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In the early to mid-1980s, an Italian studio music group made one word popular. Today, the same word is gaining popularity because of another totally different dimension. We are talking about the term “clubhouse. “ More than the term being associated with house music, an Italian music band, it has become popular as an audio, social network that is gaining popularity with every passing day.

What made Clubhouse popular?

On the surface, Clubhouse might seem like yet another social network. However, there are a few aspects that set Clubhouse apart.

  • The testimony to the popularity and relevance of Clubhouse is the fact that it was valued at about $100 million after receiving a $12 million fund from the same investor who has been backing BuzzFeed and coin base. Clubhouse is expected to easily breach the 3 million download mark before the end of the first quarter of 2021.
  • The epicenter of any social media platform is the quality of the content it provides. The quality of content, needless to say, is determined by the network of content creators. Just like how Gmail was once free of spam, Clubhouse also made the entry confined to invites. Therefore, the possibility of creating spam accounts on Clubhouse is almost 0.
  • The focus of the contents on Clubhouse is on attracting high-value conversations. The focus is exemplified in the number of active chat rooms and the number of real-time charts that happen at any point in time on Clubhouse.
  • How many times have you been on a Zoom call… and have shut down the camera because you want the conversation to be just audio? While video conferencing apps are so focused on a professional dimension, Clubhouse is, in addition to professional conversations, also intended to be casual and is focused on less professional topics for conversations.
  • There is a sense of urgency when using Clubhouse because it is not possible to back up or record conversations. Therefore, when a conversation happens, it is mandatory for the person participating in the conversation to be right there and engaged. They can either type as text or talk using their microphones.
  • The list of celebrities who have established their authentic presence on Clubhouse is a boosting factor. The celebrity list includes Kevin Hart, Oprah Winfrey, Drake, and Jared Leto. Having an account on Clubhouse has become more of a flaunt factor rather than just being a social network. 

app like Clubhouse

The market

Just like how Uber opened up the on-demand marketplace, Clubhouse can be considered the harbinger of audio-based exclusive social networking. Unlike OnlyFans that has established a rather controversial positioning, Clubhouse is rather elite in its offerings.

The key is to identify a niche where you can drive quality conversations. If you can find people to create content and uphold convos, you have all the eligibility to create your own app like Clubhouse. 

There is considerable comfort for people in not revealing their identity through video while still engaging with high-quality conversations. 

Features of an app like Clubhouse

Clubhouse Clone


Clubhouse is nothing less than a social network, but to make it distinct, there are a few additional features.

ProfileClubhouse has a very simple and straightforward profile creation process. Although the invite system is complicated, the profiling is not! They need to provide their name, phone number and also choose a username before they create a profile. The profile stores information like their preferences, their subscriptions, and the chat rooms that they are a part of.

The hallway – Remember when the Facebook interface was called “the wall“? The hallway is the Clubhouse equivalent of the Facebook wall. That is considered the main feed of the audio networking app, and this is where users can view all the ongoing chats and active chat rooms. The listed/scheduled chats are shown on top of the hallway.

The hallway also combines a search functionality where people can search for users by using their username or keyboard. It also has a facility to invite someone to join the Clubhouse.

The rooms – Yes! It does sound like a plan for a house with a hallway and rooms. As the name implies, the rooms are the list of chat rooms available for a person to join. The room is about a topic that they are conversing about. It is also possible to see a Clubhouse room as a podcast. You can either listen to a person talking or engage in a conversation. The room is not rigid. If you are not satisfied with the contents of one room, you can leave the room to join another.

The room also gives you details on the speaker, the moderators, and the profiles of the other listeners/audience who are present in the conversation.

App clubs – A good social media platform like Facebook gives people an opportunity to build on top of the existing network. Clubhouse also gives users an opportunity to create communities right within the Clubhouse platform, where you can host conversations and meet-ups with other members. A Clubhouse membership has four different types of users: the founder, the members, the administrator, and the followers.

Push notifications – Push notifications are probably one of the easiest ways to communicate with a user on a smartphone. It helps you not only publish communication but also grab user attention. Generally, for an app like Clubhouse, push notifications are used to alert the user when they have a new follower or when one of your connections is a speaker in a room or when one of your connections invites you to join a room or when you need to be updated about the schedules of a Clubhouse chat room.

Moderation – Clubhouse lets room creators invite moderators for their rooms, and they are responsible for the overall conversation-health of the room. They also hold the responsibility of resetting the chatroom periodically. 

Invitations – Clubhouse should maintain its sanity when it comes to inviting people. In this pursuit, they have made it mandatory that only people who are a part of your phone book can be invited. This ensures that no stray people visit your invite link and get themselves registered. As of now, the app is available only for Apple platforms.

Interface – One of the biggest reasons for the instant popularity of Clubhouse is the intuitive interface it had. It was easy even for the technologically uninitiated to participate and engage with the app, helping them deliver audio messages and podcasts, attracting a lot of audience to their feed. A simple interface is an important garden that is required on top of any robust technology to ensure that it reaches even the most remote audience.

How Can You Generate Revenue Through Audio Based Social Media App Like Clubhouse?

app like Clubhouse

If you intend to build an app like Clubhouse, you will need to have a proper monetization plan in place. Thankfully, there are a lot of monetization avenues that you can capitalize on with an audio-based social networking app.

  • You can ask users to tip speakers. While the speech is free, users can, out of goodwill, offer some tips to speakers to promote their content creation efforts. The platform can take a commission from the tips paid to the speaker.
  • You can make your app a subscription app or give users access to certain premium streams when they pay a subscription. While keeping the app accessible only through subscription, there is a considerable chance of you limiting possibilities of spam and bad language.
  • Another simple way to monetize your app is to make certain events ticketed. If there is a celebrity or a reputed speaker who is presenting their podcast, you can make people pay for that particular podcast alone.
  • Another simple way to monetize your app is to make certain events ticketed. If there is a celebrity or a reputed speaker who is presenting their podcast, you can make people pay for that particular podcast alone.
  • You can even run ads within your app by either utilizing the ad hosting platforms provided by Apple and Google or even enter into an independent agreement with another brand to host their ads on your app interface.


By combining all the current trends, Clubhouse has skyrocketed in popularity. It has presented a case for entrepreneurs to create/invest in an app like Clubhouse. However, to get into the process of Clubhouse like app development would be demanding and cumbersome.

To build an app like Clubhouse, you will need to put together a robust backend and an intuitive front-end. You can consider hiring your team of app developers, or you can even partner with a company that specializes in the development of a voice chat app like Clubhouse. Both of them, however, are bound to drain your resources, and there are possibilities of finding glitches in your product.

The best way for anyone to launch their own audio social network is by using a Clubhouse clone. A Clubhouse clone app ensures that you do not have to spend a lot of time and money. The Clubhouse clone script is extremely customizable, and you can garnish it with both visual and technical features of your choice depending on your niche and market. Since it is readily available as a product, you do not have to spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel. With a few elements of customization, your audio social network is ready to launch.

All you need to do is get in touch with a company that specializes in the creative customization of white label clones of Clubhouse. They will take care to understand your requirement and present you with a complete and holistic solution that will enable you to capitalize on this new wave of elite audio social networking!

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