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The topic that is under the limelight globally is the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Almost all the countries in the world are badly affected by the virus and the respective governments are taking ample precautionary measures to contain the spread of the life-threatening virus. Lockdown has been enforced and people are advised to follow social distancing even when they step out to buy essential products. People are advised to wear masks and gloves when they are outside their homes and hand sanitizers are being placed everywhere to maintain personal hygiene. 

Due to this pandemic situation, the economy has had a great impact and is on the verge of a global crisis. Only a handful of businesses will be able to help in reducing the impact. On-demand alcohol delivery is one such service that will effectively curb economical downtrend.   

Why is there a need for an alcohol delivery service?

People are not allowed to step out of their houses except for buying necessary items. Therefore, buying alcohol is definitely not on the agenda currently. Pubs and alcohol stores are also closed down for an indefinite period. On the other hand, people have so much time to chill at home and spend time with their family and friends. They will need alcohol to party during the weekends or for celebrating a special occasion. Now, let us take a look at a few facts about the alcohol business is stated below: 

  • Alcohol business amounts to 20-30% of the total restaurant sales in the US. 
  • After the Coronavirus outbreak, alcohol sales have increased by 55%. 
  • The on-demand alcohol delivery app Drizly has witnessed a 300% increase in their sales in this pandemic season.  
  • Another alcohol delivery app called Minibar Delivery also stated that their sales have increased in the past few weeks. 
  • The average online alcohol delivery orders have also had a 20% spike. 
  • The CAGR of the alcohol market is increasing by 2%. 
  • The revenue of the alcohol delivery market will reach $1.7 trillion in the year 2025 from $1.44 trillion in the year 2017. 
  • It is also estimated that after the year 2020, the CAGR will grow at a rate of 6.1%. 
  • In the year 2019-2020, the alcohol business market has grown 10 times more in its overall sales. 

Essential features of an on-demand alcohol delivery app:

The alcohol delivery app has a set of attributes that should be included. They are listed below:

Customer app:

Easy sign-up/ log in:

Users should be able to sign up or log in easily with the app using their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts. 

View listings:

The list of alcoholic drinks in the app will be accessible to users and they can choose a drink of their choice. 

Scheduled delivery:

Customers can schedule their alcohol delivery by specifying the date, time, and the correct location.

Search filters:

There are multiple filter options available in the app that users can apply and find an alcoholic drink of their choice. 

Re-order feature:

Customers can repeat their previous orders with the help of the re-order option. 

Secure payments:

Users can pay with the help of any one of the payment gateways available in the app for the alcohol delivery orders they place. 

Offers and discounts:

Customers can avail any offers or rewards available in the app when they place orders. 

Order history:

They can also view the list of orders they have placed by navigating to the history page of the app. 

Delivery executive app:

Quick registration:

Delivery agents can easily register with the app using their phone numbers or email IDs. 

In-app verification:

They have to upload certain documents to the app and obtain proper approval from the admin to offer their delivery service. 

Accept/reject request:

Delivery executives can accept or reject user requests based on a few predefined parameters. 

Availability slider:

They will also have an availability slide bar that will help delivery executives display their availability status. 

Access to contact details:

Delivery agents will be able to view customers’ names and contact details during an ongoing request. 

Chat and call  facility:

With this feature, they will be able to communicate with the users as well as the technical support team and resolve their queries at the earliest. 

View order details:

Delivery executives will be able to view the list of drinks specified by customers and other specific instructions. 

Vendor app:


Alcohol store owners can register with the app and update the list of alcoholic drinks that are available. 

Accept user request:

Store vendors can also accept user requests when required and communicate to them if any items are unavailable or out of stock. 

Detailed invoices:

They can also view the invoices with information such as customer name, alcoholic drinks listed, total amount, distance fee, and more. 

Delivery status:

Vendors can also view the delivery status of the orders until it is successfully delivered to users. 

Create offers:

Vendors can provide offers and discounts to users and allow them to avail it when they place orders. 

View user details:

Vendors can also access user details via the online app during an ongoing alcohol delivery request. 

Availability slide bar:

Store owners will also have an availability toggle that will help them indicate if the store is available or unavailable to take orders. 

Admin panel:

Easy login:

The admin can log in with the help of the credentials provided to them and get access to all app-related data. 

Manage fares:

The admin will also be able to set base fare, delivery fare, and surge fee if required. 

Manage bank accounts:

Delivery executive bank accounts can be added to the panel by the admin and their earnings can be transferred to them. 

Set commissions:

The admin can also cut a fixed amount as commission for each order the delivery executives deliver successfully. 

In-app reports:

The admin can view reports generated by the app based on earnings, commission, number of orders, and more. 


Building an alcohol delivery app with the features mentioned above will make your app an  instant hit in the market. Make sure you launch the app on multiple platforms after the alcohol delivery app development is completed. Contact our team to know more about the alcohol delivery app. 

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