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No one would have had the slightest idea about the growth of the variety of on-demand services in the market. In a competitive market, every service is considered as an opportunity to begin a venture and earn more. 

The on-demand alcohol delivery service is also eyed as one such profitable business possibility, so many aspiring entrepreneurs put their best foot forward to set up an alcohol delivery business with an online app. 

This alcohol delivery app development is carried out effectively to design four different panels for the admin, user, vendor, and the delivery executive. Its attractive features and simple workflow are discussed below:

Uber for alcohol delivery – User Panel

Roadmap of a User app

  1. Initially, they have to sign in/ log in to the app successfully and complete the authentication process by entering the unique code provided to them.
  2. They have to choose their delivery location on the map or enable GPS and specify their detailed address with a landmark. 
  3. Now, users can browse through the liquor stores listed in the app. Selecting a virtual store will allow them to access all the booze available there. 
  4. Users can select booze of their choice and the quantity in the next step and add it to their cart. 
  5. The alcohol products they selected can be booked instantly or scheduled for later use. 
  6. Using any one of the secure online payment options available in the app, the users can transact in no time. Cash on delivery option can be chosen if needed. 
  7. Delivery executives will be assigned to deliver the booze to the customers. Their contact details and live location will be accessible by each other. 
  8. The Delivery status of the requests will be updated via in-app push notifications.
  9. Users can rate and review the delivery executives after successful deliveries. 

Key features of a user app

  • Multiple login options- customers can sign up using their mobile numbers or email IDs.
  • Search filters- various advanced filters, based on price, brand, quantity, etc., can be applied to find the right store and booze. 
  • Re-ordering feature- this is a time-saving option that will enable the users to repeat their previous orders with a single tap. 
  • Safe payment methods- All the payment gateways integrated with the application are safe and highly secure. No banking information will be tracked. 
  • Promo codes and offers- these special codes or offers will help the users purchase booze at discounted rates. 
  • Ratings and reviews- users can rate the delivery executives out of 5 and mention any reviews or suggestions. 

Uber for alcohol delivery – delivery executive app

Roadmap of a delivery personnel app

  1. The delivery agents have to register in the app and upload documents for verification. 
  2. After proper approval, they can mark their availability status as “available to service” in the app. 
  3. On receiving user requests, they can accept/reject them based on predefined parameters.
  4. The store address, delivery location and contact details of users will be visible to the delivery executives.  
  5. They have to pick up the booze mentioned in the order from the selected store.
  6. Delivery status such as order preparation, order pick up, and successful delivery has to be updated by them. 
  7. Delivery executives will receive their payment after they have successfully completed the delivery process. 
  8. They can also rate and review the users in the final phase. 

Major attributes of a delivery executive app

  • Sign in and profile creation- the delivery agents can sign up with the app and create a profile by specifying their name, uploading their profile picture, writing a short description, mentioning vehicle details, and more. 
  • Availability slider- delivery executives will be provided with availability toggles in their apps to indicate their availability status. 
  • Accept/reject user requests- they can tap the accept button to serve any incoming requests. Rejection is also allowed based on factors such as long-distance, less pay, and more. 
  • Access to live location- they can view the live location of the users while serving requests.
  • Delivery history- in order to keep track of their earnings, they can view their delivery history by applying date, time, place, quantity, and cost-specific filters. 
  • Technical assistance- the delivery executives can contact the support team if they have any queries or concerns that need to be addressed. The in-app chat facility is also available for their convenience. 

Uber for alcohol delivery – store owner app

Roadmap of a store owner app

  1. Vendors have to sign in to the app in the first step. 
  2. They have to list out the variety of booze they are selling at their outlets along with the quantity and price. 
  3. They have to update the order status of the incoming requests as accepted/rejected.
  4. Store owners will be able to view the contact and location details of the delivery executives in the succeeding step. 
  5. Up next, they can get access to detailed invoices generated automatically for each order. 
  6. Booze vendors can also view the delivery status using the app. 
  7. They will receive payment after the commission has been cut down by the admin. 
  8. After successful deliveries, they have to rate the delivery executive and review them if required. 

Vital features of a store owner app

  • Update product information- they have to update the variety of booze available at their stores at regular intervals. 
  • Request acceptance/rejection- store owners can accept user requests or reject them if required. 
  • Detailed invoice-  invoices with product information, quantity, price, delivery charge, packing charges, and more can be viewed by them at any time. 
  • Offers- they can provide offers or discounts for the users as a part of promoting their store. 
  • Access to customer details- the booze vendors can get access to the name, address, order history, and other app-related information of the users. 
  • Support services- they can contact the support team if they require assistance with any issues or concerns they have. 

Uber for alcohol delivery – admin panel

The admin has to log in with the credentials provided to access all application-related data securely. This panel does not have a fixed workflow as the basic responsibility of an admin is to manage the business and make sure it runs smoothly. Their major duties include managing:

  • Customers/users
  • Delivery executives
  • Liquor store owners
  • Products listed
  • Promotions 
  • On-going and past orders
  • Payments
  • Publishing newsletters
  • Notifications
  • Reports and analytics
  • Ratings and reviews

To conclude

Using the elaborative feature set and roadmap information of each panel available in this blog, an entrepreneur can effortlessly begin their brand new venture. They have to find a suitable firm that excels in the alcohol delivery app development, and then your online app will be up and running in a few days.

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