If you asked me a few years ago to create an app like Uber, I would have said it was next to impossible. But, if you ask me the same question now, I would state the opposite. Today, it is very easy to create and launch an app like uber in a matter of hours. This is due to the presence of companies that provide app cloning services. However, it is not that simple or else everyone would be launching an Uber app every other minute. Read on to find out the key steps involved when creating a meaningful Uber clone app.

  1. The USP
    USP refers to the unique selling point of your application. While the taxi services industry continues to grow, the Uber app model can also be applied to other promising sectors. If you plan on creating an Uber for services such as medicine delivery or doctors, it suddenly has a lot of relevance. Hence, focus on niche markets such as education, health, entertainment and other markets where there is a scope for providing services.
  2. Admin’s POV
    Apart from developing an app, your goal as the administrator should also be to take responsibility for providing good service to your customers. This is possible by setting into place algorithms targetted at capitalising trends and collecting significant data aimed at understanding the customer better.
  3. What the service provider looks for?
    Since your app acts as a bridge between the consumer and the service provider, it becomes your onus to keep your stakeholders happy. By creating an easy to use interface for the service provider, you can expect a stark increase in productivity and efficiency, which will, in turn, result in customer satisfaction.
  4. Understanding the customer
    The customer is king and should rightly be treated as one. Hence, it is logical to provide the customer with a variety of services and options. Additionally, including a promotion every once in a while will help maintain the interest in your app.
  5. How to generate revenue?
    Now that you have created the app, how do you monetise it? You can do this by either charging a commision to the service providers or giving the customers premium services. Additionally, you can generate revenue through ads.

If you have an idea that best fits the Uber clone model, don’t forget to approach UberLikeApp and we’ll help you create the next big thing in this sector.

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