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We are in the generation where everyone wishes to get everything their essentials to a home. Thanks to the technology that eliminates the frustration of travelling to the grocery stores in heavy traffic. Using a grocery delivery app, people can get a seamless online shopping experience.

The surprising fact is that the global market share for online grocery exceeded $190 billion in 2019 and is projected to surge at an annual growth rate of 28% from 2020 to 2026. By 2020, the growth of the grocery market in Asia will bloom to a great extent compared to America and Europe.  

Everli Clone app development enables you to enter the on-demand grocery delivery market with a supermarket like Everli soon. Let’s dwell deeper into the supermarket app development in this blog.

Everli – An European Marketplace For Grocery Shopping

Supermarcato24 started in the year 2014, which is a Milan-based grocery delivery platform and later renamed Everli. It comes up with an innovative business model that benefits both customers and supermarkets/retailers.

Customers have a wide range of options to choose from nearby trusted grocery stores and place an order online with a few taps on smartphones. On that side, this platform leverages the retailers and supermarkets to sell groceries online swiftly.

Overall, the user-friendliness, fastest delivery process, and various payment modes make Everli a power-pack grocery supplier in Europe. It started its operation in Italy and expanded to Poland, Czech Republic, and France. In 2020, its revenue generation was nearly $130 million.  

What Are The Benefits Of A Supermarket App Like Everli?

App Like Everli


There are plenty of benefits of a supermarket app like Everli. Some of them are explained here.

  • Less Shopping Time

According to a survey, it is evident that customers spend about 43 minutes visiting a grocery store 1.6 times a week. Annually, they spend 60 hours on groceries. Contrarily, the time spent on online grocery shopping will take less time.

  • Track Order Status

The prediction is that nearly 79% of smartphone users prefer to buy groceries via mobile apps. One main reason behind it was they can check the order status in real-time.

  • Product Category

Customers find it easy to choose the groceries as it is categorized in the app. They can navigate to various categories for choosing groceries and those will be added to the shopping cart.

  • Collecting Customer Behaviour

In today’s world, customer data collection helps to give a personalized experience as it helps boost business sales. Customer data includes how they wish to pay when they want to shop, and what customers want.

Several benefits of the supermarket app encourage the customers to prefer it. With the rising demand, many new players are opting for Everli like app development. Are you one among them? Everli Clone app is a recommended & best supermarket app solution that enables you to start a venture immediately.

The Must-Have Features To Be Incorporated In The Everli Clone App

There are three modules in the Everli Clone app: the Customer app, Store Owner app, and Admin panel. Here are the significant features of these modules.

Customer App Features

  • Once the customers register with the app, they can browse products from a wide range of items listed in it. They can even use the advanced search option by applying a filter.
  • They can opt for their preferred payment mode as the Everli clone app is incorporated with popular gateways such as Paytm, Paypal, and Google Pay.
  • The shopping cart feature lets the customers make the checkout process easy as it adds the chosen groceries automatically.
  • The customers get an alert message via SMS and email regarding the order status as they can track it in real-time.
  • Customers can update their profile in the app. It includes contact number, email address, and other general settings.  

Store Owner App Features

  • The store locator feature enables the customers to check if the app has vendors by entering the store location.
  • Store owners can allow the customers to collect orders from the store upon placing an order via the app.
  • Moreover, the store owners have the ability to manage a profile by modifying details at any time. The significant details include name, email address, contact number, and so on.
  • As the GPS or Google Maps integrated into the Everli clone app, store owners can check the delivery executive’s location in real-time while delivering the groceries to the customers.

Admin Panel

  • The store management feature facilitates you to manage all aspects of the store in one place.  
  • Also, you can coordinate with the store owners to manage the entire grocery delivery process seamlessly.
  • You have the option to manage the product listings in the app. Also, you can set or update the pricing for the products according to market standards and demand or store owners.
  • The order tracking feature will make you keep an eye on the delivery process. Like, whether the grocery is delivered or not on time.
  • Real-time analytics helps you to monitor customer activity and detect fraudulent users. Upon analysing the data, you can improve the conversion and increase sales and as a result business profile will elevate.

These are the general features of the supermarket app that has to be considered during Everli like app development. Meanwhile, including special user-friendly features will make your app stand apart from the competition.

Business Model To Consider During Everli Like App Development

Everli Clone App

Nowadays, people are unwilling to visit a grocery store and wait in a queue for a long time to pay a bill. The solution to this problem is a supermarket app like Everli, which lets the customers shop online and get groceries delivered to their home on the same day of ordering.

When you want to proceed with Everli like app development, it is mandatory to have a Unique Value Proposition (USP) for your business. Let’s dive into the USPs of Everli.

Everli offers seamless grocery shopping along with a same-day delivery service, which makes the customers order online whenever they need.

When it comes to shoppers, they have flexible working hours with a source of extra revenue to their pockets. The supermarket that has partnered with Everli will obviously witness increased sales and boost customer retention.

Everli offers a high-tech platform as customers find it easy for online grocery shopping. Also, it makes the onboarding process simpler for the delivery executives.

Consider these key takeaways as it helps to run a successful business in the long term.

How To Monetize From An Everli Like App?

The primary sources of revenue from an Everli like app are delivery fees, commission fees, and subscription fees.

Customers have to pay a small percentage of the amount as a delivery fee irrespective of the order value.

Despite this, customers can opt for the subscription plan and pay a fee on a monthly or yearly basis. With this, they can get benefits like fast & free grocery deliveries.

The registered grocery stores have to pay a certain percentage as a commission fee on each successful order.

What Are The Parameters That Contribute To The Supermarket App Development?

Given that, the cost of supermarket app development depends on various factors. Significantly, it relies on your requirements. Other key factors include the following.

  • App Features

The features incorporated in your app directly proportional to the cost. However, more the features you want to include obviously it will elevate the cost.

  • Reputation of the Mobile App Development Company

A prestigious and well-experienced app development company will charge more compared to other companies.

  • Geolocation of the App Developers

The geolocation of the app development company will also play a vital role. For instance, companies in South Asia charge $20-30 per hour. In comparison, the companies in North America charge more than the companies in Europe.

  • Time Frame

Depending on your requirements, the time is taken to finish the grocery delivery app development varies. In case you demand the company to deliver the fully functional product in a shorter duration, the cost will elevate significantly.

  • App Platform

The cost for developing an app for Android and iOS differs. Decide which platform to launch your supermarket app based on your target customers.

  • App Type

Instead of developing a fully-fledged app, creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a quite better choice. Later, you can scale up your business by integrating additional features into it. In South-East Asia, the cost of developing an MVP ranges between $15 and $25000, whereas the cost of developing a complete app costs between $25000 and $35000.

Wrap up

If you are sure about launching an Everli like app, you must reach a reliable mobile app development company. Moreover, developing a supermarket app from scratch is quite expensive. On a better note, investing in the Everli Clone is cost-efficient and time-conserving.

The number of supermarket apps in the industry is less, and so there is only less competition. Rule this remunerative industry with an app like Everli. All the best!

Upgrade Your Grocery Business With Everli Clone

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