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In the digital age, the way of listening to music has changed. The music streaming industry is booming and it is projected to grow further in the coming years. There are many popular music streaming apps in existence and it is a good idea if you wish to enter this lucrative industry now. In this blog, let’s look at one of the leading American music streaming apps– Pandora and develop a similar app right away. Read on!

Pandora – An American Subscription-Based Music Streaming Platform

Pandora is one of the leading subscription-based music streaming services that is owned by Sirius XM Holdings. This service streams music based on the Music Genome Project. It is a way of classifying individual songs by musical traits. 

Originally, it was launched as an internet radio service and generates personalized channels based on the songs most liked by the users. This type of service is available only in a subscription-based version and advertising-supported tier.

In 2017, they launched Pandora Premium, an on-demand version. It is more in line with contemporary competitors. Pandora was founded in 2000 and conceived as a business-to-business company at the initial stage. 

After a few years (in 2005), it started to focus on the consumer market as it launched as an internet radio service. It offers a freemium service that allows free users to avail all the basic features and premium users to use some special features like improved streaming quality, music downloads, and offline channels.

This platform lets the users discover new music and podcasts. Moreover, this platform has millions of subscribers in America as it allows the users to find music based on their tastes using the automated system. This feature makes it a great platform as the music reaches the right audience.

First Third-Party Music Streaming App To Work on Apple’s HomePod

Apple unveiled the HomePod mini and any third-party music streaming apps can use it. Surprisingly, Pandora is the first music streaming app to work on Apple’s HomePod and HomePod mini. The Users can see the Connect with HomePod option when they have updated the Pandora app. 

By enabling this feature, the users can play the stations in Pandora directly on the speaker using the built-in voice assistance feature. Moreover, users can set Pandora as the default music service app in the iOS Home app. notably, Apple showed Pandora as a good example along with Amazon music.

  • Quick outline on the history of Pandora Music

The founders of Pandora were Will Glaser, Jon Kraft, and Tim Westergren in 2000. In 2019, it was taken over by Sirius XM Holdings. Pandora’s algorithm is a Genome music project and it used over 450 attributes for organizing and categorizing music. In the beginning, it was operated as a fee-paying service and as of now, it is operated as a free advertiser-sponsored service. Users can pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis to avoid ads.

  • The unique business model of the Pandora Clone app

Pandora Clone offers an internet radio service that depends on automated software. Users can find new music when they search for any particular artist. It differs from other radio services as an app like Pandora offers podcasts based on the user’s data. It focuses on various user attributes for offering the best quality service. For instance, since the launch, Pandora has gained more than 1 million active users with its outstanding business model with the offerings of more than 50,000 songs.

Pandora Clone

Streaming Feature Of Pandora Clone: A Non-Interactive Radio-Like Experience 

Users can create their stations or channels based on the song they like to hear in which other users can tune into. Pandora Clone’ radio changes depending on how the users interact with a particular song. Like, few users skip the song if they do not like it and some users listen to it in repeat mode.

For instance, if the users thumb up any song, a radio will suggest similar songs and users can view those songs in the recommendation list. Also, if the users give a thumbs down for a certain song, songs similar to that will be removed from the suggestion. Users can change the settings to filter out or view the explicit content.

  • Revenue streams of a music streaming app like Pandora

Subscription is the standard approach to generate revenue from a music streaming app like Pandora. For instance, users can opt for any three tiers, namely Pandora Music, Pandora Plus, or Pandora Premium.

Pandora Music is completely free and there will be ads that interrupt the songs. Pandora Plus costs $4.99 per month and those subscribers can play an unlimited number of tracks for infinite times. With this, subscribers can subscribe up to a maximum of 4 radio stations. Pandora Premium costs $99.9 per month, in which users can access unlimited playlists and can use features like downloading music and listening to music offline.

You can set a fixed subscription fee based on the package you offer to the app users. Allow them to pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly. 

  • Pandora Clone – A ready-made music streaming app solution

Pandora Clone is readily available music streaming app solution that paves the way to launch a similar app like Pandora instantly. This app solution can be modified according to the needs of the individuals. Simply, cloning the Pandora app is not enough as you have to focus on new & innovative features to stand unique in the crowd. 

Cost Estimation For Developing An App Like Pandora

Then, what is the cost to develop premium music streaming app like Pandora? It is a common question for every entrepreneur, willing to develop a music streaming app. This is not fixed and depends on various parameters like app complexity, feature-set integration, app nature (Native or Hybrid), technology stack, geographical location, and so on. 

If you wish to know the exact price for the Pandora Clone app development, get a free quote from us. At UberLikeApp, we offer the music streaming clone app at a reasonable price. Connect with us.

Final Note

Pandora is a great platform for both artists and music listeners. Many users prefer this platform as they can explore new music. Yes, it has over 60.93 million active users. Also, the music streaming service industry is growing tremendously. If you wish to set foot into this lucrative industry and launch the Pandora Clone app, reach out to us. We cater to you with the best-quality app solution with cutting-edge features.    

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