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Nowadays, people have shifted to online dating for finding companions. This has transformed the dating scenario. As a result, the dating apps like Bumble have skyrocketed recently. There are various dating apps in the market. Among them, Bumble is the second top-most dating app. It is familiar that Bumble works on the same principle as Tinder. In 2014, it was founded by Andrey Andreev and cofounded by Whitney Wolfe Herd. It is noticeable that the cofounder is an early executive at Tinder. 

Bumble’s revenue is nearly 19 million dollars (only from the in-app purchase revenue model) in January 2021. It generated $337 million in 2020 and showed a predominant growth of 40% compared to previous years. This app has 42 million users with 1.2 million premium subscribers. According to Statista, it is expected that the net value of the online dating market will reach $2505 million by 2024. This indicates the popularity of the Bumble app and the growth of the online dating market soon. 

If you are looking for Bumble like app development, this blog will give you insightful information about the dating app development process in detail.

How Does a Dating App Like Bumble Work?

Understanding the working process of dating app like Bumble helps for business betterment. Let us look deeper into the workflow. 

  • Users install the app on their smartphone. They sign up with the app by entering the necessary details like an email address or phone number. Instead of registering manually, they can also prefer using the automatic sign-up process, i.,e, using other social media accounts that have been integrated with the app.
  • The app displays others’ profiles on the homepage. It is based on the distance and age preference they choose. Users can swipe left to ignore a profile or swipe right to like a profile.
  • If both the persons liked each other’s profile, a message regarding the details about this match would be sent to the user via push notifications.
  • Next, they can start a conversation via text messaging. Only females have the option to initiate a conversation and the other way is not possible.
  • Notably, matches will be deleted after 24 hours. So, the conversation should be started within this specified duration. 

Significant Features of the Bumble Clone App

Now that you are aware of the app’s functionality, let us discuss the features that are essential to consider while developing the Bumble clone app.

  • Login

The lengthy app registration process has long gone. Nowadays, it is mandatory that your app allows quick registration via other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thus, the instant sign-up process is mandatory. 

  • Profile setup

Upon completing the quick registration process, the app will automatically import the basic details from Facebook or Instagram. Or else, users can specify the primary details on their own. They can set a profile picture along with a description of 300 characters maximum. Profile setup is necessary for the dating app. Users can include their interests and hobbies. A profile will show the user’s age, location, description, and mutual friends on Facebook.

  • Geolocation

The app connects the users depending on the location they choose so that they can explore new connections from different locations.

  •  Swipe

If you plan to build the dating app with the basic business model, incorporating the Swiping feature is essential. This feature enables the user to swipe left and right to show their interest in a profile they see on the homepage. 

  • AI-based matching algorithm

With the AI-based algorithm, the app suggests matches based on location, hobbies, interests, and age. This kind of suggestion improves user engagement. 

  • Messaging and video call

Once users find their matches, they can initiate a conversation. Also, they can make a video call. Women only have the option to make the first move to make a video call or messages. 

  • Push notifications

Irrespective of any dating apps, the Push notifications feature allows you to send a reminder for improving user engagement. Also, you can send alerts regarding a new match along with important updates. 

  • Backtrack

This feature will allow the users to undo the swipes that are accidentally left swiped. But, this feature is only available for premium users who have subscribed.  

Application Development Process of the Bumble Alternative

Here is the root map to launch a Bumble like app.

  • Understand target audience and analyse the market trends

The first step is to know your target audience and get clear insights into the latest market trends. This helps to cultivate the best business plan. 

  • Choose the feature-set

Instead of cloning the Bumble app completely, incorporate additional features that suit your business model. App uniqueness is the prime reason for your business success.  

  • Approach an app development company

Reach out to us for Bumble like app development and discuss your business requirements. We use the Bumble clone script, a ready-made solution and rebrand it completely based on your business requirements.  

Keeping the app’s UI simple and intuitive will enhance the user experience. Upon completing the front-end development, the clone app’s back end is built with the recent technologies. 

Once done with the app development, the app undergoes a series of testings. Thus, it ensures that the app is free from technical errors and glitches. Now, it is fully ready for deployment. 

Common Income-Generating Strategies to be Considered While Developing the Bumble Like App

Ultimately, a constant income generation from dating apps like Bumble is necessary to ensure longevity and sustainability. Consider the following income-generating models for your business.

  • Advertisements

You can generate revenue by displaying Google ads on your app. This income generation pattern is based on various elements like clicks, impressions, and views.

Apart from this, you can allow third-party businesses to promote their services in your app. Similar to Google ads, you can charge them based on the clicks, views, and impressions. 

  • In-app purchases

You can let the users pay a particular amount of money to avail of special effects and filters. It is one of the effective ways to gain constant revenue from the dating app.

  • Subscription

You can facilitate both the free and premium app services. Let the users access all the features when they subscribe to premium and limited features for free users. 

A few of the features that you can provide for premium users are unlimited swipes, rewind feature, and Turn off ads. You can charge the users on a monthly or yearly basis. 

  • Sponsored

Collaborate with corporations and let them display their products advertisements as promotional. In this way, the users will not feel the promotional advertisements as interruptive. You collect some percentage of money from them.

Factors Determining the Bumble Alternative App Development

Planning your budget prior to the app development process. By doing this, you will not face any trouble in the midway of the process. Many business people and entrepreneurs opt for the Bumble clone script app development rather than creating the app from scratch. 

When it comes to the cost of developing the Bumble clone app using the script, it mainly depends on the app complexity and feature-set integration. Also, it relies on which technology stack is used for the Bumble clone app development and time frame. 

The app development cost increases if you want the app to be deployed on Android and iOS platforms. You can get a rough cost estimation by considering these factors. Because the cost is variable as it differs for each entrepreneur who has a different business plan.

Final note

As an entrepreneur, you might plan to enter into the online dating industry with the Bumble like app, there is no ideal time as this industry is thriving recently. At UberLikeApp, we provide the Bumble clone script that empowers you to build and launch your dating app in the wink. 

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