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The rise of the on-demand economy has paved the way for transformation from conventional business models in a fast paced manner over the last few years, especially during the Covid-19 wave. However, it is a golden opportunity for traditional businesses to reach new heights with on-demand apps. 

As technology advancements bring more opportunities to expand businesses, leverage it by investing in on-demand delivery app development. The emergence of a Dunzo like app is one good example of multi-delivery services, which provides multiple on-demand delivery services like food, grocery, medicine, and so on a single platform. 

The entire nation is seeking the simplest and convenient way to get their essentials ordered & delivered with just a few taps. Therefore, investing in Dunzo like app development will be a good choice to expand your business. In this blog, let’s look at the features & functionalities, revenue-generating strategies, and development cost of an app like Dunzo.  

User-Friendly Features For A Seamless App Experience

Before proceeding with on-demand delivery app development, you have to decide which features to include in your app. You are suggested to never miss out on the significant features. It is well known that these features will frame the app’s functionality and pave the way for a seamless user experience. Some noticeable features that make your on-demand delivery app user-friendly are as follows.

  • Real-time Tracking

Why be stressed out without knowing when products will be delivered? The real-time GPS tracking system will enable the customers to know the order status, estimated delivery time. Nonetheless, you can check the movement of the delivery person who is carrying the order. Think about integrating a service like Google Maps.

  • Push Notifications

Sending push notifications to the customers is one of the effective ways to increase engagement. The app will notify them regarding discounts, new offers, and customized messages to attract customers.

  • Interactive Live Chat

You can enable the customers to resolve the queries by making use of the chatbot. Queries will be related to the services, products, and deliveries. Whatever the query it is, make sure the chatbot is available 24/7.

  • In-app Payments

As everything is digitized, most customers prefer to choose the digital payment option instead of cash payment. Therefore, consider integrating multiple payment options, which will let them choose their convenient payment modes. 

  • Discounts and Offers

To encourage the customers to order frequently, provide discounts, offers, new deals, or promo codes. Through this, they can purchase the products at a discounted price. It is up to your wish to provide these offerings on any special occasions or regularly to potential customers.

  • Customer Feedback

It is a must-have feature, which should not be omitted in any case. Gathering feedback will let you know whether the customers’ needs are fulfilled or not. This is how you can improvise your services and app’s performance. Thereby, you can grow your on-demand business.

  • Social Media Integration

It is a vital feature that you must consider, which will make the registration process more simple. Never complicate the onboarding process. Apart from letting the customers sign up using email addresses or phone numbers, you can facilitate them to log in with their social media accounts.

Impressive Functionality Of A Delivery App Like Dunzo

Delivery App like Dunzo

An app like Dunzo supports multiple services such as food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, package delivery, and meat/fish delivery. It follows a hyperlocal-based business model, in which delivery of any products is done within specific geolocation. In this, the suppliers/vendors accept the customer’s order request, which will be processed and packed. Upon then, the delivery person delivers the order to the customer’s home on time.  

For instance, consider a hyperlocal business model for food delivery. The app allows the customers to search and choose the best nearby restaurants, which are available. They are provided with a menu as they can choose their favorite food items. This will then be added to the shopping cart, allowing them to customize it before proceeding with the order confirmation. 

Customers choose either digital payment or cash payment according to their convenience/preference. The concerned restaurant receives the request and processes it. After that, the assigned delivery person will reach the restaurant, collect the packed order, and reach the customers’ location for delivery. In the end, customers can provide ratings/reviews to the restaurant and delivery person. 

This functionality will be the same for other services in the on-demand delivery app like Dunzo. However, this business model will open the way for businesses to thrive as it effectively caters to your target audience swiftly. 

Explore Avenues For Revenue Generation Of Multi-Delivery Apps

A multi-delivery services app like Dunzo comes with several monetization opportunities as you get a steady flow of revenue from different streams. Let’s discuss the different possibilities to generate revenue from an on-demand multi-delivery services app.

  • Delivery Fees

Based on the order value and delivery location, you can collect a delivery fee from the customers. A varied delivery fee is far better than charging a fixed fee. This seems to be the constant way for revenue generation.

  • Membership Program

You can introduce a loyalty program, which can be availed only by the users who opted for a membership plan. They can get benefits like free delivery, discounts, and many more. Set a membership fee on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.  

  • Listing Fees

Charge a particular fee from the vendors who want to list their store names on your platform. The partnering stores will get visibility to a wider audience base.

  • Marketing Fees

Vendors have the option to promote their brand in the app. This is for better reach and thereby boost sales. For this, charge them a marketing fee based on the click-through rate, views, or impressions.

Total Cost Required For On-Demand Delivery App Development

The total cost of developing an on-demand delivery app fluctuates depending on the business requirements. On a rough note, the cost will depend on several factors like app features, technology stack, third-party integrations, app platform, and many others. It would be better to approach a company to know the exact cost of app development. Feel free to reach out to us! Talk about your business needs and get a free quote. 

Final Words

Dunzo is an eye-witnessing example as it started on a small scale and expanded to a hyper-local business. This inspired entrepreneurs to develop a similar app and enter the flourishing on-demand market. 

According to Harvard Business Review, nearly $57.6 billion people in the United States are spending a penny on on-demand services. Furthermore, experts predicted that the on-demand industry’s value would surge to a great extent in the upcoming years. Therefore, it is wise to launch an on-demand delivery app like Dunzo.  

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