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In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, several restrictions have been imposed on people to ensure their utmost safety. Social distancing and lockdown are the two precautionary measures taken by the government to help curb the spread of this virus. Schools and Institutions are closed for an indefinite period, and corporates are providing work from home concerning their employees’ safety. 

In this outbreak, there are several industries that had a great impact and are finding innovative mechanisms to cope effectively with the lockdown. The food industry is also one such market that is planning out different approaches to generate revenue in this season. One such strategy is the app like Zoom for cooking that has multiple revenue sources to help them yield profit.  

What are the revenue streams of the Zoom for cooking classes app?

Large scale restaurants or hotels are still in business in spite of the lockdown in many countries. The small and medium-sized restaurants are the ones that are adopting this approach to earn profit and stay in business in this outbreak season. Most of these are online classes, courses, workshops, and more that are conducted via a video conferencing app like Zoom. 


Chefs of these restaurants are conducting online paid workshops that will help people learn more about cooking and other factors involved. They can pay through any one of the payment gateways available in the app and attend these workshops through virtual meetings. 

Online cooking classes:

These restaurants or food outlets can also offer cooking classes based on various categories and cuisines. People can choose a cuisine of their choice and join the paid classes for a fixed period and become a pro in cooking dishes from that particular cuisine. They can also take up multiple classes and schedule them accordingly. 

Culinary and serving skills:

This is also an important aspect when it comes to cooking. Experienced chefs can guide users on various factors such as cleanliness, creativity, attention to detail, presentation, preparation, and more. Users can pay to learn these skills and get to know how to serve food properly and in a neat manner. 

Purchase customized recipes:

Users can register with the app and interact with chefs if they are in need of a recipe. They can list out the available ingredients, and the chef will provide them with a recipe and specific instructions via video conferencing call on how to cook it. App users will be charged a fixed amount for this service. The app owner can cut a commission for each recipe the chef suggests. 

Paid videos:

Users can select a recipe of their choice and watch the complete video after paying a fixed amount or availing a membership package. This will be another source of revenue for business owners. The admin can offer different packages, and users can choose one of their choices and subscribe to it. 

Deliver ingredients:

Restaurants or food outlets can help users cook a recipe by providing the ingredients they do not have. They can buy the ingredients from a grocery store and deliver it to customers’ doorsteps. This will help them to a greater extent in this lockdown season. 

What are the crucial Zoom for cooking app attributes?

The app has several premium features apart from the standard set of features that will help you stand out in the market from the rest.

User-friendly home screen:

The home screen should contain all the necessary options and information that will allow users to navigate easily through the app. So, make sure you include all the essential details to attract more users in a short span of time. 


You can also include recipe or video suggestions for users when they use the search box to find tasty food recipes. A “recipe of the day” can also be available in the app every day. Users will be eager to get to know the recipes each day. 


The app has advanced filters that will enable users to find a suitable recipe for cooking class with a few taps. Its search filters include the following categories:

  • Type of dish- soup, salad, starters, main course, desserts, etc. 
  • Cuisines- Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese, and more can be added. 
  • Ingredient-based filters- cheese, spinach, corn, paneer, pork, etc., can be specified by users. 
  • Dietary restrictions- protein-rich, low-salt, vegan food, etc. 
  • Total cooking time- The total cooking time can be 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, etc., and users can choose the time based on their convenience. 
  • Special celebrations- Halloween, Easter, thanksgiving, and more can be chosen. 
  • Cooking type- grilled food, liquid food, steamed food, etc. 
  • Additional filters can also be added based on the business requirements you possess. 

Voice-operated recipes:

Users can control the instructions provided for the recipe via voice commands. They do not have to touch their gadgets while cooking. They can use different voice commands such as repeat last step, wait till done, etc., and cook at their convenience. 

Additional information:

The app can also act as an informative platform that has details and facts about various ingredients used for cooking. Its health benefits, cooking tips, and more can be displayed for each ingredient. 

Include pictures:

When providing recipes, users will find it helpful if there are several photos of the preparation and cooking stages. It will assure them they are cooking one of the most delicious meals. Mouth-watering pictures will also help you allure more customers for your Zoom for cooking class app. 

Reviews and ratings:

Users will be able to rate the video cooking classes they have taken up and the recipes provided to them. They can also specify any suggestions or feedback if necessary. 


With all these revenue streams and advanced features, several restaurants are earning a good amount of money and sustaining in the market. With the income generated from this online Zoom clone platform for cooking, they are able to pay their employees and run their business smoothly. If you are also a restaurant owner or business person, you can also create an online video conferencing platform like Zoom and earn profit in the outbreak season. Get in touch with our app development team to know more about the Zoom for cooking class app.  

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