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In this Coronavirus pandemic, every industry has noticed a drastic change in its sales, reach to the audience, and business growth. A few industries have witnessed an uptrend, whereas the rest have faced a downtrend due to the lockdown imposed. Online grocery delivery is one such service that has grown rapidly in the past month alone. Since social distancing has come into play, many people are opting to get their groceries delivered to their houses rather than going to a grocery store and increasing the chances of getting infected by the life-threatening virus. Therefore, the grocery delivery market has had a chance to increase its sales, number of customers, and the revenue generated. 

In this season, as an entrepreneur, you can also launch an online grocery platform with a simple idea and an affordable app like Instacart. At Uberlikeapp, we will guide you efficiently through the entire process and help you establish your brand in the market. Our solution is completely whitelabeled, customizable, and budget-friendly. You can add any number of features to the app and launch it on all major platforms. 

What is the need for an online grocery delivery platform?

In the wake of Coronavirus, healthcare officials are advising people to avoid any visit outside unless it is highly necessary. So, delivering their needs via this platform will help in the following ways:

 So, people can go on with their daily life routines. 

As far as business owners are concerned, they can have the advantage of establishing their brand quickly in the market as people are in need of such platforms, and you can also generate high revenue in a short span of time. 

  • Firstly, it will help in curbing the spread of the deadly virus. When people purchase groceries via an online platform, they will avoid gathering at a store every day. Therefore, the number of positive cases will be less in number. 
  • People do not have to wait in long queues at a grocery store and carry multiple heavy bags to their homes all by themselves. Once they choose the necessary items on the app and confirm the order, it will be delivered to their doorsteps within the estimated date and time. So, the travel to the grocery store can be avoided. 
  • When people purchase at a store, they will be worried about groceries that might go out of stock. They will be uncertain about what items will run out and when it will be back in stock. But, with an online store, they have a complete idea of what of the groceries that are available/out of stock. If they require any item after it is restocked, they can enable respective notification, and they will be alerted once the particular item is in stock again. 
  • Once the number of people infected goes low, the lockdown and other restrictions imposed for people’s safety will be negated.

Vital factors to be considered prior to app development:

Before proceeding to the grocery app development process, you have to know about three major protocols and follow them in order to ensure safe and effective delivery. 

Creating awareness:

As a responsible business owner, you have to make sure that you create a complete awareness of the Dos and Don’ts to your delivery executives. Provide them with a detailed elaboration on wearing masks, sanitizing the hands regularly, avoiding any form of contact, and other necessary safety measures. Also, explain the various carriers of the virus so that they will be careful at all times. Check their temperature before they start their work for the day and help them with medical care if they are not well or show any symptoms. Ensure that you provide them with a fresh mask, a set of gloves, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers every day. 

Inventory management: 

Your on-demand grocery app solution should be an effective approach towards managing the inventory. Efficient stock management is one of the major reasons due to which customers will prefer your app. So, update all details about stock regularly to the app. Order all groceries before-handed or coordinate with the grocery store owners and ensure that all items are in stock. You can also integrate tools that work based on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to analyze and predict the demand for all items. This will help you stock the items accordingly. 

No-contact delivery:

This is one of the most important attributes that is being included in all the existing delivery apps. The contact-less delivery feature will ensure customers that the products are safe and clean and that they will not be infected by avoiding any form of contact with delivery executives. Make sure that users are able to upload photos of a particular spot where they want the groceries to be delivered. Delivery executives can communicate effectively with users and deliver the items safely in the mentioned spot. 

What are the must-have features of the Instacart clone app?

The main attributes to be available in each of the panels are discussed below:

Customer app:

  • Multiple registration options
  • Easy search
  • Secure payment modes
  • Scheduled grocery delivery
  • Reorder feature
  • Live location tracking
  • Ratings and reviews

Delivery executive panel:

  • Registration
  • Document verification
  • Availability slide bar
  • Accept/reject user requests
  • Access to live location and contact details
  • Easy navigation
  • Earning and delivery history
  • Delivery status

Store owner app:

  • Provide offers
  • List products
  • Update product details 
  • Takeaway option
  • Profile setup
  • Technical support 24×7
  • Location tracking

Admin panel:

  • God’s eye view
  • Inventory management
  • Create offers and rewards
  • Manage user data
  • Access to ratings and suggestions
  • Commission cut-down
  • Adding bank accounts
  • Approve delivery executives


In this season, launch a revenue-generating Instacart clone app for your grocery delivery business. Include all the necessary features in the app and build it with the latest technologies and tools. You can get in touch with our trained professionals right away to launch an app in a few days on multiple platforms. 

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