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In the on-demand app market, laundry service has been in the uptrend for a long time. It is one of the businesses that have a lot of scopes and will help you generate revenue in a short period. Washing clothes can take up a lot of time, and people will not want to spend so much time on laundry in their hectic lifestyle. They do not have to spend on washing machines or dryers or go in search of coin-operated machines to wash clothes.

With this online application, customers can easily place a laundry service request, and the service providers will collect the clothes from their locations. It will be delivered to them after the requested service has been provided. 

Why opt for on-demand laundry services?

People at present are preferring to go with on-demand services rather than the traditional method of availing services due to the following reasons:

High convenience:

Users will find it easy to book services via the app whenever required. They can choose any detergent, service, and more. From the convenience of their doorsteps, they can avail of laundry service and pay for it securely. 


When it comes to hiring delivery executives, as a business owner, you do not have to hire permanent employees and pay their salary. You can hire part-time or freelancers for providing services. 

Office space:

The need for renting separate office space will not be required anymore if you launch your online laundry business. Therefore, the cost spent on space and other operational costs will not be needed to run your business. 

Affordable services:

Customers will be able to afford availing services regularly via an online app as offers and discounts will be provided to them, from time to time. This will make them lean towards your app for all their laundry needs. 

Choose a suitable business model:

Before proceeding to the on-demand laundry app development process, you have to decide on a business model that best suits your requirements. There are three models from which you can choose one of your choices. 

The on-site business model:

This model will suit you if you have a laundry service already running and can effortlessly manage the collection and delivery process also. Once customers place requests, delivery executives, or service providers will reach their locations and collect the clothes from customers. After the required service has been offered, the clothes will be delivered safely to customers. In this model, you will provide the platform, laundry service, and delivery also. So, you have to ensure that you offer a high-quality experience for customers via your platform. 

The in-store model:

In this model, you will be responsible for providing the laundry service alone via your online platform. If you are opting for this model, then customers will reach your location and drop-off their clothes for laundry. Once you are done with the service, they will drop-in to collect it from you. They can pay for the service via the secure payment gateways available in the app. 

The marketplace model:

With this model, you need not own a laundry service or store. You can provide an online platform that will connect customers with laundromats. Allow laundry service owners to register with the app and upload their list of services, with the prices. Customers can choose a laundromat of their choice and place a request via the app. Delivery executives hired by the laundromats will take care of the delivery services effectively. You will just be the provider of the platform and generate revenue via commission, ads, and more. 

Why should you choose Uber Like App for developing your laundry app?

Our team at Uber Like App is experienced and will guide you through the complete development process. They offer the following services:

Support round the clock:

We provide you with a dedicated support team that will help you with any technical glitches or other concerns that customers or laundromats face. 

On-time delivery of the app:

A progress chart will be structured, and it will be followed at every step to ensure that the laundry app solution is delivered to you on time and with high quality. 

Completely customizable:

The app solution we provide can be personalized based on the requirements you put forth. Any future changes will be made based on your varying needs. 

Highly advanced:

Our team of experts offers the most advanced and robust app solution that is built with the latest technologies, tools, and frameworks. This will ensure that the app is completely error-free. 

Easy to use UI:

The user interface of our laundry service app is easy to operate, and users need not spend much time on the app to avail of the laundry service. 

Secure solution:

Another key concern is the safety of the app solution we offer. Our range of apps is developed based on the most robust security protocols, and it will not keep track of any personal or banking details at any point in time. 

Pocket-friendly app:

The laundry app we build is very much affordable by small and medium-scale entrepreneurs. Get to know the factors that impact the cost of the laundry app and develop an app under your budget. 

Essential feature-set of an Uber for laundry app:

The standard set of features of a laundry service app are specified below:

  • Multiple login options
  • Verification process
  • Profile setup
  • Laundry service provider availability slider
  • Scheduled laundry services
  • Instant notifications
  • Secure payment options
  • Live tracking
  • Estimated cost
  • Accept/reject request
  • God’s eye view
  • Offers and referrals
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Analytics and reports

Develop a robust laundry app solution for your business

From the above-mentioned insights, it would be clear that providing an on-demand laundry service will be more profitable and beneficial when compared to the traditional method of providing laundry services. So, get in touch with the best developers in town and launch your business with an efficient and feature-rich Uber for laundry app

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