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On-demand video streaming apps have changed the movie viewing experience by offering various videos, movies, web series, TV shows, and many more. Yes, such apps have brought an immense change by transforming a home into a cinema as everyone can enjoy watching movies with family members. That’s why a video streaming app like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Netflix becomes more familiar among a wide range of audiences. Undoubtedly, Disney+Hotstar clone is one such promising app that will gain huge popularity.

Do you wish to launch a video streaming app? app like Disney+Hotstar is a tailor-made app solution that enables you to launch your app in no moment.  

An Overview Of The Success Story Of Disney + Hotstar

  • Disney Plus Hotstar was launched in the year 2019. Its revenue generation in 2020 was $4.5 billion and it’s quite surprising to generate this much revenue within a short span. In Indian rupees, it is over 16 billion.
  • As of March 2021, it has more than 100 million subscribers. The Hotstar app has been downloaded over 150 million times since its launch.
  • It is forecasted that the revenue generation will reach $10 billion by the end of 2021. Significantly, their main source of revenue is from advertisement even though they get consistent income from the subscription.
  • Moreover, it operates on a freemium model in India and Indonesia. In this, some content will be available for subscribers as they can opt for ad-free content.  
  • Undoubtedly, Hotstar has witnessed a huge surge since its launch. Therefore, launching the Disney+Hotstar Clone app is quite profitable.

What Are The Differentiating Features Of The Disney + Hotstar Clone?

The Hotstar Clone app is a replica of the original version of Hotstar, which is packed with the general features of the OTT platform. Apart from these features, including differentiating features, make your app trending and unique from other apps.

  • Diverse Contents

Provide a portfolio on various programs, shows, series, and movies. You can let only the paid users access some video content that has been released recently on your platform. Also, provide access to basic genres for all the registered users. Basic genres include serials, movies, drama, kids shows, and drama.

  • Watch Offline

Users feel happy when they can watch a movie without interruptions like buffering due to an unstable internet connection. For this, they can download the content and watch it without the internet on their device.

  • Multi Screening

This feature facilitates the users to view different contents at the same time. Therefore, they can view various programs on multiple devices.

  • Privacy Settings

Some do not have privacy concerns, but few have more concerns about it. Let the users opt for the privacy settings according to their choice.

  • Watchlist

Users can browse for the content, select and add it to the watchlist so that they can watch it later at their convenience.

  • Reporting

It will store all the information in a database. Like, which videos were mostly viewed by the users, which video was their favourite, and similar details. This way, you can understand the users’ taste and offer a personalized experience to them.

  • Buffering Free Broadcast

Buffering is quite annoying when the users are desperate to watch their favourite shows or programs. This happens when the internet connectivity is not stable. In this situation, let your app degrade the video quality and stream it instead of buffering.

Quick Steps To Develop An App Like Disney + Hotstar

  • The first thing is to validate your app idea and determine your target audience. Formulate a good strategy upon determining the scope of your business idea.
  • Decide on which exciting features to be considered during app development. Never miss out on any essential features of OTT. Meanwhile, it would be better to consider additional, innovative, and new features that are user-friendly and gain attention from a wider base.
  • Thirdly, you have to choose the technology stack for a project. Technology usage varies according to your business requirements.
  • Choose the monetization strategies to generate revenue from your app. Also, plan your budget with available resources.
  • Partner with the right mobile app development company. Discuss your idea and get your app designed and developed.
  • Before app deployment, promote your app to your target audience through various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Once the app’s quality testing is completed, it is now ready to launch on the platform you have chosen.  

Technology Stack Required For Developing An App Like Disney + Hotstar

Selecting the right technology for developing an app like Disney + Hotstar is important as it is the one major reason to gain your user base. Here are some of the common technologies that can be used for OTT platform development.

Backend server – Python Django

Frontend mobile – Flutter and Java (Android) or Swift (iOS)

Frontend web – React JS Framework

Content protection technologies – DRM protection, Dynamic, Watermarking, Offline encrypted download

Streaming technologies – HEVC encoding

Cloud hosting – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Analytics tool – Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics

Productivity – GSuite

Notifications – Google Cloud messaging and Apple push notifications

Geolocation – Google Maps

Simplest Business & Revenue Model Of An On-Demand Video Streaming App Like Hotstar

The outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis is one such main reason for the surge in demand for OTT platforms like Hotstar. Understanding the business & revenue model is as important as launching an on-demand video streaming app like Hotstar during this pandemic situation. Let’s explore the ways in which you can monetize the Disney + Hotstar app.

  • Free Trial

In this model, users can get a free trial of streaming videos between 15 and 30 days. After that, they can pay a fee for availing the regular or premium service in the app.

  • Subscription Fee

It is the primary source of income in which users have to pay a subscription fee monthly or yearly to avail of the service.

  • Advertisement Fee

This is an effective model to generate revenue from the video streaming app. There will be short ads in between the video while streaming, which cannot be skipped by the free users. The brands will pay you a particular percentage of the amount based on the running time and reach.

Key Factors That Affect the Cost Of On-Demand Video Streaming App Development

The total cost of an on-demand video streaming app development depends on the individual requirements. Let’s get to know some of the major factors that contribute to Hotstar like app development cost.

  • App Features

The app development cost will be on the higher side if you want to include many features. Hence, the number of features in your app will have a direct impact on the cost structure.

  • Location Of The App Development Team

The app developer in the United States and Europe may charge at the range of $100 – $200 per hour. Contrarily, the app developer in India charges in the range of $12-$50 per hour. In Dubai, the app developer charges about $50-$100 per hour. Well, mainly, the cost of development depends on the time frame, hourly charges, and experience of the app developer.

  • App Platform

The app development cost changes according to the platform you choose to launch. For instance, the cost of developing an app for Android varies from iOS.

  • App Design

The engaging user interface will elevate the cost of app development. It is essential to meet the users’ expectations and needs by providing an engaging UI/UX.

  • Third-Party Integration

Integrating multiple payment gateways will also determine the app development cost. Notably, integrating in-app payment is necessary when you plan to launch your app on Android & iOS. The reason is the third-party payment gateway will be rejected during the app review process.

Choosing A Suitable Mobile App Development Company For Hotstar Like App Development

Choosing a suitable app development company is more essential for Hotstar like app development. Most companies offer two different approaches for app development.

The first approach is developing right from scratch, which is a conventional & time-consuming process and it needs considerable investment.

The second approach is using the Disney + Hotstar Clone Script, which is a video streaming solution and live match streaming app solution. It is budget-friendly and time-conserving compared to the first approach. A preferable one is the second approach, as it is quite possible to launch an app within a few weeks.

At UberLikeApp, we proffer the Hotstar Clone app that is built using cutting-edge technology and drenched with top-notch features. Our team of experts will understand your needs and cater to you with the best-in-class app that suits your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, people are staying at home as they cannot go to malls or cinema theatres for entertainment. In these circumstances, they rely more on the on-demand video streaming app like Disney + Hotstar. Hence, it is a good opportunity for you to set foot into the profitable OTT market with the Hotstar Clone app right away.

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