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Advancements in technology make people’s lives easier as they can get all their needs at their doorsteps using mobile apps. For example, they are ordering food and groceries. Similar to that, they can even get the medicines delivered to their doorstep. Technology has made this possible and it is in huge demand amid the pandemic. 

Online Healthcare Market Statistics

According to the research conducted by Zion Market, there is a projection that the online pharmacy industry will rise to $107.53 by 2025. As of 2018, the revenue generation is $42.32 billion. One more report by Xian predicts that revenue generated from the health applications would be $111.1 billion by 2025. 

Recently, we have many pharmacy apps such as 1mg, PharmEasy, Netmeds, and so on. However, considering medicine delivery apps like 1mg, you can implement the same concept in developing your app. 1mg clone script is a ready-made solution that empowers you to develop an app like 1mg and launch it instantly in the market. 

If you plan to develop an online medicine delivery app like 1mg, you have to know about the app features, app benefits, income-generating streams, and app development cost. Let us see these in this blog in detail. 

Benefits of the On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

  • From the customer perspective, 

They can get their medicines from their doorsteps without going to medical stores. Using the app, they can set timely reminders. As the app notifies about medicine, the customer would not forget. Customers can easily get their medicines from the right medical store.

  • From the pharmacy store owner perspective,

Apart from providing service to local areas, they can expand their business by providing service to newer geographical locations. They can easily manage the stock details along with their expiry dates digitally. Having an app like 1mg helps them to stay updated with the recent market trends. 

Essential Features of the 1MG Clone App

User app

  • Easy registration

As registration is the initial step, users can sign up with the app using a mobile number, email ID, or social media accounts. It is followed by OTP confirmation. 

  • Filter option

The app is integrated with the smart & quick search option. Using this feature, users browse for medicines and health products with ease. They can search by providing a relevant keyword. Filters included in the app are Categories, Brands, Discounts, Product Forms, and so on. So, it is easy for users to navigate through the menu easily. 

  • Multiple payment options

Several popular multiple payments are integrated into the app. So, users can choose any payment options as per their preference & convenience.

  • Upload prescription

As per the government guidelines, a proper doctor prescription is necessary for ordering medicines. Therefore, users have to upload their prescription in the app. 

Pharmacy store app

  • Dashboard

The pharmacy store owner can manage all the medicine product-related information like product listings, stock, order information, earnings, much more. Therefore, it is easy for them to handle everything online.

  • Minimum order value

They have the option to set a minimum order value above, which only users can place the order. 

  • Order history

They can view the completed/ongoing/rejected orders in the app. Apart from that, the app displays the invoice data. 

  • Push notification

The pharmacy store owner sends personalized messages regarding medicines via the app. This helps them to engage with the customers. 

Delivery person app

  • Manage profile

Upon creating their profile, they can make any changes to their profile at any time. They can also include additional information later. 

  • Order alerts

The app notifies the order request and displays the pharmacy store information. The delivery person can accept or decline the request based on their convenience. 

  • Availability toggle

To show their availability for providing delivery service, they have to enable this feature. Or else, they can disable this feature. 

  • Real-time navigation

The app displays the user’s real-time location as it is integrated with the GPS-enabled navigation system. Therefore, it is useful for the delivery person to reach the customer’s location using the best-optimized route. 

Admin panel

  • Dashboard

This feature will let the admin visualize and manage details of the pharmacy stores, delivery person, and users who registered with the app.

  • Prescription management

Collecting prescription from users is necessary; without that pharmacists should not provide medicine as per the government regulations. Admin can monitor the prescription uploaded by the users. Whenever the pharmacists feel the prescription is hard to understand, the admin helps them. 

  • Manage reviews and ratings

This feature will allow the admin to view the ratings and reviews given by users. As a result, they can remove the fraudulent pharmacy store and the delivery person who has registered with the app. They can even consider the user feedback and resolve their queries to provide the best quality service in the upcoming days. 

  • Analytics and reports

The admin can view the generated order insights and analyze them for improving the user experience. Analyzing real-time analytics will help a lot in growing the medicine delivery business. 

1MG Clone App – How It Works?

  • The user signs up with the app and searches for the medicine they need from the right medical stores listed on the app. 
  • Upon the medicine selection, they can add them to the cart and confirm the order. 
  • As the app is integrated with various popular payment gateways, they can choose any one of them for their convenience to make a payment.
  • Once done, the delivery person is assigned for medicine delivery and delivers the medicine to the user. Meanwhile, the user can track the delivery person’s real-time location upon accepting the order request until the delivery. 

How to Earn Money From 1MG Clone App?

Now, let’s look at the common income-generating streams for the 1mg clone app. 


This monetization model is the most popular one followed by the majority of online medicine delivery apps. This app will let pharma companies or pharmaceuticals sell medicines and drugs. Therefore, you can charge a considerable amount of money from them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The commission percentage of the amount has to be fixed in advance. 


In-app advertising is one of the effective ways to earn more revenue. You can let the following companies advertise their products in your app and charge them based on the clickthrough rate. 

  • Pharmacy companies
  • Health insurance companies
  • Diagnostics companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Hospital chains & brands
  • E-wallet companies

Sponsored listings

It is another revenue stream widely followed in on-demand medicine delivery apps. In the featured listings, letting users see the sponsored products from pharmaceutical companies. 

Factors that Affect the Cost of Developing an App Like 1MG

1mg clone app
The cost of developing the online medicine delivery app varies according to the business requirements. Some key factors that affect the app development cost are as follows.

  • App features

The on-demand medicine delivery app development cost is considerably based on the essential and advanced features you integrate into the app. Simply, add only the basic features if you need to build an online pharmacy app with a low budget. 

  • App design

There will be a considerable amount of cost difference according to the app complexity. Ensuring that the UI/UX of the app must be simple yet appealing. 

  • App platform

This also contributes to the app development cost. If you want to consider a wide range of audience, you can choose both the Android or iOS platforms. Or else, focus on any one platform to launch the online medicine delivery app like 1mg. 

  • App development team or company

The app development team or company’s geographical location, experience, and technology stack primarily determines the cost.  

Final Note

Medicine delivery app is such a boom in the healthcare industry that people find it more convenient to get the ordered medicines at their doorsteps. Benefits for users, delivery persons, and pharmacy store owners are more as they can have a constant source of income. Partner with us for medicine delivery app development and launch your personalized app in the twinkling of an eye.

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