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In recent years, the usage of social networking apps has increased considerably. In 2020, nearly 3.6 billion people were using social networking sites worldwide. It is projected that it will reach 4.41 billion users by 2025. Gab, a conservative social media alternative, is known for free speech and individual liberty. Many entrepreneurs like you are showing interest in building and launching their own social media app like Gab. This blog is especially for you.

Gab – An Alternative To Parler, Twitter, And Other Popular Social Networking Sites

Gab, the free-speech maximalist social networking app founded by Andrew Torba and Ekrem Büyükkaya in the year of 2016. It was launched as an alternative to customary apps like Twitter. Despite efforts to shut down, it has remained online till now. Gab has fewer content restrictions when compared to other social networking apps. 

Gab, a Parler alternative app, became popular only after the United States President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter. At first, Twitter users moved to Parler, which is also a social networking app that focuses on free speech. Later, it was de-platformed by Alphabet, Google, and Apple, and Amazon’s web services business. 

User Base Of Gab Has Grown Significantly

 As a result, the user base on Gab gets increased tremendously. Notably, most of the app users are Trump supporters. Gab confirmed that it is gaining 500000 users per day. The user base of Gab in 2018 was between 465,000 and 800,000. In April 2020, it increased with 3.7 million monthly users. 

Gab owns its own server and so it does not have to worry about other web hosting services that will de-platform it. It is not necessary for users to have an account to use their site. But, users who register with Gab will only be able to post and share content. The cost of revenue from Gab was increased from $147,774 (2018) to $1,78,580 (2019).

What Are The Significant Features To Consider For Social Media App Development?

Let us discuss the essential features of a social networking app like Gab.

  • Sign up

You can allow the users to sign up with a social networking app using an email address or phone number. You can even integrate with other social platforms and let them register using these instantly. Incorporating with other social networking apps will increase the popularity of your app and organic traffic shortly. 

  • User profile

When it comes to social networking apps, the user profile creation feature will allow the users to create their profile by entering the basic information.

  • Privacy and security

It is what all the users expect from social networking apps. You have to ensure that the details of the app users are devoid of vulnerabilities. Doing this will help you gain users trust and as a result, you can run a successful business for the long term.

  • Newsfeed

It allows users to get all the latest updates from their communities. So, they can view posts shared by their friends on the app’s home screen.

  • Notifications

The app notifies the users about any activities in which they are involved in. Like, they will receive notifications regarding the post shared by their friends and new comments/likes to their posts. Irrespective of any mobile apps, the Push notification feature is essential as it improves user engagement.

  • Search

This feature will allow the users to discover people, pages, products, any form of content they are searching for.  

  • Add post

It enables users to post contents like a photo, video, or text. They have the option to choose the photo/video from the gallery or take photos. Then, they can include a short description related to the photo/video and post the same.  

Consider Incorporating Trending Features Into The Gab Clone App

Including the trending features is as important as adding the basic features to your app. Because, this makes your app stand apart from other competitor’s apps. So, pay attention to the trends by analyzing the market. A list of some of the trending features you can consider incorporating into the Gab clone app is given below.

  • AR and Face Filters
  • Transient Content
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Location-based Content
  • Multiple language support
  • Virtual Reality shift

How To Make Money From A Social Media App Like Gab?

To sustain in this competitive industry for a long time, you have to follow suitable income-generating strategies. Now, let us see how to monetize your app. 

  • Video marketing

It is an efficient way to earn revenue from the social networking app. It involves affiliate marketing and influencer promotion. The content in the video can be product-centric as it drives more user engagement and views. This revenue stream is the same as YouTube. 

  • Direct sales

Despite considering other monetization strategies, direct sales would be best if you have a balance between content and product for promotion. For example, you can consider this revenue model to promote products like interior design and fashion that focuses mainly on visual nature.

  •  Lead generation

Most social networking apps follow this monetization model. Social networking apps are the base medium that converts potential customers. There are many ways to generate leads. However, you have to give something engaging and valuable to your potential customers as they enter the sales funnel.

Also, you can consider in-app advertising and sponsorships as they give considerable revenue.

How To Make A Social Networking App Like Gab?

Building a social networking app is quite challenging and let me explain in simple terms.

  • Know the recent market trends

With the changing market trends, you have to come up with a unique business idea. Well, and good if you have an exceptional business idea. Then, formulate it accordingly. Make sure you have to concentrate on your target audience. Analyzing your competitor’s strategy will help you a lot in your business success.

  • Design & development

Designing is as important as planning your business. You have to reach out to us for a successful Gab clone app development. A social networking app can be built in two different ways. One way is building an app from scratch and another way is prefer using the Gab clone script. As both ways of app development have their own pros and cons, many entrepreneurs prefer the Gab clone script. One important advantage of the Gab clone script is that it is fully customizable depending on the business needs. 

Keep in mind that the UI/UX of the app must appeal to your target audience. Do not opt-out of any of the essential features and new features that make your app unique. Upon completing the development phase, it is essential to have the QA testing so that the app will be free from technical and logical errors as well as glitches. 

  • Marketing and launching your app

It is one such important stage to concentrate on. Before launching your app, you have to promote the app so that it will easily reach your potential audience. Upon completion of the app testing, launch it on the platform you choose. 

What Are The Factors That Determine The Cost Of Developing A Social Networking App Like Gab?

Now, let’s dive into the cost of Gab clone app development. It depends on various factors such as the number of features, technology stack, time frame, UI/UX design, app platform, etc. However, you have to consider the required features as it impacts the cost considerably. Every app solution is different and business plan also. So, the cost of app development varies and it is not a constant element.  

Closure note

You would use this great opportunity and launch the Gab clone app right away as there are many scopes. If you have a business idea and ready for social media app development, reach out to UberLikeApp. We cater for you with the clone app solution that is scalable and customizable based on your requirements. 

Ready to dive into the sea of the social media app market with the Gab clone app?

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