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Building an app for your taxi service will definitely help you establish your brand quickly in the market. Developing an app from scratch will cost a lot of money and time. But, going with a clone app will help you cut down on development costs and help you launch your app in a short time in the market. It is more advanced than an app built from scratch and will be easy to operate. So, if you want to launch your dream venture in the market, you can go with the Careem clone app

What is the effective workflow of a taxi clone app?

The taxi app has three panels that have distinct panels with different workflows and options. They are listed below:

User app:

  • Customers have to log in to the app with their phone numbers or email IDs. 
  • They have to specify the pick-up and drop points in the app correctly.
  • Once they confirm the request, the nearest driver will be assigned. 
  • Users will be able to view driver details via the online app. 
  • They can contact them if they have any queries.
  • After they avail the ride, users have to pay via any one of the secure payment gateways integrated into the app. 
  • Users can also rate and review the taxi service after the ride. 

Driver app:

  • Drivers have to register with the app and upload documents for verification. 
  • After approval, drivers can start accepting user requests. 
  • They will get access to user details such as name and contact number. 
  • Drivers will reach the pick-up point and provide the service requested. 
  • They will receive payments after the commission cut down. 
  • They can also rate users after providing the service. 

Admin panel:

  • Admin can log in with the credentials provided to them.
  • The admin can manage and monitor the entire process.
  • He/she will have access to all data related to the app.
  • They can also view analytics and reports to identify potential development areas.
  • The admin will also approve drivers after verifying their documents.  

What is total development cost of a Careem clone app?

The total cost required to develop a robust online taxi app depends on a few aspects listed below:

Number of features:

The number of attributes included in the app will have a greater impact on the cost of the taxi clone app development. The more the number of features included in the app, the more the cost. But since it is a readymade solution, it will cost 75% less than that of an app developed from scratch. 

Technology and tools used:

The app should be built by the most experienced developers in the town. You have to ensure that they use the latest tools, frameworks, and technologies to develop an optimized app. The cost is also dependent on the tools and technologies used. 

Native app/cross-platform development:

The taxi app should be compatible with all the major platforms available. It will help you gain customers quickly. As mentioned earlier, develop an app that runs in every platform or develop a cross-platform compatible app.

Development time:

The time taken to develop the app will also influence the total cost involved in developing the app. Taxi clones are an easily customizable solution, so it takes comparatively less time to be developed than an app that is built from the initial stage. 

Resources required:

The number of resources required to develop the app will also impact the cost. The number of resources and the development cost is directly proportional to each other. 

What features should you include in the taxi clone app?

There are a few must-have features that you should consider adding to your app. They are:

Social media account sign up:

Users can be allowed to register with the app using their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. 

Instant rides:

Customers can opt for instant booking of rides when required by specifying the correct pick-up and drop points. 

Live vehicle tracking:

Users and drivers can track each other’s live location during an ongoing ride. They can also access contact details when needed. 

Ride history:

The app will allow users to view the ongoing, past, and scheduled rides via the online app. 

Easy payments:

The taxi app will also include multiple payment gateways using which users can pay easily. It will not track any banking or personal information. 

Availability slider:

Drivers can indicate the status of availability with the help of the availability slide bar present in the app. 

Profile setup:

Drivers can create a profile by specifying a few basic details and a short description of themselves. 


Users will be notified about ride status, offers, and more via push notifications, text messages, or emails. 


Customers can be allowed to cancel ride bookings provided they have a valid reason. Else, they have to pay a cancellation fee as per the policy. 

Detailed invoices:

Invoices or bills with details such as name, pick-up and drop points, distance covered, fare, ride type, and more can be viewed via the online app. 

Language settings:

Users can view the taxi app in the language of their choice. The language can be chosen during registration or at a later stage by navigating to Settings. 

Managing fares:

The admin can log in to the powerful dashboard and set up the basic fare, operational fare, and more. Surge fee can also be fixed at the time of demand. 


The admin also has to verify the documents uploaded by drivers and approve them after a proper screening process. 

Reviews and ratings:

Customers and drivers can rate each other and review the service. The admin will have access to all reviews posted. 

Summing up:

With all these key insights in mind, you have to build an optimized app that will help you establish your taxi brand in the marketplace. At Uberlikeapp, we develop and launch the Careem clone app in a few days on multiple platforms. You can talk to our experts to know more about the app. 

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