The need for new on-demand services in the market is increasing with each day. The main idea behind establishing an on-demand business is to allure more customers and make it a successful empire in a short span. The customers are also benefited by this as they can avail of any service in a single tap, and the money spent is also nominal.

Online dating has also turned into a profitable on-demand business in recent times. Many people prefer to go on blind dates, and it has become so common in many countries now. Entrepreneurs can set foot in this revenue-generating industry with the help of an affordable Tinder clone app. It is a highly advanced app that will gain more customers in a short span. A few statistics of the online dating market is specified below:

  • The total revenue in the online dating sector is $2,141M in the year 2020. 
  • It is expected that the revenue will increase steadily by 4%, and the market volume will elevate to $2,520M by the year 2024. 
  • The number of users will go to 3.6% from 3.2% by the end of the year 2024. 
  • Peruser revenue in the online dating market sums up to $8.92. 
  • The highest revenue-generating country in the online dating market is the United States, with $973M. 
  • People between the ages of 18-34 use online dating apps more than the other age groups. 
  • The number of male users is more than the number of female users. 

Why is a Tinder clone app gaining a large customer base in the market?

The online dating app has become a successful business in the on-demand market due to the various factors mentioned below:

Finding a date is easy:

With this app, anyone can find a date quickly. All they have to do is to enter all the necessary information in the app. On finding a match, the user can interact with them and go on a date.

Effortless communication:

It is an effective platform where the users can meet a person matching their expectations. Like-minded people are brought closer using this app. It is an app that helps users connect across the globe. They can use the in-app chat and call feature to communicate and to go on a date. Furthermore, videos, location, audio, photos, and more can be shared via the app.

Higher reach than expected:

The Tinder clone app is obtaining more reach than expected from the customers. The robust and feature rich-app is a hit among its users, and people of all age groups seem to be liking it. Easy communication, advanced features, cutting-edge technology, etc., are the major factors that contribute to the app’s success.

Profitable business in a short period:

The entrepreneurs can develop a high revenue-generating online dating business in a short span. Dating will never go out of trend, and so an efficient app with tons of features will yield more profit and customers.

How do you build a successful Tinder clone app?

The online dating app has to undergo the following phases to emerge successful in the market:

Works towards the future:

Do not target your effort towards the present alone. Consider data from the past and the present scenario to predict the future of the app. You can also check out statistics and other market forecasts to get a glimpse of the online dating market in the upcoming years. This will also help you with building a robust app.

Increase your online presence:

In the digital world, every brand or business should have a strong online presence. The social media platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook,  Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., can be used to acquire online presence quickly. Regular posts, ads, promotions, and more will help you increase your customer base.

An affordable app solution:

The Tinder clone app should be cost-efficient and of good quality. The app should not be complex, and any user should be able to navigate through the app effortlessly. Include all the necessary features and build a separate panel for the users and the administrator.

Fix up geographical region:

Launch your online dating app in a single region first. Concentrate on satisfying the users in that region and consider their interests when doing so. Once your brand is well-established in that region, you can move on to expand the region.

Include other services:

When two people decide to meet for a date, they will need a reservation in a perfect place, flowers, and more. Partner up with restaurants and gift shops to help the users make reservations or buy gifts for their date. Post a few questions to the users to know the type of place that they would like to visit on a date. Based on the answers, the app should display a few suggestions.

Offers and referrals:

Provide users with offers regularly on memberships or subscriptions. Offer rewards if they refer the app to their friends and family.  

Know your competitors in the market:

Analyze the online dating market and get to know your key competitors well. Take a look at their apps and check if there is an attribute that you can include in your app to make it unique. Find ways to build a more optimized dating app than your competitors’ app. 

Employ robust algorithms:

The Tinder clone app should be developed by employing efficient algorithms that will match two like-minded people instantly. Suggestions can be offered to the users based on their preference, location, and more. 

Summing up:

These insights will help you build an efficient and robust app with the latest technologies and tools. Market your brand with the right app and approach, and it will definitely be an instant hit in the market. Our developers are experienced in building a feature-rich Tinder clone app. Contact them via mail or call to develop a user-friendly app and launch it in the online dating market in a few days.

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