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The world is shaken up by the Covid-19 pandemic that is spreading like wildfire. Thousands of people around the world are affected by Coronavirus. The number is increasing rapidly every day, and it is getting almost impossible to contain the spread of this deadly virus. Since it is a virus transmission from animals to humans, it is very difficult to discover a cure for this condition. Scientists across the globe and other health officials are working together to find a cure as soon as possible. 

The government has advised social distancing and self-isolation to help in reducing the number of cases. People with symptoms of normal flu are advised to stay at home and rest until they are better. Many people are quarantined at their homes for safety purposes and are analyzed to see if they exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19. 

During such situations, doctors cannot be physically present everywhere across the globe. They are working at hospitals to help the victims survive. People who are at their homes will need medical attention or will have some queries. They will not be able to make it to the hospital due to restrictions imposed by the government. Therefore, an online doctor service can be provided to people at this time to help them seek medical help as soon as possible. 

Why do we need an on-demand doctor’s app?

The doctor’s app will help all doctors provide medical advice, suggestions, and more to people easily. If there are any patients with symptoms of Covid-19, they can be bought to notice immediately. People with other medical conditions can also consult doctors if they have any concerns. It has the following benefits:

If the people who are infected with the virus get in contact with the doctors or caretakers, they might also get affected. But, with an online app, they can provide medical care without getting affected. 

People with general conditions such as heart patients, diabetic patients, and more can consult the doctor if they have any questions related to their health conditions. 

It also helps to prevent large gatherings at hospitals and pharmacies. The government has advised people to avoid gathering at public places as there are chances that the virus will spread easily. People can seek care via the online app. 

Key factors to be considered before developing a doctor’s app:

Prior to building an efficient app, you should consider the following aspects, analyze them, and then proceed to the development process. 

Feature-set of the app:

An on-demand doctor’s app should include all the features that are essential. If you want to get an idea of what the attributes are, then you need to analyze the market and understand the needs of the people. This will help you include useful attributes to the app. A few crucial features are mentioned below:

24×7 service:

Ensure that you have enough doctors to provide medical service or consultation round the clock. During this pandemic season, it is essential to have a few doctors at all times of the day. This will help you provide medical attention as soon as possible and reduce the Covid-19 cases. 

Scheduled appointments:

Users with other medical conditions or who need regular checkups should be allowed to schedule doctor appointments via the app. Since they cannot step out of their homes, this will definitely help them. 

Video consultation:

Due to the increase in the number of cases, medical specialists cannot visit patients at their homes to offer medical care. Doctors can examine the patients through video calls. They can check for any symptoms, analyze medical history, and provide proper care to users. If there is a device at home to monitor the health condition of the patient, the doctor should be given access to view the condition easily. 

Technologically advanced app:

Ensure that the doctor’s app is developed with advanced tools and technologies. This will make the app robust, easy to operate, and error-free. 


Consider all these aspects before you proceed to build your on-demand doctor app. Discuss these aspects and your ideas with our experts. They will help in developing and launching a robust doctor’s app in a few days on all the major platforms available. 

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