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Worldwide, people are more active on social media apps, communicating online with friends/distant relatives, establishing a professional network, and sharing information. There is no doubt that the social media app has changed the way people interact with each other.

Do you have an idea for developing a social media app? To create a social network app with meaningful interactions, you must know what it’s all about. In this blog, let’s explore the CloutHub Clone app development process in detail.

Captivating Statistics Of The Social Media Industry

  • It is reported that nearly 90% of millennials and 80% of companies are using social network apps for personal and marketing purposes, respectively. There is a projection that the number of active users might reach 3 billion by the end of 2021. In 2020, approximately 3.6 billion people used social media apps globally. By 2025, it is estimated to reach 4.1 billion.
  • As of January 2020, the social media usage rate was 49%. On average, people spend nearly 144 minutes per day on social media. It is reported that people in Latin America are spending the highest average time spent per day.

In this digital era, the usage of smartphones is high and has grown tremendously in the past few years. As a result, the social media industry is also witnessing massive growth and businesses are wondering how to develop a social media app to gain profit. It is a known fact that the increased number of smartphone usage drives social media’s app growth.

It is an excellent opportunity for new-age tech entrepreneurs to enter this growing industry with a mobile app. If you’re one of the entrepreneurs who plan to start developing a social media app, this blog is for you with insightful information.

CloutHub – A Next-Generation Social Networking App

CloutHub is a next-generation social networking platform for community, social, and political engagement. It was founded by Jeffrey S. Brain in the year 2018. This platform lets the users express themselves, socialize with others, and share updates. Its annual net value is $4 million.

Notably, this app users are treated equally, and diverse social/political opinions are welcomed. In short, the app promotes itself as a non-biased social network where people can engage in civic/social/political matters and campaigns that they are interested in.

The CloutHub app is available for both Android and iOS users. Facebook, a social media giant, has closed the WalkAway group page, which had more followers at that time. Then, people looked for a conservative alternative for Facebook. CloutHub seems to be a new home in which free speech is protected, and diverse opinions are welcomed as this platform is not biased.

How Is CloutHub Different From Other Existing Social Media Apps In The Industry?

Existing social media apps are focused on likes, followers, and click-bait. CloutHub is a next-generation social network app that allows people to socialize/connect but emphasizes collaboration, taking real action, and solving issues that impact lives, communities, and the world.

It is designed for civic/political/social empowerment, and people can easily connect with others who have common interests. Moreover, it is a trustable non-biased platform that supports free speech and protects privacy. It is a complete integrated solution, i.e., an All-in-One social media platform. People can share updates as they do on Facebook, express themselves as they do on Twitter, get the latest news as they get on SmartNews, and create & share videos as they do on YouTube.

According to research, other social media platforms have a negative impact on people’s mental health. On the flip side, CloutHub is designed to protect users’ mental health in which they can control their notifications.

Step-by-Step Development Process For The Social Media App Like CloutHub

Step 1 – Business Idea Analysis and Market Study

At the first stage, you have to review the social media app idea and its competitive market. Then, evaluate the demand, portrait the target market, and develop the performance metrics. This helps to determine a niche while developing a social media app. Despite this, knowing your strengths by conducting a SWOT analysis and understanding your competitors’ strategies are helpful.  

Step 2 – Formulate a Strategy

In this stage, you have to formulate a complete strategy of the social media app idea that helps with its successful development. Upon analyzing the market, you get to know about the competition, audience, and target category. This will help to formulate a strategy where you can set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Never forget to include lead generation and user retention. Also, come up with monetization strategies to generate profit from your CloutHub like app. Ask out potential users and have an idea of incorporating the trending features.

Step 3 – App Design

A good UI/UX amazes the users. Sketching the design helps to find the potential logic, number of screens, and users’ interaction within the app. Wireframing is the crucial step in the designing phase, as you can view the app’s framework. Next, a prototype gives a working model of the app. The last stage in the designing phase is converting wireframes in the social app design.

Step 4 – App Development and Testing

It is a good idea to develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Upon completing the development, QA testing is necessary as it helps to eliminate errors, bugs, and glitches.

Step 5 – App Launch and Promotion

After finishing the above stages, it is time to deploy an app like CloutHub. Promoting the app is as essential as developing a user-friendly app. Take advantage of the other social networking channels for marketing your app.   

Necessary Features To Consider While Developing The CloutHub Clone App

When you plan to enter the social media industry, it would be best to incorporate a unique feature to stand out from the competition. Below are a few of the necessary features of the CloutHub clone app.

  • The Feed feature in the social media app allows the users to view the feed based on their interests and likes.  
  • Users can like the posts that were uploaded by other users they are following. Also, they can comment on it that is publicly open.
  • Using the Post sharing feature, users can share other users’ posts if enabled. It is users’ choice to enable or disable this feature.
  • Users can upload media files such as images, videos, and audio from their devices.
  • Offer users the customization options to create unique and fascinating profiles. Also, let them manage their interests in products and services offered in the app.
  • The search bar will let the users find the pages, people, products, or any form of content.
  • The Push notifications feature is essential for social media apps that allow you to send messages for improving user engagement.

Monetization Strategies To Consider During CloutHub Clone App Development

You should have a proper monetization strategy to sustain longer in the industry with your app. Consider the following popular strategies during CloutHub clone app development.

  • Advertisements

In-app advertisements are the popular way to generate revenue from a social media app. Other existing apps are also using this strategy.

  • Direct Sales

Make direct sales to your app users. It would be better to consider this strategy when your product has a visual nature. Make sure to have a balance between self-promotion with existing content and an appealing product.

  • Lead Generation

Another monetization strategy is converting potential customers. You can discover so many ways to generate leads from a social media app.  

Factors To Determine A Social Media App Like CloutHub Development Cost

Let’s dive into the budget of developing a social media like CloutHub. In general, the app development cost varies according to the individual business requirements. Besides this, other factors that determine the cost are listed below.

  • Technology stack
  • Time frame
  • Number of features
  • App design
  • Quality assurance
  • App developer location

Moreover, developing a social media app from the ground up costs high compared to developing the CloutHub Clone app as it is a readily available solution that empowers you to launch your app in a moment.

Wrap up

The technological revolution has become the reason for mass migration to social media apps, as this allows people to connect with others without any difficulties. They have various grounds to connect and interact with others hassle-free. As the demand surges, it is an ideal time to start developing the CloutHub Clone app packed with enchanting features and reap profits soon. The quickest way to plunge into the social media industry is with the help of the CloutHub Clone script, which is a readily available solution.

Launch A Next-Generation Network App Like CloutHub

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