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Foray Into The World Of Sports Betting With Our Bet365 Clone - A Lucrative Business Opportunity!

Everyone loves watching one sport or the other and enjoys predicting the match results and betting with their friends. Online sports betting takes their betting spirit to the next level by letting them bet with anyone across the world. It is enabled by sports betting apps like Bet365 that empowers users to bet and win money in real-time.

With people getting to explore the possibilities of earning online with ease, sports betting comes as a viable option. They can use their sports knowledge to predict the match results and bag prize money readily. It assures that you can gain a massive user base in no time upon launching a feature-laden sports betting app like Bet365 in your niche market. At Uber Like App, we employ the latest technology to ensure the seamless performance of your application.

  • Customizable clone script
  • Highly secure and scalable
  • In-house development team
  • On-time delivery
  • No hidden charges
  • Round-the-clock support
Bet365 clone

The Right Sports Betting App Development Company For An Instant Success

Bet365 clone app

Being one of the leading app development companies, we specialize in developing robust sports betting solutions to bring in a massive user base for your business. Laden with a cutting-edge feature set, our solutions never leave out any vital functionality and let users access the platform effortlessly.

We ensure the app goes in line with the current trends in your niche market, giving you a competitive edge. Another major aspect we give our attention is the security of the user data, keeping data breach at bay.

  • Profitable than conventional betting
  • Live updates on match scores
  • A range of sports to bet and bag prizes
  • Compare odds from several bookmakers
  • Instant alerts on the betting results

Versatile Bet365 Clone With Varied Betting Options

Our Bet365 clone is an all-inclusive sports betting solution that houses a wide range of sports, offering diverse betting options. A real treat for sports lovers and betting enthusiasts. They can bet on any sport of their choice and win cash promptly. Here are the sports betting options included in our high-end Bet365 clone.

  • Cricket

    Leverage the massively followed cricket to entrance cricket lovers across the globe. Keep them on the edge of their seats with the live updates.

  • Football

    With an ardent follower base for football, you can undoubtedly make a big buck by letting people bet on their preferred football games.

  • Baseball

    Our Bet365 clone, packed with baseball betting options, is a feast for baseball fans worldwide. Contributes to the growth of your business at an unprecedented rate.

  • Basketball

    Let basketball lovers be a part of the bustling basketball leagues by betting and winning money in real-time. Fun-filled user experience is guaranteed!

  • Golf

    Attract golf lovers from all over the world and let them boast their knowledge while winning huge cash prizes in real-time.

  • Hockey

    Captivate the interests of hockey fans and get them glued to their smartphones by offering a breathtaking betting experience.

  • Soccer

    Empower your users to take part in the fun-packed soccer betting fiesta and bag real money. An excellent option with tremendous growth potential!

  • Tennis

    Take your sports betting solution to the next level by enchanting tennis followers. Making an indelible impression is no more a Herculean task.

  • Motor racing

    Vroom your business towards greater heights by letting motor racing enthusiasts participate in riveting motor racing betting matches.

  • MMA

    Lead your business towards a smashing success. Enable ardent MMA fans to take part in MMA bet matches with just a few taps.

Some Exceptional Features Integrated Into Our Bet365 Clone Script

Our Bet365 clone script is loaded with some must-have features that offer an enthralling betting experience for your users.

One-tap betting

A single tap on their smartphones is all it takes for your users to place their bets. The lengthy process to bet is wholly eliminated, allowing users from all age groups to access the app conveniently.

Social media integration

Our Bet365 clone is integrated with popular social networks. This way, users can flaunt their winning bets with their friends and family circle by sharing them on their respective social media profiles.

In-app advertising

Boost your revenue by displaying the ads of third-party businesses on your platform. You can earn money based on various metrics, including views, clicks, impressions, and more. A stable revenue stream!

Cryptocurrency betting

Let users place bets by paying cryptocurrencies. Accepting virtual payments gives your business a competitive advantage, growing your user base, and thereby revenue.ir friends. They can add stickers, texts, and more to make their content more flashy.

Live match scores

Users are updated on the live scores of the matches they bet on, helping them develop a better betting strategy. You can also choose to display the live match on your platform by third-party integrations.

Multiple betting

Empower users to place multiple bets on various sports matches according to their preferences. It helps them rely on your platform for all their sports bettings. A truly enchanting feature!

A Wide Range Of Sports Betting Options


An ideal betting option for beginners who wish to risk less and earn more. Here, calculating the income is quite simple and offers great fun.

Head to Head

The best fit for users who love to bet on the outcome of a game - win, lose, or draw. In Head to Head betting, users are thrilled to know the results until the final minutes.


Totals betting is prevalent in games like casinos, cards, free throws, etc., that have countable statistics. The bets are placed under or over a particular number, and results can be predicted only at the end of the game.


This betting form is more suitable for people in love with traditional contact sports. Here, the bettors can wager on the games with their known circle.

Each way

A widespread horse racing betting form where bettors will place bets in advance and receive a fraction of the win odds as income.


The right betting option for those who adore high-risk, high-reward betting. Bettors can either win big or lose big - quite a captivating betting form.


Bettors can make two predictions in a sports betting match, both of which have to be an absolute win to bag the cash prizes.


Like Double betting, Treble betting involves three predictions. Here, all three predictions have to be a win for the bettors to bag the fixture.

