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The need for easy management of businesses is growing at a faster rate by each passing day. Especially if you are a multi-service business owner, then you will constantly be involved in identifying a solution that will help you monitor and manage your business effortlessly. Each service you provide will require a fixed amount of manual intervention from the admin or business owner. Extra resources have to be hired for effective management if the owner finds it burdensome. 

Developing and launching a GoJek clone app is a one-stop solution that will help you oversee your business efficiently. Our trained experts will develop and customize an app that complies with your business requirements and ensures customer satisfaction. Any number of services can be included in the multi-service app, and it is sure to benefit business owners and users in every way possible. 

Perks of a robust Gojek clone app:

An online multi-service app has a handful of advantages for users, service providers, and the admin. 

User benefits:

  • Multiple on-demand apps will be replaced by one single app that comprises all the services they require. 
  • Less time consumption as any service can be availed with a few taps. 
  • Storage space and the performance of your smartphone will remain the same as users have to install only one app for all their needs. 

Service provider benefits:

  • Work hours can be flexible. They can log in and work at any time of the day. 
  • This will be a regular source of income for them. 
  • Other additional allowances, such as food, fuel, etc., will also be provided. 

Administrator/Business owner benefits:

  • Management of all services will become effortless with this app. 
  • Several sources of revenue will be available to help you yield profit in every way possible. 
  • Identifying potential areas of development will be easy with a review and rating system in the app. So, the business can be scaled up quickly. 

Considering these benefits, many business owners and users have adopted the use of a multi-service app. You can also launch your venture with our whitelabeled and feature-rich GoJek clone app. 

Revenue streams of a GoJek app:

As mentioned earlier, the app has multiple revenue sources as listed below:


For each request served by service providers, the admin will be paid a fixed amount as commission. The admin sets the commission percentage, and he/she will deduct and then transfer the earnings to service providers. This is a regular source of income for the app owners. 


In recent years, many applications have undertaken this methodology to generate revenue effortlessly. You can host ads of other brands on your app and get paid regularly for it.

Selling related products:

Along with providing services, products related to the service can also be sold via the online platform. For instance, if you include the beauty service in your app, then cosmetics, skincare products, and more can be available for purchase. 

What are the services that can be included in the GoJek clone app?

Some of the common services that can be included in the app are mentioned below:

Taxi service:

Users can book a ride via the app, and drivers will serve the ride request. With a few taps, users can travel easily. 

Food-delivery service:

The food delivery service will help customers get food delivered at their doorsteps. Delivery executives will also earn regularly with this service. 

Wallet service:

The app can also include the online wallet service via which users can transact online and offline easily. Users can use a single app for transactions instead of the other e-wallet apps. 

Grocery delivery service:

Customers can choose the items/products they want and add it to the cart. They can then check out the products and get it delivered with a few steps. 

Beauty service:

Beauty services, spa services, and more can be offered via the app by professional service providers. Customers can rate and review the service after availing it. 

Medicine delivery:

Users can order medicines by uploading prescriptions to the app. After verification, delivery executives will pick up the medicines and deliver it within the estimated time. 

Feature-set of a multi-service app like GoJek:

There are several features to be included in the multi-service app. A few of them are listed here:

Registration options:

Users can choose from multiple options such as sign up with phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts. 

Scheduled bookings:

With this facility, users can schedule their appointments by specifying the correct time, date, and location. 

Secure payment gateways:

There are several secure payment options included in the app that will help users pay easily after availing any service they want. 

Live location tracking:

Users and service providers can track each other’s live location during an ongoing request. They can also access contact details when required. 

Fare estimation:

The app will also display the total fare, surge fare, operational costs, and more. Detailed invoices will also be available in the app, and users can access them when needed. 

Multiple orders:

Customers can place any number of requests via the app for any service required. Each order can be tracked easily. 


Users/customers will be notified about offers, delivery states, and more via text messages, emails, and push notifications. 

Call and chat support:

This facility will help users and service providers communicate with the support team if they have any concerns or queries. 

Preferred languages:

Users can view the app in the language of their choice. They can choose the language at the time of registration or later by navigating to settings. 

God’s eye view:

The admin can monitor and manage the business easily with the help of this feature. They will have access to all data. 

Availability slider:

Service providers will have a slide bar that will help them display their status of availability. 

Ratings and reviews:

Users can rate and review the service they availed. Service providers can also rate users on a scale of 1-5. 


Purchase a GoJek clone script from us, and we will customize it completely in accordance with your needs. We will help you include any number of services to the app and make it feature-rich. Talk to our experts to know more about the multi-service app development. 

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