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In a busy city, taking public transport is a hassle. It will be crowded, and it would take a longer time to reach the desired destination. If you have your own vehicle, it will probably be an advantage. But, people without their own mode of transport will find it difficult to travel from their homes to their destinations. In order to provide them with an instant solution, the ride-hailing apps like Uber, Ola, Grab, etc., were launched. These apps will help people reach their destination with comfort at cost-effective prices. 

They were a massive success in the on-demand market. Many people started using it regularly to travel to their offices. There were several types of rides to choose from the app. Witnessing the success of ride-hailing taxi services, many other entrepreneurs and organizations came forward to launch their own taxi services in the market. But, they looked for budget-friendly apps for their business as developing an app from scratch costs more and took a lot of days to be developed completely. So, they went with the Ola clone app available in the market. 

What are the major factors due to which clone apps are preferred?

Clone apps are preferred over other apps built from the initial stage due to a few factors that are specified below:

Cost of the app:

It is an obvious fact that clone apps cost upto seventy-five percent less than an app developed from scratch. Hence, the business owner will save a fortune on app development. With clone apps, you have to pay only for the features available in the app. The cost of technical support and maintenance will be included as part of the package cost. 

The number of resources:

Developing an app from the first phase is a complex task and requires the effort of many developers. Whereas, a clone app requires a few resources for developing an efficient and robust app. 

Ready-made solution:

The clone app is a ready-made solution, and so it can be customized easily in accordance with the business needs of an entrepreneur. Future enhancements can also be made effortlessly. 

Development time:

The time taken to develop the app is very less. So, you can purchase an Ola clone script and launch it in a few days on multiple platforms. 

What is the workflow of the Ola clone app?

The Ola clone app has three main panels, namely: User panel, administrator panel, and the driver panel. These dashboards have separate workflows and options based on the role. 

User panel:

If the user has to log in and book a ride, they have the following workflow:

  • Register with the app using phone number, email ID, or social media credentials. 
  • Enter the source and destination in the respective fields. 
  • Pick a ride of their choice and confirm the request. 
  • Contact the driver in case of any queries.
  • Pay via any one of the payment gateways available in the app.
  • Rate the driver and review them if required. 

Administrator Dashboard:

  • Log in using the credentials.
  • Monitor the ongoing and completed rides.
  • Update, delete or add user and driver data.
  • Approve the drivers after checking the documents.
  • Go through the reviews and ratings.

Driver Dashboard:

  • Register/login with the app. 
  • Upload documents for verification. 
  • Accept/reject rides after the administrator’s approval.
  • Access customer details and contact them when needed. 
  • Reach the destination using the maps. 
  • Drop the customer to the destination.
  • Check if payment has been made.
  • Rate the customer. 

The features in each of the panels will vary based on the workflow stated above. The features available in one panel will not be accessible by a user of another panel. 

Key factors based on which the app development cost varies:

There are a few characteristics based on which the development cost of an app will differ. These will decide the final cost of a fully developed app. 

Platforms to be launched on:

The entrepreneur has to decide the platforms on which they want to launch their Ola clone app. Launching it on a single platform will not obtain the profit you desire. So, an on-demand app has to be made live on multiple platforms to acquire a large customer base. 

Design of the app:

The app should be attractive, and all the options should be identified easily. The user interface of the app should be responsive and should provide a good user experience. 

Features included:

As mentioned earlier, the number of features included in the app has a significant impact on the cost of the app. So, include only the necessary attributes. 

The number of developers:

The total number of developers working on the app development process will also decide the total cost of the app. Since clone apps are not complex, the number of developers required to work on an app will be less. 

In-app Wallet:

If you are planning to integrate a wallet to the app, then you can do so, and the customers will be able to pay easily using the wallet. 

To conclude:

Finding a suitable app development company is very crucial if you wish to develop a robust clone app for your taxi business. We have a set of developers who are proficient in the Ola clone app development process. Technical support will be provided post the launch of the clone app. Talk to us today to develop an effective clone app.

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