Vital Features Of Our Bet365 Clone

User account Users can register with the platform with their email IDs/ phone numbers and create their own user accounts with the required details.

Link bank account Users can link their bank accounts to their profiles, so they can withdraw the money they earned from winning bets.

Choose sports A range of sports can be listed on the Bet365 clone, allowing users to choose their preferred sport to bet.

Betting schedules The list of ongoing or upcoming betting matches with relevant details is listed here for the quick reference of users.

Betting patterns Users can choose the betting patterns they find convenient from the wide range of options available.

Push notifications Users are notified of the upcoming betting matches, bets placed, match outcomes, etc., via in-app push notifications.

Live updatesUsers are updated on the live scores of the betting matches they participate in.

Betting tipsTips with regards to winning a bet can be shared with the app users periodically, making them feel valued and appreciated.

In-app purchasesAllow users to access the advanced functionality for an enhanced betting experience, along with increasing your revenue opportunities.

View earningsUsers can view the income generated to date by winning bets placed on their favorite sports.

Bookmaker account Bookies can sign up with the platform in a few taps and set up their accounts in an instant.

Manage clients Bookies can view and manage the profiles of all clients who choose them for their betting.

Manage bets Bookies can manage all the bets placed on behalf of their clients in one convenient location.

Manage schedules Bookies can view the upcoming sports fixtures and keep their clients informed of the same.

Instant alertsBookies will be promptly notified of the betting results, match performance, and more via instant push alerts.

Live scores Bookies are updated on the real-time alerts on the betting match results and performance.

Share tipsBookies can share betting tips with their clients, earning their trust and confidence.

Customer supportBookies can instantly attend to their client queries and provide them assistance in every possible aspect.

Intuitive dashboard The details of the bets, performance, analytics, etc., are presented in the dashboard for the admin’s view.

Manage sports The admin can add, remove, or manage the list of sports available for users to bet.

Manage betting gamesThe admin gets full control over the sports fixtures taking place on the platform.

Manage users The admin can view and manage the profiles of all users registered with the platform.

Manage bookies The admin can manage the accounts of bookies and verify them if need be before letting them start placing bets.

Secure paymentsThe app is loaded with multiple payment options to allow users and bookmakers to pay with ease.

Prime Benefits Our Sports Betting Clone Script Like Bet365

Extensive business opportunity
Our Bet365 clone includes all sports out there - allowing users to bet on their favorite sports. A versatile solution that offers you multiple benefits.
Reliable business model
Our Bet365 clone supports a reliable business model that is tried and tested to yield lucrative results in the long run.
Interactive UI
Our designers ensure the app’s user interface is intuitive so that users can access the platform with convenience. An engaging UI drives in more users.
Bet with ease
Users can effortlessly choose their preferred sport to bet and earn real money. A few taps and boasting their sports knowledge is all it takes to enjoy their win!
Secure solution
Never worry about the security of your sports betting platform. It is protected with several security features, safeguarding the user data.
High ROI
As the platform is packed with several sports betting options, it brings in more users. This, in turn, results in an uptrend in your revenue.

Our Sports Betting App Development Workflow

Sports Betting Clone Script

Requirement study

Our team explores your sports betting app business model and its requirements and comes up with a detailed plan to deliver a personalized solution tailored to your exact needs.


The application interface is the online forefront of your business. Hence, our UI designers take the utmost care to white-label the app with your branding elements and strive to keep the interface simple and intuitive.


Our seasoned developers customize the back-end of the app to match the technical requirements of your sports betting application and make sure the app is up to date with the market trends.

Quality assurance

It is vital for the app to be bug-free and glitch-free. To achieve the same, our Bet365 clone is run through a litany of quality checks, examining the app end-to-end.

App launch

Once we are assured that the app is fully functioning, we deploy it on all major app and web platforms, making it readily available for your audience to bet and win big time!

Why Choose Uber Like App?

  • Customized betting cloneWe scrutinize the sports betting market and develop a robust sports betting solution that is personalized to your needs.

  • Turnkey solutionThe betting solution we built is packed with a cutting-edge feature set and advanced technology stack, offering a seamless performance.

  • PrivacyOur team is cautious about the business data they handle and strives to keep them confidential at all times.

  • In-house teamComprising seasoned experts from various domains of app development, our team is sure to roll out a betting script that is reliable in every aspect possible.

  • Round-the-clock support Offering maximum customer service has been our prime goal ever since we started our development journey. Hence, we ensure to provide 24x7 support to our clients, irrespective of time constraints.


Our Bet365 clone is a white-label sports betting software solution that lets businesses enter the lucrative sports betting market in the shortest possible time. It houses a vast range of sports betting options, empowering users to bet on the sport they like and win real-time cash prizes. An entrancing solution to gain a massive user base and thereby maximized profits.
Our Bet365 clone is a robust solution that allows many users to bet on the app concurrently. It performs hassle-free with zero downtime.
Android is best to acquire more users, and iOS is ideal for making more money. Hence, we suggest you launch your sports betting app on both platforms to gain maximum benefits.
Yes. We are a full-fledged provider of app development services, covering everything from development to deployment to maintenance post-launch. All at an unbeatable price!
Feel free to contact us over email - [email protected] or the chat option available on our website.