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Many on-demand apps are being launched in the market with the business model of Uber as the foundation. Tow-truck services have also become one of the most popular and revenue-generating services in the market. It is a service where people can hire tow truck drivers to obtain roadside assistance when required. This service is now being provided in the market with the help of an online app. Our professionals will help you build an optimized app for your tow truck business. 

Major panels of the tow truck app:

Prior to the Uber for tow trucks app development process, you have to decide on the role-based dashboards and their respective features. This app will require:

  • A user panel- to help users log in with the app and place requests for assistance.
  • Driver panel- drivers will register and serve user requests efficiently.
  • Admin dashboard- the admin or the business owner will manage the business and ensure that it runs smoothly. 

Premium features to include in an Uber for tow trucks app:

The online service app should contain an optimized feature-set that will make customers lean towards your app. They are elaborated below:

Live tracking:

This is an important feature that should be present in the app. It will help users, and tow truck drivers track each other during an ongoing request. The GPS feature helps them view the location accurately. 

Booking management:

Users should be able to modify their bookings or cancel them without much hassle when needed. For instance, if users have specified the wrong location or vehicle type, then they should be able to update the correct one. 

Communication with drivers:

Ensure that users have access to drivers’ locations and contact details. This will help them communicate easily with drivers if needed. 

Ratings and review:

This facility will enable users and drivers to rate each other out of 1-5. Other suggestions or feedback can also be provided under the respective section. 

Trip history and earning details:

Drivers can view the details of ongoing, past, and upcoming trips with the help of this attribute. It also helps them keep track of their earnings. 

Profile setup:

The profile setup feature will help drivers build a profile for themselves by specifying their names, location, short descriptions, and more. Users can review their profiles before availing the service. 

Upload the necessary documents:

Drivers should be allowed to upload all the essential documents onto the app for verification purposes. They can serve user requests only after obtaining approval from the admin. 

Integration of payment gateways:

You have to include a set of safe and secure payment gateways to help users pay for the tow truck services they avail. Ensure that these gateways do not track any information provided by users. 

Managing prices:

The admin can log in to the powerful dashboard and set the base fare, operational cost, and surge fee in a few taps effortlessly. 

Access to data:

The admin should be able to view, update, and modify user and driver information anytime from anywhere. 

In-app wallet:

The app will contain a wallet to which users can add money and use it to pay after availing a service. The admin can have access to users’ wallets if required. 

Call and chat support:

A support team should be available round the clock to provide assistance and resolve queries of users and drivers. 

Adding bank accounts:

The admin should also be given the privilege of adding any number of bank accounts to the app. They can transfer drivers’ earnings to their respective accounts after the commission cut-down. 

Simple roadmap of the on-demand tow trucks app:

The online tow trucks app should have a workflow that is easy to operate and user-friendly as follows:

  • Users should log in or sign up with the app with their social media accounts, phone numbers, or email IDs. 
  • They have to enable the location services after they log in to the app. 
  • Users can enter the location and place a request for tow truck services. 
  • Drivers will obtain incoming requests, and they can accept/reject requests based on their interests. . 
  • They will get access to users’ location and contact details such as name and phone number. 
  • Tow truck drivers will reach the location and help users get back to their destinations safely. 
  • Customers will pay via any one of the payment gateways available in the app. 
  • Drivers will receive the payment from the admin after the commission has been cut down. 
  • Users and drivers can now rate each other and mention any suggestions they have. 

Effective development phases of an Uber for tow truck applications:

This app has several stages of development, after which users and drivers can make use of it. The phases are:

Collecting requirements:

Our experts will collect your business needs and consider them while analyzing the market and obtaining statistics. 


Next, you have to decide on the attributes to be included in the app based on the outcome of the market research. 

Technology stack:

In this phase, we will give an overview of the latest technologies and tools, and you can choose the ones that comply with your needs the most. 

App development process:

With the help of the selected and most advanced frameworks, the app is built in this stage by our experienced developers. 

Testing the application:

Once the development process is complete, the app will be tested for performance, security, and more by the testing team. The app has to be robust enough to surpass all the tests. 

Tow truck app launch:

After a successful testing process, the app can be launched successfully on all the major app platforms. 

Technical support and maintenance:

Post the launch of the app, our support team will provide technical guidance 24×7 and undertake maintenance for a specified period.

Wrapping up:

An optimized and robust Uber for tow trucks app with the features and effective workflow mentioned in the article will help you reach your target users easily. The cost of the app will depend on the attributes included, the technology used, the number of resources involved, and more. Our experts perform each development phase with the utmost care and provide a bug-free and efficient app to run your business. 

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