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In the present era, many people are leaning towards the online taxi service to travel with comfort and convenience. People prefer taxi apps to avoid public transport that is crowded, and parking slots are minimal around the city. People are also well aware of the fact that if they have to take public transport, they will either have to walk or take an auto to reach their homes. Hence, their preference steered towards online taxi apps like Hailo, which is a massive success in the taxi service market. 

Need for a Hailo clone app:

If you are a taxi business owner, then you have to launch an online app to develop your taxi business in a short span of time. You can choose the Hailo clone app to establish your brand in the market. Currently, many aspiring entrepreneurs are approaching us to build a suitable and customized clone app for their taxi service. The factors elaborated below will help you understand the need for an app: 

  • Users can get a ride with a single  tap
  • Drivers can work at any time of the day. 
  • This app will provide them the opportunity to earn daily. 
  • Admin can monitor and manage the business easily
  • Drivers with a crime-free background can be hired. Hence, users will be able to travel with the utmost safety. 
  • Business owners can improve or develop their business as they will have access to reviews and ratings. 
  • It is an effective tool that will help you reach the users instantly. 
  • Ride-sharing will lower the expenses spent on transportation. 

What is the total cost involved in developing an online taxi app?

The total cost can be calculated based on the features included in the app, technology, and tools used, the number of resources working on the app, server installation, and more. A few essential attributes to be available in the app are mentioned below:

Easy communication:

Users can communicate easily with the assigned drivers via the chat or call facility. 

Effortless login:

They can sign up using their phone number or email IDs. 

Scheduled bookings:

Customers can schedule their rides by specifying the correct date and time. 

Live location:

Users and drivers can access each other’s live location with the help of the in-built GPS. 

Choosing a ride type:

They can also choose a ride type of their choice and place a request. 

Secure payments:

Several secure payment methods are available in the app to help users to make payments effortlessly. 

Registration via social media accounts:

Drivers and users can register with the app using their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. 

Address list:

The app has a separate page for saving the frequently used addresses of users. They can select an address from that list when they want to book rides. It will save their time required to specify the location. 

Language preferences:

People using the app can view it in any language available in the app. This will provide app access to users across the globe. 

Multiple currencies:

Various types of currencies are also supported by the app for customer convenience. 

Analytics and reports:

Admin will have access to all analytics and reports related to drivers and users. 

Surge prices:

The administrator will be able to set surge fares based on demand. They also have privileges to set the base fare and other operational costs. 

Invoice generation:

The app has algorithms to generate detailed invoices with information such as base fare, distance fee, distance covered, and more. 

Ride history:

Users can view the number of rides they have availed along with other details on the trip history page available in the app.  

Call masking:

Users can enable this feature to hide their contact details from drivers if required. 

Emergency button:

Customers can make use of the Emergency/ SOS button available in the app to contact the support team and their loved ones during emergencies. 


Existing users will be provided with rewards and offers if they recommend the app to their family and friends. 

Addition of bank accounts:

Admin can add any number of bank accounts and transfer payments securely to drivers after they serve ride requests. 

Notifications and alerts:

Users will receive ride status, information on offers, and other updates via push notifications, text messages, and emails. 

God’s eye view:

With the help of this feature, the admin will be able to access all the data, processes, analytics, and other app-related information easily. He/she can also access the earning history of the drivers, user data, rides availed, trip history of drivers, and more. 

Availability toggle:

Drivers will have an availability slider using which they can display the status of availability. 

Commission cut-down:

Admin can transfer the payment to drivers after they cut-down commission successfully. 

Our Hailo clone script offers:

Easy management:

Taxi business owners can manage the business efficiently by obtaining access to all data, status, and reports.

App attributes:

The Hailo clone app we develop for you will have all the essential features and algorithms that will make the app user-friendly and optimized. 

Cross-platform app solution:

We provide apps that are compatible with Android and iOS platforms. This will help you acquire customers from both these major platforms. 

Separate panels:

The admin, users, and drivers will have separate panels, features, and workflow. 

Scalable solution:

The app can be enhanced further based on the varying business requirements you put forth. 

Server installation:

We will integrate the app with your server free of cost or provide servers on request and help you manage all the data. 

Technical support and  maintenance:

Our support team will provide you with assistance and maintenance post the launch of the app also. 

To conclude:

These features will help you build an optimized application. You can choose our customized and whitelabeled app solutions that include all the facilities mentioned above. Talk to our experts to launch a Hailo clone app in the market in a few days and generate higher revenue in a short span of time. 

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