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Carpooling business like no other with BlaBlaCar clone app

Launch your smart ridesharing and carpooling business with our advanced BlaBlaCar clone script.

BlaBlaCar Clone app development

Carpooling has proved to be an eco-friendly way to travel. It has resulted in establishing a more affordable and faster way to commute from one destination to another. Lesser cars on the roads mean less pollution and traffic blockades. Commuters are now aware of it and have turned to on-demand carpooling services. With the right conditions and fleet, you too can create an app like BlaBlaCar with us. Connect the drivers and riders with a fully-functional BlaBlaCar clone app created by our whitelabel solutions and extensive customization in place.

What Do We provide in BlaBlaCar clone script?

Following are some of the services that we offer for the BlaBlaCar Clone.

  • Powerful Admin Control
  • Track in real-time
  • Turnkey solution
  • Technical service
  • Fully Automated
  • In-App payment gateway
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Cost-effective
  • Robust

Unique Features

Integrate some of the top-of-the-line salient features in the BlaBlaCar clone app.

Social Media Login

Passenger can register and login through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and others, as opposed to entering the details manually.

Find A Ride

This unique feature allows passengers to search for rides and enter the destination point based on their desired time. This will include an array of other details as well.

Extensive Search

This feature will enable the passengers to search the nearest available ride by specifying the requirements for the ride. They can choose to take a shared taxi or use individual ride depending on their needs.

Ride Management

Admin can manage all types of rides integrated into the app and dispatch cars to the specified pickup points.

Instant matching

The app will optimize the search process and match the drivers to passengers who have booked for the carpool depending on the routes the driver will be taking on.

Push Notifications

This feature sends alerts to both passengers and drivers about the destination, trip details, and other relevant information.


This feature allows the drivers to pick up or drop off co-riders, who were picked up along the way, at their respective destination.

Ratings and Review

After the ride is completed, the passenger can rate the driver along with the ride experience. The driver can also rate and provide reviews about the passenger.

Payment Gateway

Passengers can utilize the in-app Stripe payment gateway to pay for their rides by using credit/debit cards.

Multiple Languages

Passengers can change the default language of the app to their native tongue to easily access the app better and book a service.

Live Tracking

Passengers can view the driver/taxi in real-time with ‘geo-tracking and similarly, drivers can also track the passenger’s pick-up location.

Invoice Generation

This feature generates an invoice after the trip has been completed. The invoice will include a breakdown of the bill for the trip.

BlaBlaCar Clone Business Model

The concept of carpooling is not very different from a taxi booking service. Customers share the same taxi reaching different destinations along the route and the app will match the riders plying down the same route. Our best BlaBlaCar clone app offers tons of advantages for drivers, passengers, and the environment.

For Drivers

  • Earn extra income
  • No constrained time schedule or targets
  • Convenience with different passengers throughout the day.

For Passengers

  • Reduced cost of travel
  • Convenient and safe rides

For Environment

  • Less carbon footprint
  • Reduced emission of greenhouse gases
  • Fewer traffic blockages

App Screens

Single Application for Both User and Provider

Standard Package

  • User/Provider Android Native App
  • User/Provider iOS Native App
  • Super Admin Web Panel
  • User Web Panel
  • Provider Web Panel
  • Application Landing Page
  • Dashboard
  • View/Manage Users
  • View/Manage Providers
  • View/Manage Commission
  • View/Manage Statements
  • View Reviews and Ratings
  • View /Manage Request History
  • View/Manage Scheduled Rides
  • View/Manage Pricing Logics
  • View/Manage Documents
  • View/Manage Notifications
  • View/Manage Cancel Reasons
  • View/Manage Payments
  • Site Settings
  • Manage About Page
  • Manage FAQ Page
  • Manage Contact Page (CMS Pages)
  • View/Manage Account
  • SignUp(Mobile Number)
  • Social Media Login
  • OTP Verification
  • Profile Management
  • Trip History for Past and Upcoming
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Document
  • Push Notifications
  • Find Ride
  • Extensive Search
  • Offer Ride(Act as Provider)
  • Get Ride(Act as User)
  • Ride Management
  • Instant Matching
  • Schedule Ride
  • Manage Riders
  • Manage Passengers
  • Stop Over(Driver can pick or drop off)
  • SOS(Emergency)
  • Voice Call Option
  • Live Tracking
  • Invoice Generation
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Manage Service
  • View Earnings
  • View Summary(No.of.Rides,Revenue)
  • Manage Settings
  • Manage Language
  • Help
  • Share Application

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Our team of experienced developers can develop the app within a short span of time. Our customized solutions will help you to build a venture in no time.
No, as it is highly user-friendly and easy to learn, there will be no need for prior experience for using the admin panel.
Yes, we do provide assistance for the stipulated period of time mentioned in the contract to assist you in launching the BlaBlaCar clone app.
Yes, you will own the entire source code of your powerful and customized Blablacar clone app.
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