On-Demand Plumber App Development

The consistent development in the on-demand service app market has pushed several entrepreneurs to step into the market. They are placing their best foot forward in the on-demand service app industry by launching apps in various sectors to find potential customers and to achieve the ultimate level of success. The on-demand services market has gained traction in recent years with the introduction of a wide array of services such as taxi booking, food delivery, grocery delivery, handy cleaning services, etc. 

Why should you build an on-demand plumber app?

Customers need not have to worry about drain chokes or loose screws in their homes as they can get a professional to fix it with a few taps and swipes on their smartphones. One of the main reasons to consider developing an on-demand plumbing app for your business is the convenience and cost-effective solution you can offer for your customers. It is an excellent idea to boost your overall revenue and to build your online presence. The main selling point of your business will be the invisible bridge connecting people with the services they require in an instance. This helps you to have a steady flow of revenue for your business and hire more personnel to expand your services with minimal fuss.

These apps offer unlimited business opportunities as customers van approach any time of the day irrespective of the time. Eventually, you can increase the credibility of your business by improving your customer service. It offers several advantages to sustain in the crowded market and to improve your overall revenue.

  • You can easily store records of your customers in the secure database in an organized manner.
  • It can be an effective solution for every business irrespective of the size and location. 
  • You can have a steady stream of revenue to meet your desired ROI by offering unlimited opportunities to meet the expectations of the end-users.
  • Increases your visibility in the market and boost your reputation in the market.

The critical features that you should incorporate in your application:

For customers:


Customers need to register their account to start using the services. They can register their account by entering their phone number or email address. Some providers also include a social media plugin to make the process easier as it lets customers register with a few clicks.

Notification alerts:

The user will get alerts about discounts, rides, and driver status with a notification. Push notifications are extremely useful to send important alerts to users.

Book or schedule:

Users can schedule the plumber for their preferred time and date so that they don’t have to make changes in their daily schedule.

View plumber’s profile:

Customers can view the plumber’s profile and choose them based on their experience, skills, and ratings by other customers.

View history:

Customers can view their previous bookings and bill amount for each service anytime.

Ratings and reviews:

After paying the bill amount, customers will be asked to enter the review and rate the plumbers’ service.

Real-time tracking:

Customers can track the real-time location of a plumber once they have hired for a slot.

Payment integration:

Customers should have an array of payment options in the application like credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc.

For plumbers:

Sign-up and profile creation:

Plumbers should register their account by entering their contact details like address, phone number, email address, photos, etc. Only after proper verification from the admin team, the plumber will be able to start working with the application.  

Accept/reject proposals:

Plumbers should have the option to accept or reject service requests from the customers.

Check payment history:

Plumbers should be able to view their records of the previous service with detailed information like address, payment, etc.

Help and support:

The professional should be able to contact the support team 24*7 to help them with the procedure and features in the application.

For the administrator panel:

Manage your booking and members:

The admin will have the ultimate control over the operations from the booking system, assigning plumbers, commission, payments, etc.

Track professionals:

The admins can track the plumbers in real-time once they have switched their status to available. Their real-time location will be shared from their smartphones and will be helpful for admin to assign slots for the plumbers.

In a nutshell:

If you are looking for opportunities to enter the industry, then get in touch with an on-demand plumber app development company. The cost of the application depends on the features and functionalities you choose to integrate into the application. These apps are proven to deliver an exceptional user experience to the customers.

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