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The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has skyrocketed the demand for grocery delivery apps. Yes, a very big thanks to the technology as it helps us to sustain in any tough situations. One perfect example is Beelivery that is revolutionizing the UK grocery industry. Using this app, customers can get the ordered groceries across the United Kingdom on the same day. In this blog, let’s learn about the Beelivery app and a way to develop it to expand your grocery business.

Beelivery Offers The Quickest Grocery Delivery Service Across The United Kingdom

Lee Parkinson and Yazon Bin founded Beelivery in 2015. Within 5 years of its launch, it turned out to be one of the popular grocery delivery apps in the United Kingdom. This app is known for delivering products such as vegetables, fruits, alcohol, sweets, and other essentials. Moreover, this app is well-known for the fastest delivery, i.e., ordered items will be delivered in a minimum time of 15 minutes of confirming the order for customers who are within a 0.5 mile radius from the local grocery store.

The grocery delivery service can be availed 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Everything the customers have to do is install the application on their smartphone (Android or iOS). The primary aim of Beelivery is to deliver the ordered products quickly as there should be a delivery executive available near the grocery store. Also, they focus on presenting the customers with the unique concept of grocery delivery and want to be a pioneer in the short-chained logistics marketplace.

In addition to its immense success, the pandemic situation has boosted success as most people prefer the Beelivery app as they appreciate the convenience and comfort it offered them by catering for the quickest delivery. There is no doubt that this market is expected to grow 28% by 2026.

Revolutionize The Online Grocery Industry With The Beelivery Clone App

Beelivery Clone
With the technology advancements and demand for on-demand grocery delivery apps spikes, many entrepreneurs and startups are focussing on entering the online grocery industry by investing in the Beelivery clone app. Looking at the future scope of this profitable industry, at UberLikeApp, we come up with the Beelivery clone script. It is a ready-made grocery delivery app solution that empowers entrepreneurs like you to launch on-demand grocery delivery in the wink of an eye. We use the latest technology to build the app solution with cutting edge features that will result in a successful delivery app to flourish your business.

Business Models of On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps

With the help of the Beelivery clone app, you can adapt to any business model of your choice. Some of the popular business models of the on-demand grocery delivery apps are as follows.

  • Aggregator Business Model

You have to be a partner with the grocery stores in the region where your target audience lives. You can list all the partnered stores in the app. Users can choose from the available stores and select products from the menu. Once they make a payment, the delivery executive will deliver the products to the users. Beelivery follows this business model.

  • Marketplace Business Model

It is similar to the Aggregator business model. The only difference was instead of relying on third-party delivery services, you itself can have your own delivery services.

  • Exceptional Store Business Model

When you have an already well-established grocery business, you can choose this business model as you can handle various operations like maintaining the app, updating the grocery menu, delivering ordered products to the users, and payment transactions.

  • Grocery Successions Business Model

You can adapt to this business model when you have a large-chain grocery business. It is similar to a single store handling business but with a grocery delivery app.

Let’s Take a Glance at How to Develop a Grocery Delivery App Like Beelivery

Beelivery Clone
Developing a grocery delivery app like Beelivery can be tough if you have zero knowledge of the process. Read on the following points to get some idea about the app development process.

  • Research

This is the first step as you have to spend significant time in researching the market trends, target audience, and competitors. You should get data on the demographics, behaviour patterns, and goals. This will help you to come up with a successful business plan.

  • Prototype

Next, you have to select features for your app. Prototyping is a part of the entire app development process as it hits the major marks. You can invest in a great portion of your limited time.

  • Design

Once the prototype is confirmed, you can go with the design phase. Take extra care while designing the user interface as it is directly related to the user experience. It can significantly contribute to more number of users if your UX is appealing.

  • Development

After that, you have to start working on app development. Constantly working on the bugs will help you to launch the bug-free app.

  • Testing & launch

Upon completing the development stage, check the app for bugs, glitches, and technical errors. Once the app is qualified for the testing stage, it is ready to launch.

Reach out to us for Beelivery clone app development. We will take care of everything starting from app design to app deployment. Also, we provide technical assistance after the app launch.

Notable Features In The Readymade Grocery Delivery App

Easy Registration

It is the first stage that a user comes across once installing the app. Therefore, users can sign up with ease, even through social media accounts. Also, cater them a normal way of registration i.,e, using their email address or phone number.

Product Search

When the products are listed in categories, it will be helpful for users to discover them easily as they do not have to spend much time on searching.

Shopping Cart

An online shopping list is segregated into two sections, namely cart and wishlist. The products that the users want to buy immediately will be added to the cart. Before payment, they have the option to exclude any products from the cart if they do not need to purchase at that moment. The other one is a wishlist in which the users can save the products that they want to purchase at some time.

Delivery Tracking

It can be quite difficult for users to wait for groceries delivery upon confirming the order. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate the GPS tracking system in the Beelivery like app. Once the groceries are packed for delivery, the users can check the delivery status until the delivery executive delivers the groceries to their doorstep.

Scheduling a Delivery

This feature is useful for customers as they can schedule the service. All they have to do is to specify the date and time for grocery delivery. The sole purpose of this feature is that the customers can use this app at their convenience.


While shopping for clothes or gadgets, customers look for variety. On the other hand, when they shop for groceries, they are going to order for the same with small tweaks. Therefore, the reorder feature will allow them to check the previous order and repeat the same. They do not have to select the products again as they can save time.

Discounts And Offers

It is quite natural for users to get attracted to discounts and offers. You can provide various coupons for specific products to your customers. This helps to gain potential customers to your app.

Push Notifications

The attention span of users is low. Therefore, you can push notifications to draw attention from them. It is of utmost importance that you should not irritate your customers by sending continuous notifications.

How To Earn Revenue From The Grocery Delivery App?

You can earn revenue by collecting a delivery fee from the customers. Based on the distance of the users’ location from the grocery store and the number of products ordered, you can set a delivery fee percentage. The stores that have been partnered with the app have to pay a commission fee for every order.  

You can allow the customers to avail themselves of free delivery or other special features when they subscribe to the membership plan. They have to pay a membership fee on a monthly or yearly basis. Advertising and Sponsorship are an effective way to earn income from a grocery delivery app like Beelilvery.


I hope so you might have a clear picture of the Beelivery clone app development process. As the demand for grocery delivery apps is surging and expected to grow further, this is a suitable time to plunge into this industry. Get in touch with us and we will turn your business dream into reality.

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