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Why Choose Us For Your Online Grocery App Development?

With the revolution of smartphones, many services are being provided on-demand. In the digital era, people can avail any services or buy products with a few taps on their smartphones. The on-demand grocery shopping service is not an exemption here. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can set up your online grocery delivery business with our BigBasket clone app.

We provide a highly robust and readymade app solution that can be personalized to comply with your business needs. Developing and launching the online grocery app on all app stores takes up considerably less time when compared to building an app from the ground up. Our experienced development team will develop a highly functional, user-friendly, responsive, and unique online grocery app like BigBasket.

Lay a Foundation With The Most Suitable Business Model

With our best-in-class BigBasket clone script, you can now launch your venture in a short period. Our expert developers will customize the script based on your chosen business model as the foundation.

Grocery Delivery App For Your Brand

Grocery Delivery App For Your BrandThis business model will allow standalone grocery store owners to develop and launch a user-friendly online grocery shopping app.

Online Grocery Marketplace

An Online Grocery MarketplaceOpting for this model will allow entrepreneurs to partner up with various grocery stores and list them on the app. Users can choose from a large variety of stores and go with a suitable one.

Chain Of Online Grocery Stores

A Chain Of Online Grocery Stores Grocery store owners who have multiple branches can pick this business model. A single, fully functional, and powerful on-demand grocery delivery app can be launched to manage multiple outlets efficiently.

What Do We Offer In Our BigBasket Clone Script Package?

Our cross-platform compatible grocery delivery app package will consist of multiple panels with corresponding features.

BigBasket Clone Script
  • Customer App (Android and iOS)This panel will allow customers to register successfully and place an online order for grocery delivery. They can choose from a wide variety of items/products available in the app and pay effortlessly using one of the secure gateways integrated into the app.

  • Delivery Executive App (Android and iOS)Delivery agents can register with the app and complete the verification process to start serving user requests. The request rejection facility is also available under certain circumstances and parameters.

  • Store Owner App (Android and iOS)With this feature-rich panel, they can accept orders from customers and pack the orders properly to hand it over to delivery executives. The app enables stock management that is highly essential as they have to update the available and out of stock items regularly in the app.

  • Admin DashboardIt is a powerful dashboard that helps in the effective and efficient management of all data, payments, price management, approval, conflict resolution, and more.

  • An Optimized WebsiteOur team will also design and develop an attractive website for the online grocery delivery platform like BigBasket. The website will also support easy grocery shopping for customer convenience.

Essential Features Of The Four Distinct Panels

Our skilled developers will include an optimized feature-set for each panel to make the customers lean towards your online grocery shopping platform for their grocery needs.

Registration Users will have multiple registration options, such as phone numbers, email IDs, and social media accounts.

Delivery Address Customers can specify their delivery address manually or with the help of GPS. Multiple delivery addresses can also be added to the user profile.

Easy Search And Advanced Filters Users can make use of the search box to find an item of their choice. Multiple advanced filters can also be applied to spot a suitable store or item.

Cart Option With this feature, users can add items/products to the cart as they shop. After moving all the necessary items to the cart, they can easily proceed to the checkout process.

Scheduled Orders Users can also schedule their grocery delivery orders using the BigBasket clone app by specifying the apt location, date, time, and additional information if required.

Re-Order OptionThis feature will help customers to repeat one of the previous orders they have placed.

Easy TrackingWith the GPS feature, users can easily track the live location of delivery executives during an ongoing request.

SettingsAccount settings, such as adding addresses, delivery locations, preferred languages, etc., can be modified at any time.

Hassle-Free Payment GatewaysThe app includes multiple payment gateways that will help users pay securely.

Offers And RewardsRegular offers will be provided to users by the admin or store owners. Rewards are also unlocked for each successful referral.

Review And Rating SystemCustomers can rate delivery executives and share reviews after successful deliveries.

In-App Document Verification Post the registration process, delivery agents have to submit certain documents to the app for verification purposes.

Accept/Reject User RequestsAfter obtaining approval from the admin, they can accept or reject delivery requests based on a few predefined parameters.

Access To Customer DetailsThey can view the live location, name, and contact number of users once they accept a request.

Delivery ZoneDelivery executives will be assigned a fixed zone within which they have to deliver groceries.

Optimized RoutesGoogle Maps are integrated into the app, and with the GPS feature, delivery executives will be provided with multiple route options to reach the destination.

Availability SliderDelivery executives are provided with a slide bar for indicating their availability status.

Delivery HistoryDelivery executives can view the list of ongoing and past orders on the history page of the app.

Earning HistoryThey can also get access to their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly earnings via the app.

LoginVendors can sign up with the app and obtain approval from the admin to sell groceries.

Profile SetupAfter approval, they can build their profile by specifying the necessary details and a short description.

Update App DataStore owners have to make sure that they update the list of available/not available items.

Adding/Removing ProductsThey add any new products that are available for purchase in the app quickly. Removing items that are no longer sold can also be done.

Tracking OrdersVendors can also track customer orders until it is successfully delivered. The live location and contact details of delivery executives can also be accessed by them.

Order StatusGrocery store owners can also update order status regularly via their panel.

Payments And InvoicesThey can monitor all payments and view detailed invoices when required.

Customer Details Vendors will have complete access to customer data such as items ordered, contact number, name, and more.

Easy Sign-InThe admin can log in to the web panel using the credentials provided.

Sub-Admin ProfilesThe admin can create several sub-admin accounts and give access to them for a fixed section.

Commission Cut-DownThe admin will cut-down the commission and then transfer the earnings to delivery executives.

