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Launch A User-friendly Bike Taxi Software
To Rev Up Your Game In The Transportation Segment

Bike taxi booking app

Though sharing bike rides is an age-old concept, it is not the same scenario as bike taxis. The latter has been a recent introduction in the transportation industry, emerging as the next best, cost-effective alternative to taxi services. Adding to its affordability, there comes its time-saving attribute, helping customers reach their destination on time. Building a bike taxi app solution is arguably a viable option to reach heights in no time.

We present the custom-built bike taxi booking apps packed with a user-friendly UI and a robust feature set. Being a white-label, ready-made solution, it can be instantly customized and readily launched in your niche with no downtime. Let your users avail of the bike taxi services without a hitch, offering maximum customer satisfaction. Contact us right away to build a reliable solution that resonates with the demands of your customers!

An All-inclusive Bike Taxi Management Software

Native mobile apps

Let the users and bike taxi drivers book and accept the rides, respectively, straight from the Android or iOS bike taxi app solutions.

Dispatch unit

Keep a tab on the ride bookings and dispatches, and handle user queries effortlessly with our cutting-edge bike taxi dispatch software.

Admin dashboard

The powerful admin dashboard gives you a 360-degree view of the overall processes of the platform, right from bookings to user reviews.

Join The Booming Bike Taxi Business With Our Pragmatic, Feature-loaded Bike Taxi Management Software!

The Stakeholders Of The Bike Taxi App Business

To succeed in any business, it is pivotal to know the stakeholders involved in the business ecosystem. Only then can you come up with solutions tailored to their expectations.

  • App User/ Customer/ Rider

    Users or riders access the bike taxi apps to reach their desired destination on time and within budget, without any hassle.

  • Driver/ Ride Provider

    Bike taxi drivers register with the platform, offer their ride services to users in need, and earn a substantial income to sustain their living.

  • Bike Taxi Business Owner

    The bike taxi business owners launch their solutions in the market, bring both users and drivers together to avail/ offer ride services, and earn revenue from various streams.

Bike taxi management software

How Does The Bike Taxi Software Function?

Bike taxi software
  • Users can download and install the bike taxi solution on their smartphones. They can then register with the platform using their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media credentials.
  • Users can verify their profiles and get started with ride bookings. They can input their pick up and drop off locations, view the estimated fare, choose the payment mode, and confirm their bookings.
  • The ride requests of the users will be shared with the bike taxi drivers located nearby via push alerts. They can choose to accept or reject the requests as per their availability.
  • Once the ride requests are confirmed, users will be updated on the booking status. Also, the details of the drivers assigned for their rides will be shared with them promptly.
  • The drivers will pick up the users and drop them off at the final destination mentioned on time.
  • Once the requested rides have been completed; the payments will be processed fleetly. Also, users can share their ratings and feedback for the bike taxi service availed.

Features Of Our Bike Taxi App Solution

Instant bookings Users can promptly book bike taxis by inputting their pick-up and drop-off locations. They get to choose their preferred vehicle as well.

Book laterUsers can schedule their bike taxi rides in advance by providing the date and time, along with location details.

Fare estimationThis feature provides users with the fare estimation for the bike taxi rides to reach their specified destination, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Vehicle trackingUsers can track the bike taxis right from the moment their ride requests are confirmed till they reach their pick up location.

Push notificationUsers are notified of their ride status, vehicle details, and more via in-app push notification feature.

Secure paymentsThe app is packed with multiple payment options, such as credit/ debit cards, net banking, etc., to facilitate users to process payments conveniently.

Ride historyThe comprehensive data on the past and the present bike taxi rides, their invoice details are displayed here.

Chat/ Call driverUsers can fleetly connect with the assigned drivers in case they face trouble with tracking them or other related scenarios.

Reschedule/ Cancel ridesUsers possess the privilege to reschedule their bike taxi rides or cancel them prior to the scheduled time for any valid reason.

Rate and reviewUsers can rate the bike taxi service availed on a scale of 1 to 5 and share their feedback in the review section.

Quick onboardingDrivers can instantly sign up with the platform by providing necessary information and getting them verified by the admin to start serving the ride requests.

Indicate availabilityDrivers can notify the admin of their availability using the toggle mode, so the rides can be assigned only to the available drivers.

Ride alertsDrivers are readily updated on the ride requests via in-app push alerts. They can accept or reject these alerts as they find convenient.

Route navigationDrivers will be provided with the best possible route to reach the delivery locations on time. They are also updated on traffic details and a lot more.

Ride statusDrivers can mark the ride status while starting the rides, picking up the users, and completing the rides.

Contact usersDrivers can interact with users right away via the in-app chat/ call feature to inquire about the pick-up location, ride details, etc.

View incomeDrivers can track their earnings received for rides served in a specific period, typically a week, month, or year.

View user reviewsDrivers can examine the feedback shared by users and ensure to rectify the negative reviews if any.

Admin dashboardThe admin can get an overview of the operations of the app and how it impacts the performance in the dashboard.

Manage usersThe admin can manage the user accounts, their ride requests, queries, and a lot more effortlessly.

