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As we all know, the world is fighting a deadly pandemic for a few months now, and every country is playing its part precisely in contributing to curb the outbreak as soon as possible. Lockdowns have been imposed, shops are shut down, educational institutions are closed, and people are maintaining social distancing to contain the virus spread.

In this outbreak season, there are a few services that have been in the upsurge and have generated more revenue by serving people’s needs effectively. Online grocery delivery is one such business that has increased its sales rapidly in the past few weeks. BigBasket is a grocery delivery giant in the market that has raised up to $60 million in order to satisfy the essential needs of the people. It has also partnered up with Uber and Rapido to help deliver groceries to more number of people. Until last year, they were serving upto 150,000 orders per day, and the number has multiplied five times in the past few weeks. A few facts about the online grocery market are given below:

  • The number of online grocery shoppers in the US will increase by 30.4 million in the year 2022 from 12 million in 2017. 
  • Out of 100% of smartphone users, more than 63% prefer ordering their essentials needs through apps. 
  • The download rate or the number of downloads per day of Instacart, Walmart, and Shipt has increased by 218%, 160%, and 124%, respectively since the onset of the pandemic. 

Why an online app for grocery delivery?

An online app like BigBasket to order groceries has been an advantage for users as well as the business owners. Especially, considering the current pandemic situation, launching an app for your grocery delivery venture will help you serve people effectively, and thereby generate increased revenue. Now, let us have a glimpse of the benefits of setting up your business with an optimized clone app:

Easy reach to the audience:

With an online app, you will be able to reach more users in a short span of time. People lean towards online apps for all their needs at present. So, delivering groceries efficiently via an online app will help you gain more customers. 

Serve more customers:

You will not miss out on any customer if you have an online app for your venture. Every user will be assigned with a delivery executive in a few minutes, and so no user will turn away without availing your service. Since the estimated arrival time will also be displayed in the app, users can plan their schedules accordingly and lean towards the app for its on-time service. 

Pocket-friendly solutions:

The cost of setting up your business with an app will be under your budget if you opt for a BigBasket clone app. It is affordable by small and medium-scale entrepreneurs and far more advanced than an app developed from scratch. It is also an obvious fact that the total development is 75% less than an app built from the ground up. Therefore, building a clone app will be one of the most cost-effective approaches to launch your business in the market. 

Stay ahead of the curve:

The on-demand grocery delivery market is getting competitive as every day goes by. As a business owner, you have to move ahead in the competition and sustain as a key player in the market. This way, you can develop your brand strategy and yield more profit. Hence, stay ahead in terms of technology, security, marketing, and more. 

Readymade solution:

Your platform is an efficient and readily available solution that can be customized easily in accordance with your business requirements. At Uber Like App, our experts will help you personalize and build a robust solution with the most advanced tools and frameworks. 

Fulfill customer needs easily:

Having an app for your venture will help you effectively in satisfying the needs of your customers. You can also identify potential areas of improvement with the help of customer reviews and ratings. Improvisation techniques can be applied, and you can resolve user concerns and provide them high-quality service. This way, more users will opt for your app.

Effortless management

As a business owner, you will find it easy to manage your grocery delivery business with an app. It will give you access to all data, and therefore you can monitor all the activities and make any changes if required. 

What is the total cost of developing a BigBasket clone app?

The total development cost of a BigBasket clone app is dependent on several factors listed below:

Technology deployed:

The tools, technologies, and frameworks used to build the app should be highly advanced so that the app runs smoothly and without any bugs. This factor largely impacts the cost of app development. 

Feature-set of the app:

The number of app attributes included will also influence the total development cost of the grocery delivery app. If there is an increased number of features, then the cost will also elevate accordingly. 

UI design:

The user interface design of the app should be attractive and simple. The number of wireframes or screens available will also impact the cost. Hence, include only the necessary screens in the design. 

Number of developers:

The total cost will also be influenced by the number of business experts and developers working on your app solution. 

Native app development:

We are all well aware that the app should be launched on major platforms to help in gaining a large customer base. So, you have to build an app that is compatible with all major platforms. Though cost-consuming, investing in this feature will help you gain the profit desired.

What is the bottom line?

To conclude, it would be apt to state the obvious fact that a BigBasket clone app will help you launch your business at affordable rates, establish your brand quickly in the market, offer a long list of advantages, and can be set up in a few days. So, go ahead and talk to our professional experts to launch your online grocery venture.  

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