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In the modern world, celebrities or models need to connect with their followers to sustain the competitive market space. The online adult entertainment market is worth $97 billion and it is projected to increase by 15%. Moreover, there are 25+ million adult content sites that contribute 32% of the web traffic.

Fancentro – A Subscription-Based Private Social Media Platform

FanCentro paves the way to allow adult film performers and influencers to sell access to their private social media accounts. It is a subscription-based website platform and was created in 2017. The revenue of Fancentro is $584, $17,520, and$210, 240 per day, month, and year, respectively. Since the launch, it grew its popularity with an appealing user interface.

There are various social networking sites where influencers can post pictures and videos. As this is a relatively new site, it has grown huge popularity in recent days. It becomes an alternative to OnlyFans, a celebrity subscription-based app. Let’s go through how the coronavirus pandemic impacts the growth of Fancentro.

Growth Of Fancentro During The Covid-19 Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, paid social networks have witnessed massive growth. As reports showed, Fancentro saw a rise of 65% of new users in the first week of lockdown in 2020. It encouraged influencers to help encourage people to stay home to prevent the spread of coronavirus transmission.

Due to the censorship measures in the media policy on social networking platforms like Twitter, the models have moved towards a subscription-based social media platform like Fancentro. This platform also allows the adult performers to easily create their account and shoot for a scene from their home. As strict policy regulated by the government not to step out of homes, this platform paves the way for adult performers and influencers to earn income with ease. The members can share the content via a premium app like SnapChat.

Why look for an alternative to OnlyFans?

Even though the OnlyFans app is popular, there are many content subscription platforms to be considered. The features available on OnlyFans are limited compared to other fan sites like Fancentro. Below are the reasons why to look for OnlyFans alternatives such as Fancentro.

Search & Filters

One of the primary flaws in OnlyFans is the poor search feature, as it uses only a simple algorithm. Unless the users know the username of the model, they will get the exact search results. Otherwise, it is unlikely to find the models.

Also, it does not have the ability to filter the search results with the users’ preference. For instance, the users cannot search the model based on the eye colour, hair colour, and similar options as this feature is available on Fancentro.

Discovery page

A discovery page is a great way to promote active and popular content creators. This gives a broader option for the users to know more models. But, OnlyFans does not have a discovery page and it greatly impacts the number of the user base.

Snapchat subscriptions

In recent times, Snapchat is a famous feature in the social media platform. This feature includes disappearing images after viewed and stories that disappeared after 24 hours. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on OnlyFans. Users prefer Fancentro to access this feature.

Preview content

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform that does not offer content preview before purchasing a subscription plan. This might lead to subscribing to someone whose content is not liked by the users.

Free videos

Similar to preview content, it’s good for users to watch free videos of their favourite models. But, it is not possible on the OnlyFans clone as users have to subscribe or pay via pay per view.

Basic Features To Be Incorporated Into A FanCentro Clone App

  • The task of content sharing to the fans in the app is automated. And, the number of subscribers can be tracked in real-time.
  • Using the Content management system, billing from all the subscriptions can be managed hassle-free.
  • There are various promotional tools to increase the popularity among the fans.
  • Payment transactions are done directly to the fans through SEPA, ACH, WIRE, and PAXUM. Other mobile payment options include Venmo, PayPal, and Square.
  • Users can also access the educational content offered by Centro University via webinars, seminars, videos, and masterclasses.

Return On Investment Strategies For An App Like Fancentro

Gaining consistent revenue is a significant aspect that needs the utmost attention. Below are some of the popular revenue-generating streams.

  • Subscription Charges

This is the primary source of revenue from the personalized interactive platform like Fancentro. Models can opt for a particular subscription fee based on their preferences. And, a certain percentage of the amount will reach the app owners.

  • Sell Social Media Subscriptions

It is one of the important revenue streams in which influencers can earn revenue. For instance, they can sell other social media accounts (Instagram or Snapchat) access and Fancentro allows them to manage their subscribers using various tools. If any one of their subscribers has failed to pay a subscription fee, they have the option to remove it from the followers’ list. The same rule is applied when a new member subscribes to their profile. Notably, a subscription fee has to be paid on a monthly basis.

  • Fanclubs Revenue Stream

Fanclubs are a new feature that has a popular aspect of this website in recent years. The functionality of this feature is similar to OnlyFans and AVN Stars page. Influencers or models can post content and it will be locked until the member pays for a subscription fee. The members have to renew their subscriptions every month. This feature was introduced in July 2020 as other popular social media platforms constantly blocked adult contents.

  • Selling Clips

Influencers, models, or adult performers can upload videos and set a particular price for them. Members have to pay for it to view the uploaded videos. Then, they can leave comments and see other related videos.

These are a few of the revenue-generating streams to earn income from the FanCentro clone app. You can even consider preferring any other revenue streams.

Factors that Determine The Cost To Develop A Social Media Platform Like FanCentro

If you have planned to develop the FanCento clone app, the first thing you have to consider is the app development cost. As app development cost is variable, it depends on various factors. Some of them are as follows.

  • App Platform

Before developing an app, you have to consider which platform you want your app to be deployed on. The popular platforms are Android and iOS. It is hard to include many platforms at the beginning as it requires a huge investment. In such a case, you can expand your app once it becomes successful.

  • User-Friendly Design

The design of the app relies on your needs and requirements. If the design is complex, it takes more hours and the price will be higher.

  • Interesting Features

The higher will be the price if you consider including many new features. When you plan for app launch on a limited budget, select only the basic features.

  • Application Developers Team

The experience of the app developers and geographical location is one of the prime factors that determine the FanCentro clone app development cost. For instance, the hourly price in the United States will be quite higher when compared to Europe.

Perks Of Opting For A FanCentro Clone App

Generally, two different ways are in existence for developing an app like FanCentro. The first is the conventional method in which an app is built from scratch. The second one is the modern approach, as it gained a positive response. Here are three major reasons for opting for the clone app.

  • Pocket-Friendly

When compared to the conventional technique, the modern approach requires less budget. This paves the way for even entrepreneurs with restricted budget constraints to set foot into the market. 

  • Time-Conserving

FanCentro clone script is a customizable app solution and so it does not require much time. It is easy to modify the app (like adding new features) based on your requirements. With this, you can launch the app in no time.

  • Scalable

The talented technical team takes the burden of developing the app according to the recent market trends. In a market space,It is better to opt for a scalable solution that helps to widen your sustainability.

Final Note

The growth of premium fansites has tremendous as it allows digital sharing of adult content. Due to a rapid increase in web traffic, initiating the FanCentro clone app development is profitable.   

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