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Amid the pandemic, many restaurants were on the verge of closure. For them, ChowNow gives an opportunity by introducing a loyalty program in which they offer funds. Apart from these, they hired many restaurant workers in Kansas City who have lost their jobs in this pandemic situation.  Recently, they extended their business presence in California and Illinois. This is so impressive as they stood in the highly competitive industry even in the tough times. If you are interested in creating an alternative to ChowNow, you must know more about it before entering this lucrative industry. Read on this blog.

ChowNow – Quick Look At The Food Ordering App Along With Its Stats And Facts

ChowNow is an online food ordering & delivering a platform that enables customers to connect with restaurants easily. It was founded by Christopher Webb in 2011 and currently partnered with thousands of restaurants in the United States. With this app, customers can easily place an order with few taps. It also uses online ordering technology that lets customers take orders through their Facebook page and Instagram profile.  Its annual revenue is nearly $75 million. In 2020, it fulfilled more than 100 million orders. Moreover, the majority of the orders come from the United States, which is 97%. And the remaining 1% order comes from Canada. This platform offers different subscription plans and so customers can choose the one according to their preference. It includes a monthly plan, annual plan, and two-year plan.  Unlike other food ordering apps, ChowNow enables individual restaurants to customize and brand their food ordering and delivery apps.

It operates on a SaaS model that restaurants can subscribe to on a monthly basis. For this, its base cost is $149 and a setup fee of $399 per location. The price goes down if the restaurant signs a contract for a longer period.  Notably, ChowNow is not a delivery service app and does not employ delivery executives. It is like a middleman service. It facilitates restaurants to own their delivery person. Moreover, they have a partnership with other delivery services such as Postmates, DoorDash, and UberEats.  When it comes to the customer perspective, ChowNow is similar to other food ordering apps. In Particular, customers can use this app to discover a new restaurant. Ideally, they install the app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Upon registration, they have to specify the location and search for a restaurant from the available restaurants’ list. Then, they select their favorite food and place an order.

What Are The Unique Features to Include In The ChowNow Clone App?

Clean & focused layout – The layout of ChowNow enables the customers to focus on what’s essential, like brand, food, and placing orders.

Mobile–friendly – As the ChowNow website is mobile-friendly, it would be great to look on any mobile device. So, the customers feel easy to place an order in a few minutes.

Custom domain & URL  – It allows individual restaurants to use their own custom domain and URL. 

Order & Download buttons – The Order & Download button is placed in the center so that it helps to drive more orders for restaurants.

Built-in Social links – Linking to the restaurants’ social media accounts makes the customers stay connected to the restaurants easily for placing an order.

How Does An App Like ChowNow Work?

Step 1 – Users have to register or sign up by providing the necessary details. Apart from this, they can sign up using their social media accounts.  

Step 2 – Secondly, they can choose their favorite restaurant and select the food they love. The selected food items will be added to the cart automatically. 

Step 3 – They can pay online via debit card, bank transfer, credit card, or digital wallet. Notably, they do not accept cash payments.

Step 4 – The order will be passed to the concerned restaurant. After the restaurant confirms the request, the order will be processed and packed. 

Step 5 – A delivery executive will be sent a request for delivering food. The delivery executive can either decline the request or accept it based on availability. 

If a particular delivery executive is not available, the request will be passed on to another nearby delivery executive to fulfill the request. 

Step 6 – After that, the delivery executive collects the packed order from the restaurant. With the help of the tracking system, the delivery executive chooses the best-optimized route to reach the customer’s location without delay. 

Step 7 – Once the customers receive the order, the app prompts them to rate the service on a scale of 1 to 5.  

ChowNow Clone App Contains The Following Entities Packed With Salient Features

ChowNow Clone app comprises four entities, namely Customer App, Delivery executive app, Restaurant app, and Web admin panel. Let’s look into the features which are to be included in these entities.   

Features Of Customer App

Real-time order trackingThe status of the food order can be tracked in real-time through the GPS tracking system. This feature lets them know when the delivery executive reaches their location and delivers the order. 

Reviews & ratings – This feature will allow the customers to rate and review the food items they have received upon ordering. Also, they can give feedback on the service they availed via the app. These ratings and reviews are mainly helpful for the restaurants to improvise in the future.  

Find restaurants – Once done with the registration process, customers can browse nearby restaurants by applying filters. They can even label some of the restaurants as favorites, where they prefer to order food items on a regular basis. 

Takeaway – Using this feature, customers can prefer to collect the food orders straight from the restaurant. While placing their order, they have to choose the takeaway option. The app will notify the customers to know that the order is prepared. Then, they can reach the restaurant to collect their orders. 

Payment preferences – The food ordering & delivery app should offer several options to make payments. It encompasses credit cards, debit cards, in-app wallets, UPI payments, and cash on delivery. Hence, they can choose their preferred payment options. 

Features Of Restaurant App

Restaurant management – Restaurant owners can view and manage the restaurant profile by providing the required information. This includes restaurant name, address, availability status, opening hours, and many more.

Order management – Once the food orders are placed, the restaurant owners get notification regarding the order details in the wink. This helps them to process the order soon. 

Menu management – They have the authority to list the food items under various categories in the app. Then, they can include the pricing details of the food items. 

Order tracking – After the delivery executive collects the food order from the restaurant, a restaurant owner can track the order status in real-time. This is to ensure that the order is delivered on time to the customer. 

Availability status – This feature allows the restaurant owners to update whether the restaurant is opened or closed. It is quite essential for the restaurants to update the current status for the customers. 

Features of Delivery Executive App

GPS navigation – The app shows the best optimized & shortest route for the delivery executive to reach the customer’s location. So, the customer will get an order without delay.   

Order history – The delivery executives can view all the completed orders, ongoing orders, and canceled orders. These all will be displayed along with the invoice information. 

Earnings report – The delivery executives are paid based on the orders they take. They can check out their earnings weekly, monthly, or yearly. 

Availability toggle – A delivery person can set their working hours according to their wish as they can go offline or online. Enabling the availability toggle indicates that a delivery person is available to accept the request and vice versa. 

Customer support – In case, the delivery executives need help, they can reach out to the customer support team via the in-app chat/call. So, their doubts get clarified timely. 

Features of Admin panel

Customer management – As an app platform, you can view and manage the customers. You have the authority to access the customers’ records only in case of reference purposes. 

Payment reports – This feature helps you know the app’s profitability as you know the payment details. This encompasses the commission fee, service fee, and advertising fee you have received.  

Sub-admin – You can reduce your work by letting sub-admins manage some portions of your business. You can create profiles for sub-admins and assign tasks for them to perform. 

Discounts – Offering discounts, offers, or promo codes to the customers (who frequently use the app for food ordering) helps retain your customers. 

Restaurant list – You are able to make changes to the restaurant list. That is, you can view, add, or delete restaurant names listed in the app.

Final Thought

Besides having high competition in the online food ordering industry, ChowNow has stood out with a strong foundation. There is no wonder that it will achieve more milestones in the coming years. Therefore, launching a food ordering app like ChowNow is a good choice. Mark your place in this thriving industry with your app. 

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