Manage driversThe admin can review the sign-up requests of drivers, verify them, and ensure the ones got on board abide by the app’s regulations.

Manage bike taxisThe admin can manage the bike taxis that are in operation and get their real-time location with the assistance of the GPS tracking system.

Set ride costsThe admin can fix the base fare, waiting fee, cancellation charges, and more for the rides offered via the bike taxi platform.

Manage feedbackThe admin can view the reviews shared by users for the service availed. It helps them keep the service quality of their business in check.

Customer supportThe admin team can attend to the queries of users and drivers in case they face issues in accessing the app or availing/ offering a ride service.

Data-driven reportsThe data from various resources of the app are consolidated to generate analytical reports periodically that help the admin to gain insights to run the app smoothly.

Invite and earnUsers can invite their friends and family circle to install and use the app for their travel. For every successful referral, they will be bestowed with reward points.

Booking through call/ SMSAllow users to call the admin team and make their bookings via call or SMS. The team then places the booking online on behalf of the users.

Offers and discountsUsers who avail your services frequently can be provided with offers and coupon codes to make them feel valuable and retain them in the long run.

Share ride detailsUsers can share their trip details with their loved ones until the end of the trip to ensure their safety.

Launch A Perennially Profitable Online Bike Taxi Booking App In A Short Period!

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Crucial Advantages Of Our Bike Taxi Booking Application

White-label solution

Our bike taxi app solution can be entirely white-labelled to suit the branding needs of your business - right from your logo to colour scheme.

Complete customization

The solution we develop is 100% customizable, facilitating you to modify its features, functionalities, and more without a hitch.


Being a highly scalable solution, our bike taxi software allows you to upgrade it at any given day in the future. A future-proof solution!


The solution is built on a reliable business model that is proven to help you succeed in the long run.

Instant ride-matching

The ride-matching algorithm of the bike taxi app ensures all bike taxi rides are catered without any delay.

Multi-payment options

Packed with multiple payment options, the app enables users to pay for the service availed with ease. An entrancing feature worth integrating!

Scale globally

The app is loaded with multilingual and multi-currency options, facilitating you to level up your business on a global scale.


Customizing a white-label bike taxi app solution costs way lesser than developing the app from scratch.


Why struggle with building the app from ground up for weeks? Choose our solution to foray into the bike taxi business in a few days!

Our Detailed Bike Taxi App Development Process

Requirement study

We initiate our development process with the understanding of your business requirements and coming up with a detailed plan to develop the app on time.


The UI is the online forefront of your business, and it has to be intuitive and easy to access to captivate more users. Our skilled UI designers strive to ensure the same.

Payment gateway inclusion

The bike taxi app is integrated with multiple payment gateways that are widely used in the market, allowing users to pay using the mode they are comfortable with.

Notification set up

We integrate the solution with in-app push notifications, email alerts, and other options of your choice to help your businesses stay connected with your target audience.

Analytics integration

The solution is integrated with analytical tools that generate reports regularly, helping you keep a tab on your app’s performance.

QA Testing

After the integration of all vital features, the app is run through a litany of quality tests to ensure it exhibits a seamless functioning.


The app is finally submitted for its launch on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It will then be verified and enabled for user downloads.

Technical support

To assist you in smoothly running your business, we offer free-of-cost maintenance support for a limited time.


Why Choose Us ?

Robust tech stack

Our expert development team employs the most advanced tools and technologies to build a cutting-edge bike taxi app for your business.

Third-party integrations

We are committed to building an app that goes beyond your expectations. Our app supports the integration of all third-party APIs without any hassle.

Instant deployment

Our ready-made bike taxi software can be quickly customized and deployed in your niche in the shortest turnaround time possible.

Bike taxi app solution

In-house team

Our bike taxi app development team includes experts from various domains - design, development, testing, etc., who strive together to build a leading-edge bike taxi solution.

On-time delivery

We are well-known for delivering the fully functional apps on time. Trust us with your app development to launch your app at the right time.

24x7 Assistance

As you get on board with us, serving you at any time of the day becomes our top priority. Time is never a constraint to clarify your doubts!

Technology We Handle


A bike taxi app is almost similar to the taxi app; the only difference is the vehicle used. Similar to ride-hailing, users can avail the ride services of bike taxis by booking their trips with all necessary details. The crucial advantage of bike taxis are, they help users reach their destination on time and within budget.
Absolutely! Scalability is an inborn trait of our bike taxi application. We strive to make all our offerings readily upgradable to meet the changing needs of your business.
Our bike taxi app package comes with a robust admin panel that allows you to manage your business efficiently. From booking management to customer management, everything can be managed effortlessly.
Yes. We offer a wide range of services that encompass the entire range of the app development process, including designing, marketing, content development, testing, SEO optimization, maintenance support, and more. All of these services are offered at an unbeatable price!
Our bike taxi software is a resilient solution that can handle any number of users concurrently, with no downtime.
Contact us over email - info@uberlikeapp.com or the chat option on our website. We will ensure to provide you with the best possible service!