the dedicated app manage the liquor products information including but not limited to name, alcohol percentage, quantity, the price per volume, add/remove a product, and others.

Accept/reject request

Store owners notified of booze delivery request. Based on availability and other factors, the store owners accepts/rejects the request.

Track delivery person

Post accepting customer request, store owners view details of dispatched drivers and track their location.

Invoice generation

The app generates auto invoice based on details such as product ordered, quantity, delivery charges, liquor cost, and others.

Manage promotions

Store owners provide special discounts or other offers to promote the product and boost bookings.


Store owners get notified for customer requests, driver dispatch, payment confirmations, and others via push, SMS, and email.

Manage ratings & reviews

The smart feature allows liquor store owners to monitor and manage ratings provided by customers and delivery agents.

View customer details

During order request, store owners view customer details, including name, address, number, order history, and others.

Help & support

For any assistance with regards to delivery, access, payment issue, or others, store owners connect with dedicated help & support team via the app.

Availability toggle

By tapping “Available to serve” store owners come Live and receive booking requests. Although by tapping “Not-available to serve,” they will not receive service requests.

How it works - Store app


Accept order request

Update order status

View driver details

Generate invoice

Track delivery

Receive payment

Rate & review

Admin Dashboard

Log in

Business admins log in the powerful dashboard with programmed credentials including email, phone number, or special access codes as per company discretion.

Manage customers

Business admins monitor and manage customer details, booze orders, payments, invoice generations, and others.

Manage delivery executives

Business admins manage registered delivery executive details, track activities, dispatch to the nearest stores, credit payment post commission, and others.

Manage liquor stores

Business admins via the robust panel, manage store details, maintain product records, set offers, credit payment post commission, and others.

Manage products

Manage product details, quantity, descriptions, alcohol percentage, price, other recommendations, and much more via the panel.

Manage promo and offers

Boost customer and store base with exclusive promos and offers to comprise discounts, reduced commissions, free delivery, and more.

Track orders

Post booking confirmation, track orders via the powerful panel seamlessly. View details including customer name & delivery executive ID, product quantity, ETA to the destination, and others.

Track payments

Business admins manage and track customer payments, credit delivery agents and store owners post commission, and much more.

Manage newsletter

Update customers with the latest info on liquor and product information and offers with custom newsletters.

Manage notifications

Alert customers, delivery executives, and store owners with critical information via push, SMS, and email.

Manage ratings & reviews

Business admins view and manage customer, driver, and store owners ratings and reviews and improve services as per necessity.

Business analytics & reports

Business admins view custom reports and download for offline access as per their discretion.

Additional Advanced Features

Categories & Subcategories
Product descriptions
Product quantity
Save card details
Status update
App tutorials
Cost calculator
App referrals
Share product details
Add favorites
Manage profiles
Inventory management
Gallery management
Vendor & staff management
Ad management

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Yes, the admin panel is designed to track individual order with absolute precision.
Indeed you can. The app can be custom-built to integrate your existing stores and help centralize the operations.
Yes, we can. Apart from the listed feature, the application can be integrated with additional features as per your business requirements.
With multi-language integration, cater to global users effortlessly. Languages such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, and others can be integrated as per your requirements.
Indeed we do. We offer some fantastic post-launch support packages for you to choose from. Please discuss with our experts today.

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