OffersThe admin can also create offers and discounts for users.

Analytics And ReportsIn-app analytics and reports generated can also be viewed by the admin to help get an overview of development areas.

Feedback SectionThe admin can also view the feedback and suggestions provided by users and ensure their satisfaction accordingly.

Access To DataThe admin or sub-admins can get access to user’s and delivery executive’s data and modify or update them when required.

Resolve DisputesIf any conflicts arise among users, delivery executives, and store owners, the admin will resolve it efficiently.

How Does a BigBasket Clone Work?

  • The BigBasket clone app has an effective workflow that will help all users operate the app easily.

  • Users can register with the app using any one of the registration options available.

  • They can select the groceries they want and add it to the cart.

  • With any one of the payment gateways available, they can pay for the order. Cash on delivery option can also be availed if required.

  • On confirming the request, a delivery executive will be assigned, and the vendor will accept the order.

  • The delivery agent will pick up the order and reach the user’s location within the estimated time.

  • After a successful delivery, users can rate and review the service offered by delivery executives.

  • Vendors can also rate delivery executives during the last phase of the service.

  • The admin will deduct the commission and transfer the earnings to delivery executives.

What Do Our Experts Guarantee For Your Online Grocery Platform?

Our skilled experts offer a set of services that are included in the pocket-friendly package.

Online Grocery App
  • Highly Customizable The on-demand grocery delivery app we provide is personalized in accordance with your business requirements, and it can be enhanced at any time in the future.

  • Technical Support If there are any technical issues or bugs in the application, our support team will help you resolve it and ensure that the app runs successfully.

  • Licensed Source Code The source code used to develop the application is completely licensed, and it will be handed over to you after the complete payment has been made.

  • Free Server Installation Our technical team will install the app on your server and make sure it runs without any errors. They will also provide you with a server if required.

  • Secure Payments Any safe and secure payment mode available in the online grocery store app like BigBasket can be used to pay for the orders that users place.

  • Managing Database We also help you to manage your data with the best and safest database provider.

Key Takeaways Of Our Optimized BigBasket Clone Solution

The whitelabeled online grocery delivery app we offer has a long list of advantages as specified here:

  • User-Friendly SolutionThe app is easy to operate and contains all the necessary options appropriately placed. It is a simplified solution that will help you run your grocery delivery business.

  • Whitelabeled SolutionOur app solution will be rebranded with your brand name and logo to help you reach the customers quickly.

  • Less Time And Cost ConsumingSince we offer a readymade solution, it will take less time and money to develop and customize the app.

  • Business ModelsWe help you choose a suitable business model and develop your BigBasket clone app based on it.

  • Third-Party IntegrationWith the app, our team will integrate any third-party tools, management systems, and more.

  • Global App SolutionThe app can be viewed in multiple languages, and different types of currencies are supported to help users pay effortlessly. This will help users across the world to get access to your app.

  • Technology StackThe on-demand grocery delivery app is built with the most advanced technologies and tools that make it robust and provides an enhanced user experience.

  • MaintenanceOur dedicated support team will provide maintenance and support post the launch of the app as well for a specified period.

The Seven-Stage Optimal Grocery App Development Process

Our business experts and developers work together to complete the BigBasket clone app development that comprises the following phases:

  • Requirement
    Initially, our experts will discuss with you and help you frame a set of requirements based on which the app should be built.

  • Market
    The business experts will then analyze the market, its current scenario, and more. From the effective research outcome, marketing strategies, success rates, audience mindset, etc., can be obtained.

  • Design
    And Prototype
    Feature-set and the technology stack of the app will be decided in the next step, and a layout will be designed for the app. Based on the design, a working prototype will be built. Any changes can be made in this phase.

  • Grocery
    App Development
    Our highly trained developers will make use of the most advanced technologies, frameworks, and tools to develop an optimal app for your online grocery delivery business.

  • Testing
    The App
    Post the development process, the app will be tested based on various parameters such as performance, speed, security, and more. The app should succeed in all the tests in order to move to the next stage.

  • Launching
    The App
    After proper approval, the app is made live on several major platforms by our support team.

  • Technical Support
    And Maintenance
    Our dedicated support team at Uber Like App will offer technical assistance and maintenance after the launch of the app for a limited period.

Grocery Delivery App

Setup Your Online Grocery Delivery Platform With Our Cost-Efficient Solution

At Uber Like App, we help you build a cost-efficient and affordable grocery delivery service app for your business. We will make sure to develop an optimized, feature-rich, user-friendly app that will help you scale up your business.

The application we offer is cross-platform compatible and can be accessed by users across the globe. It has distinct panels based on the roles available. Manage your grocery store or chain with our best-in-class and pocket-friendly app solution. Contact our trained experts to know more about the app!

App Screens

BigBasket Clone App Screen
BigBasket Clone App Screen
BigBasket Clone App Screen
BigBasket Clone App Screen
BigBasket Clone App Screen
BigBasket Clone App Screen
BigBasket Clone App Screen
BigBasket Clone App Screen
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Our optimized BigBasket clone app is highly budget-friendly when compared to an app built from the ground up. Our app package starts at $1999, and you can choose a suitable package of your choice.
The grocery delivery platforms can generate revenue via commissions, hosting ads, and more.
Our skilled team will help you enhance or scale up your app if your business requirements vary over time.
To develop a fully-functional app, our experts and developers will take a few days to launch it on multiple platforms successfully.
You can drop a mail at info@uberlikeapp.com or talk to our experts to build an optimized app.

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