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The online dating industry is booming in recent times. In this modern busy world, people barely find quality time to meet new people and build valuable connections. This is the main reason why a dating app like Badoo becomes trending.

Outlook On The Growth Of Badoo And Scope Of The Online Dating Industry

Badoo is the most downloaded app with more than 400 million active users and it is a Tinder alternative with the same functionality. The revenue from such apps has been increasing at a steady rate. Notably, its number of new downloads peaked in January 2020 with four million downloads from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

As of January 2021, it had the largest number of downloads in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. And, the revenue earned in January 2021 worldwide is around $5 million. This app has caught much attention from many users as it has attractive features.

The number of active users of Badoo in 2020 is more than 250 million and it is expected to grow further by 2025. The need for dating apps is surging and there is an estimation that its growth will be 20% high by the end of 2021.

Despite these, dating apps are socially accepted more than ever during the pandemic. This blog will give you insightful information on how to build a successful dating app like Badoo.

 How Does A Dating App Like Badoo Work?

Badoo clone app is a white-label solution that is easily launched in the market. This app allows users to chat, make friends, and share their interests. With this app solution, you can provide a variety of online dating services to users globally. First, you have to know its working model.

The first time users have to sign up with the app. The app offers both automatic and manual registration processes. In a manual way, they have to specify their personal information. On the other hand, they can register through social media accounts using automatic registration. The existing users can simply log in with the app using the necessary information.

The users can swipe left or right based on their interests. When a match is found, they can chat or communicate via in-app chat. It is up to users’ wish to rate and review the app. On the admin side, you can manage the user profile and look after their premium subscription plan. Then, you can promote your business by sending notifications via the app.

Let’s Take A Look At The Badoo Clone App Development Process

Badoo Clone
There are many other dating apps in the industry. Coping with the competitive environment is necessary. Let’s take a look at the Badoo clone app development process.

  • Focus on market research and target audience

First, you have to conduct market research and analyse your target audience. Also, make sure you perform an in-depth analysis of competitors. Similar to other dating apps, let the users search for profiles via the geolocation feature. This helps users to connect with other nearby users.

  • UI/UX of the app

A key advantage of the Badoo clone app is the users can swipe right or left and it is fascinating to them. The appealing UI/UX of the app makes the users prefer this app. Notably, the app eliminates the stress among the users as they do not have a fear of rejection of modern dates.

  • Customer development strategy

The app’s popularity can be increased by effective & efficient marketing and ease of customer acquisition. Also, you can elevate the popularity of your app by creating a trend and timely product extension & following monetization techniques.

  • Matching algorithm in dating apps

A matching algorithm is one of the essential functions in a dating application. With mathematically-based algorithms, it analyses the users’ information like personality characteristics, compatibility of interests, physical state, and friend connections. Apart from these, you can consider behaviour analysis and advanced matching using AI & AR.

Salient Features Of The Badoo Clone App

Badoo Clone App

  • Multiple languages

The Multiple language management feature will allow the users to manage, edit, view, and add multiple languages. This attracts global customers and helps to offer various dating services with ease in different regions.

  • People nearby

With this feature, users can view and contact different types of people in their locality. Feed is common in social networking apps. Make sure your app displays a personalized feed for the users.

  • Video chat

Using this feature, users can connect with other users in real-time. And, they can exchange unlimited messages at their convenient time.

  • Search

This allows the users to search for the users in a different city or available in another part of the world.

  • Upload photos

You can let the users upload their latest photos or different photos as per their wish. Like, they can change their profile picture at any time.

  • Missed connections

The app will notify the users about the missed connections. Also, the reminders will be sent based on navigations throughout their visited places.

  • Verification system

The verification system integrated into the dating app helps to make the difference between a solid app and a pool full of creeps & prankers. The users can enable the multiple-step verification process to eliminate reputation-threatening issues.

  • Advanced data suggestions

The app suggests the users a new place to go on for a first date. The suggestion will be based on personal data and information collected from services like Tripadvsior.

Cost Of Badoo Like Dating App Development

In general, the cost of Badoo like dating app development is not constant. It relies on the following parameters.

  • Development approach
  • Geographical region of the mobile app development company you partner
  • App design
  • Complexity of the app including feature-set integration
  • Number of platforms

If you want to launch the dating app as a fully-featured one, consider adding innovative features. Or else, consider only the essential features. In this way, you can find a balance between the Badoo like app development cost and profit.

How To Generate Revenue From A Dating App Like Badoo?

  • Advertising revenue model

It is the most effective way to generate revenue from a dating app. You can show interest in displaying advertisements by collaborating with third parties. Make sure you display relevant products or brands like cafes, jewellery stores, florists, etc. Typically, you gain income from third parties based on the number of clicks.

  • In-app purchase revenue model

One way is by creating virtual gifts and the other way is offline by integrating your app with delivery or booking systems. You can get a certain percentage of the amount from the business partners and users by doing this.

  • Freemium revenue model

With this model, both free users and paid users can use this app. Premium users can be billed on a monthly or yearly basis. Ensure only the paid users can opt-out special features like unlimited swipes, profile showcases, and ad-free app versions.

  • Sponsorship revenue model

This model is efficient once your app reaches a broader audience. You can contact sponsors and allow them to display their ads in your app. 

Final Note

Badoo app development isn’t an easy task as you should have strong knowledge about the app development process. Yes, the technology is overgrowing with time as everything is available from anywhere at any time. For entrepreneurs who are seeking to start a new business, the Badoo clone app is the right choice. Reach out to us. We develop a featured app with the best quality app solution that suits your business needs.

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