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Apps like Instagram and Facebook are paving the way for big creators to generate substantial revenue. Conversely, small creators are looking for an alternative solution that will open the way for them to get high traffic for their posts and gain profits. 

Clapper is one such app that is crafted in such a way that its algorithm provides equal opportunities for all the creators as they can perform live streaming and post short videos. This platform seems to be a TikTok alternative, facilitating the users to record, post, and share short videos at a maximum duration of three minutes. 

Beyond doubt, there is always scope for social media apps in the digital world. So, launching the Clapper Clone app is a smart choice that you could ever make as of now. 

What Encourages Entrepreneurs to Develop & Launch a Clapper Clone App?

Clapper, crafted as a free speech short video platform, is typically a clone of TikTok in terms of impressive functionality. The primary difference is that it has better content, empowering users to make thoughtful videos on a wide range of topics. It is an advertisement-free platform available for both Android & iOS. 

Most importantly, it gives equal opportunity to diverse communities instead of promoting the one with a huge follower base. When compared to competitors, it is one of the short video apps promoting free speech. Therefore, people have the freedom to express/convey their views and comments in an unbiased manner. 

In general, users spent an average of 6 hours 48 minutes/week to watch videos online in 2019. compared to 2016, it is a 59% surge. Apart from this, a recent report shows that the online video sharing industry’s net value would reach $18.7 billion by 2027.

This indirectly implies that there is a vast demand for video-sharing apps. Edison Chen founded Clapper in July 2020. The unique selling points of it are no ads and no BS. Since its inception, it has witnessed stupendous growth with its unique business concept. 

Witnessing its popularity, many entrepreneurs are inclined towards developing a similar app. Are you one of those aspiring entrepreneurs? Investing in a Clapper Clone app development will be a smart move to enter the flourishing social media industry.   

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Concentrate On Infusing Prerequisite Features For Impeccable User Experience

  • Make trendy videos

The app is known for posting short video-sharing videos. Users can upload videos for up to a maximum of three minutes. While posting videos, they can include texts and filters/effects. If needed, they can trim the video and add background music of their choice. 

  • Up-to-date content feed

Videos posted by the creators or users will be viewed by other users in the feed section. It includes both live streaming and recorded videos.  

  • Video sharing

The app users have the option to send messages and share video content with their friends and family members. They can even share videos to the followers which they have gained through the app.

  • Create a group

This feature enables the users to create a group and interact with those added to the group. It seems to be a public forum for sharing videos and having conversations.

  • Create an audio-based room

The audio-only feature will facilitate the users to create a room with nearly 2000 listeners and 20 speakers. It will be like a virtual auditorium with people listening to audio. 

  • Solo live/duet live

The solo live feature enables the individual user to interact with followers in real-time. Similarly, the duet live feature will facilitate the same and so they can increase their followers. 

  • Clapback

To express the users’ views on the videos posted in the app, they can use this feature. Through this, they can put feedback for any videos which they saw in the feed section.

  • Employ Clapper fam

This feature allows the creators or users who are posting videos to monetize their posts by providing monthly-tier subscription plans. With this, they can avail of various benefits. 

Invest In A Clapper Clone app: Will it be Beneficial for Entrepreneurs?

Clapper Clone Script is a readily available social media video-sharing app solution. Opting for this app solution will be beneficial for entrepreneurs. Some of them are as follows.

  • Developing an app like Clapper from scratch is time-consuming. Therefore, it requires considerable investment. On the contrary, the ready-made Clapper Clone app does not need much time for crafting and so you can get it at a nominal price. 
  • The scalability element will empower the entrepreneurs to launch the app, and expand it globally to attract a large audience. The app solution will be remodeled based on the brand name, logo, and business requirements.   
  • The customizability factor makes the app modifiable, facilitating you to incorporate any features you want. You can customize it depending on the business model.
  • Infusing multiple revenue streams will pave the way for stable revenue generation. You can even request investors for funds and build your business. 

In a nutshell, developing and launching the well-featured Clapper Clone app with a ravishing user interface paves an ideal way to gain attention from wider users. Ensure to perform market research for framing a successful business plan and making your app unique. This is to stand apart from your rivalries. It is essential to promote your app on other popular social media channels like Instagram or Facebook for broader reach. 

Monetization Opportunities from a Short Video Sharing App Like Clapper

There is an equal opportunity to generate revenue from Clapper, similar to other social media sharing apps such as TikTok, Instagram, and so many. Unquestionably, Clapper is the fastest-growing and popular social media platform, a video content-centric platform aiming to get attention from global audiences. 

For instance, Clapper is free to use, advertisements will not interrupt the audiences, and there is no necessity for them to pay any fee like membership fee or subscription fee. This app provides opportunities for content creators to gain revenue by live streaming and posting recorded videos.   

As a business owner or an app owner, you can monetize your app by implementing an in-app purchases revenue model. Take TikTok as an example. It offers virtual coins (100-10,000), valued ranges from 99 cents to $99.99. With these coins, the app users can purchase virtual gifts. 

Depending on the business model you own, contemplate incorporating monetization strategies to get a steady flow of revenue from the social video sharing app like Clapper.

Concluding Thoughts

The online video sharing industry is flourishing, predicted to boom further in the foreseeable period. Additionally, Clapper has renowned its place in this industry that has a broader user base. This clearly symbolizes that entering the flourishing industry with a short video-sharing app like Clapper will guarantee you a big hit. Yes, it is an ideal time to invest in the Clapper Clone app development. Utilize the opportunity and be an early bird to get into this industry with your app. Stand against your rivals!     

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