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We have come a long way in this digital age as people can get essentials delivered to their doorstep with a few taps and swipes on their smartphones. The general question is not about the services that are available as people can order anything on demand right from food to cabs, but what is the next stage in this pursuit. While people can get leisure services like massage and beautician on-demand, the doctor service is not to be ignored. It is an essential service that holds the utmost importance in everyone’s life. 

The on-demand doctor consultation apps made their way to the market a few years ago and significantly impacted it. More physicians have shown interest in using telemedicine apps as it helps them to boost their revenue significantly. Several major hospital chains have started to adopt this trend as it lets them offer better healthcare services. Although the telemedicine services sector has made a total revenue of $11.8 billion, experts have predicted that the industry has a long way to go. The growth of the on-demand doctor consultation sector has been hindered by multiple factors, such as:

Uncertainty about the support from healthcare plans:

In order to address this concern, several insurance companies have started offering medicare advantage plans in the US to cover telemedicine services. As of now, 48 states have begun to provide reimbursement for telemedicine services via the Medicaid fee-for-service model. This strategy is expected to be followed in more places as telemedicine apps have become the need of the hour. 

Lack of clinical appropriateness:

Some healthcare professionals about the lack of clinical appropriateness in certain clinics. It is the duty of medical establishments to uphold those centers’ clinical quality and maintain them. The virtual visits should be entirely documented by following appropriate guidelines to ensure quality healthcare services.

Lack of support from hospital leadership:

The adoption of telemedicine services from major hospital chains can encourage other healthcare chains to prefer it. The support from the hospital leadership can encourage healthcare professionals to take up telemedicine services. There prevails a lack of awareness among several hospitals, and it holds back the growth of on-demand telemedicine services in those respective regions. 

On-demand Doctor app

Importance of on-demand telemedicine services:

A majority of the world population is not aware of the benefits and advantages of using on-demand telemedicine apps. They fill up the gaps that prevail in physical visits and can help to serve more patients. 

No more restrictions to healthcare services for people in rural and remote locations:

People living in rural and remote locations have always faced improper healthcare services and travel miles to proper treatment even for minor issues. With the unprecedented evolution of technology, people are able to access internet services from anywhere. Distance or inaccessible terrains will not be a hindrance for healthcare professionals as they can give consultations via video calls.  

Limited healthcare access for the elderly and disabled patients:

Elderly and disabled patients will find difficulty in accessing healthcare services despite living in the city. There could be several issues, such as allergy, immobility, sound, transport, etc. With the Uber for doctors app, they can seamlessly get professional healthcare from the comfort of their homes. 

Issues with monitoring patients:

The integration of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) will offer real-time access to patients’ healthcare data. The data from healthcare devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers can be seamlessly integrated into the app to provide better service. The integration of these devices can be helpful to treat patients with chronic diseases. 

No need to kill time in waiting rooms:

With the telemedicine apps, patients no longer have to wait for hours at the hospitals’ waiting room. They will have direct access to the doctors’ business calendar and can schedule appointments accordingly. 

The eye-catching benefits offered by on-demand doctor consultation apps:

Uber for Doctors app

The on-demand doctor consultation apps sector is still in its infancy and has a long way to go. Here are some of the benefits offered by these platforms:

Improvement in the user experience: 

Patients approach a healthcare center with the expectation of getting individual attention to get their problems sorted. In contrast, they often get disappointed with hospitals’ physical visits, and the management cannot be blamed every time as they need to serve numerous patients. Telemedicine apps can be the solution to the prevailing problem as patients can schedule appointments with doctors at their preferred time. They will get individual attention and benefit patients in many ways. Thus, the adoption of telemedicine improves the overall user experience. 

Minimal paperwork:

Since most of the process is automated in this business model, it significantly reduces the dependency on human resources. It also provides immense relief to the doctors as they need not have to maintain chunks of paperwork containing the patients’ medical records. These apps also eliminate the need for in-office administrative paperwork.

Increased convenience for the users:

The on-demand doctor consultation apps are a savior in disguise for people living in rural areas as they lack proper healthcare infrastructure. Although some of them have a primary healthcare center, it will not be maintained appropriately and lack some of the essential medicare systems. They need not have to travel for long distances and spend chunks of money on transportation. 

Reasonable billing strategy:

Since people can get in touch with doctors virtually on the app, they need not have to pay for ER trips and hospital admissions. The patients will not be charged excessively, and the breakdown can be viewed in the invoice.

Higher ROI for doctors:

Doctors can function individually without a physical clinic. These apps cut down the expenditure on infrastructure, equipment, hospital staff, and more. Doctors can also work at their preferred hours and can attend to more patients to boost their overall revenue. 

Lesser competition:

The concept of telemedicine services is not widely spread to several countries. Not every doctor and hospital organization in significant cities of the world are providing on-demand doctor consultation services. Entrepreneurs can use this lack of competition in the sector to streamline the full potential of this sector. Now would be the ideal time for budding entrepreneurs to jump ahead of the race and claim their spot in the market. 


If you are an entrepreneur with plans to launch a healthcare startup, get in touch with our on-demand doctor app development team. Patients will look up to your app with high expectations and so make sure you offer them nothing less of a premium user experience. The app development process might seem like an uphill task, as it is an app that provides healthcare services. Discuss your business idea and requirements with our team to get a world-class telemedicine app. Leave the hassle of calculating your idea’s technical feasibility to our expert development team and concentrate on improving the quality of your business. Get a robust app to solve the basic needs of medical casualties effectively. 

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