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Food delivery is a business that will never stop yielding revenue. In the present, people prefer to order online. A single tap will provide you with food. So, the people found it easy to buy food and started using it almost every day. Since the food delivery service was a huge success in the industry, many other entrepreneurs wanted to start their food delivery venture. To help them with their service, the Zomato Clone apps were built. These apps are more advanced and act as a very good alternative for the Zomato app. You can include any number of attributes to the app. It is designed to work on Android and iOS devices. 

Attributes to be included in the app:

There are a few major characteristics that have to be included for the app to become a success in the market. Since there are many apps like Zomato in the industry, you have to make sure that the app you build stands out from the rest of the food delivery apps. Get into the shoes of the customer and the delivery agent to acquire a more detailed view of what to include in the app and what not to. This will lead to building a successful food delivery app. 

Multiple platforms: 

The app should not be restricted to a single platform alone. It will gain customers only from that particular platform. Develop the app such that it supports multiple platforms. Through this, users of all the platforms will have access to the app. Include a web portal for the administrator to increase easy accessibility of the transactions that take place. They will find it easier to access the order history and monitor the whole process. 

Registration options:

There should be multiple registration options in the app. The customer should be able to log in with their email ID, phone number, or social media account. It will be easier for them to register using these options as the data will be collected automatically. You can also include the Sign Up Later option to register at a later stage. 

Profile related search history:

The search suggestions should be based on the profile. It will consist of the restaurant they searched for, previous orders, coupons, and more. 


Make sure that you include a lot of search filters in the app. This will make it simpler for the customers to search for the food or restaurant they want. Filters can be based on location, cuisine, offers,and more. 

Menu and price:

The next major aspect is the menu and the price. If you partner up with a restaurant, you have to update the details of the food items they provide and mention the price near each item. This will give the foodies an idea of how much they are ordering for. Update the menu as and when it changes to stay up to date. You can scan the menu card and upload it in the photos section. Else, you can add a menu screen with a button to select the desired item. People who wish to dine out should be able to book tables in restaurants through this app. 

Track the delivery agent:

Using the Google maps included in the app, the user will be able to track the live location of the delivery executive. This will help them know the duration taken to deliver their orders. Place a call button near the delivery executive’s name to contact them easily. 

Offers and notifications:

Your app should offer discounts, coupons, and rewards in order to allure more customers to the app. Include a membership package for the users who order regularly and provide them with more number of coupons. Send them push notifications to spread the news about the deals. This will grab their attention and make them order more. Based on their search history, give them discounts on their favorite cuisines. 

Include all these features in the restaurant finder or the food delivery app to be one among the top in the industry. Keep providing the customers with good deals to keep their attention to your app alone. Make the payment procedure simple. The customers should be able to use multiple gateways to pay. Designing an app with Zomato Clone Script is sure to provide an interactive UI and make the app successful in the food industry. 

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