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During the pandemic, the online grocery industry is booming to a great extent. There is no surprise that many customers adapted to online grocery shopping as it is convenient for them. The groceries they order will be delivered to their doorsteps. 

Dija – 10 Minutes Ultrafast Delivery Service

Dija is the newest grocery delivery service provider founded by the former Deliveroo executives Alberto Menolascina and Yusuf Saban in 2020. It has revolutionised the grocery delivery service industry with the ultrafast neighbourhood service. That means that the ordered groceries will be delivered within 10 minutes. If the order is not delivered in the specified duration, Dija will deliver free groceries for the upcoming three months. This makes Dija stand out from other grocery delivery apps.  

It operates from hubs within local communities. Currently, it expanded its operating region that includes South Kensington, Fulham, and Hackney. By summer, they are expected to open 20 more hubs covering Clapham, Wandsworth, Acton, Islington, Mayfair, Stockwell, and Clerkenwell. This app is available only on iOS and will be available on Android soon. 

Why do you have to Invest in the Online Grocery Delivery Service Market?

The rise of the online grocery delivery service industry is visible even before the pandemic. The pandemic is one of the major factors that increase this industry’s growth tremendously. In London, 56% of UK customers are expected to buy groceries online once a week by 2021, according to research conducted by Capgemini.

There is a prediction that the net worth of this industry will be $117 billion by 2023. According to Statista, the grocery delivery applications produced $22,073 million in sales. It is estimated to reach $31, 413 million by 2023. 

In the past few months, many entrepreneurs have invested in grocery delivery apps. Therefore, it is the right time to know how to build and launch a grocery delivery app like Dija in the market. In this blog, I have explained this in detail. 

Business Models to Consider For Developing a Grocery Delivery App

You can consider any one of the following three common business models for developing a grocery delivery app. 

  • Single grocery store

It is the simplest way for starting a grocery store. For this, you have to have an app like Dija for your physical grocery store to go online. Your customers can easily place a grocery order via the app with just a few taps. Then, the delivery executive will deliver the ordered grocery to the customer’s location within a stipulated time.

  • Grocery marketplace

This business model aims to create an aggregated marketplace by listing the grocery stores on a grocery delivery app. Instacart, Uber grocery delivery app, and Dija follow this business model. In this, customers can choose any of the nearby grocery stores and place an order. Upon confirmation, the groceries will be delivered to them.

  • Grocery store chain

This business model is suitable for investors who want to boost their business to the next level. Once you develop & launch the grocery delivery app, you can manage the details of shopping and supermarket orders and procedures.

Steps to Consider Before You Get Into Developing the Dija Clone App

  • Choose a business model

As we already discussed the three major types of business models, you can consider one among them. This helps to determine the grocery delivery app concept for your business.

  • Frame your business plan

It is essential to frame a  business model. Perform market research and know your target audience. Doing this will help to frame the business strategies that would work best. Despite this, you have to choose which features to include in your app. Also, it is necessary to create the persona of your target audience. 

  • UI/UX design of the app

Keeping the target audience’s interest and choice in mind, make your app’s UI/UX user-friendly. It should be easy to navigate through various options.  

  • Testing of the app

Upon completing the design and development of the Dija like app, perform many testing iterations. This ensures that the app is free from technical and logical errors.

  • Launching of the app

Now, the app is ready to launch. You can launch the Dija clone app on the platform you choose. Usually, grocery delivery apps are launched on iOS and Android.

Incorporate the Significant Features Into the Dija Clone App

A grocery delivery app solution empowers you to customize your app depending on your business requirements. Any new innovative features can be included in the app. Thus, it makes the app stand out from other grocery delivery apps. Let’s go through the significant features to be considered for Dija like app development.

Customer App

  • Onboarding

Like all other grocery delivery apps, the Dija clone app will allow the customers to sign up or register using the manual or automatic process. In the manual process, customers have to enter their email address and mobile number. In the automatic process, they can register with the app using social media platforms like Facebook. 

  • Multiple payment options

They can make payments via a debit card, in-app wallet, credit card, or UPI. The app also supports the cash on delivery feature.

  • Real-time monitoring

This feature facilitates the customers to check the delivery executive’s location upon accepting the delivery request until delivering the grocery order. 

Delivery Executive App

  • Accept/Reject request

When customers confirm the order and the grocery store accepts the order request, the app notifies the delivery executive about the order details. A particular delivery executive has the option to accept or decline the delivery request. If the respective delivery executive rejects the request, the delivery request will be passed to the next nearby delivery executive.

  • Earning dashboard

The delivery executives can manage the grocery delivery details, including the earnings report. Using this report, they can know how much they have earned for each delivery.

Admin Panel

  • Manage drivers

You can manage the driver details at any time using the admin panel. You can link new or delete the delivery executives. 

  • Manage customers

You can manage the customer details, including the order history and ratings/reviews. Analyzing the customers feedback will help to improve the app performance.

  • Analytics & Reports

The app generates a weekly or monthly analytical report that includes details about the delivery executives’ performance. So, it is easy to determine their productivity in a certain time.  

The Cost of Making a Grocery Delivery App Like Dija

The app development cost is highly variable. You cannot say the exact pricing details as it varies depending on your business requirements. The major parameters that determine the Dija clone app development cost are features and functionality. Other parameters that influence the price are the app platform, the mobile app development company’s geographical location, technology stack usage, etc.

Final thoughts

A grocery app solution will empower your grocery delivery business. This is ideal for setting foot in the online grocery delivery service industry with an app like Dija. So, choose us for Dija like app development. We help you to launch the app in a less time frame at a reasonable price. 

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