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The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear about the future of the on-demand food delivery business. Although several companies have fallen under the pressure from the pandemic, food delivery services are skyrocketing in terms of user engagement and overall revenue. The information has reported that by mid-march of 2020, UberEats has witnessed a spike of 10% in its sales. This report is made from the data acquired from the first week of the month. The number of new users registering these platforms has increased by 30%. As WHO advised people to stay indoors and maintain social distancing, people stopped leaving their houses.

Even though restaurants are facing a hard time managing their businesses as people stay indoors, most of them have taken their business to online platforms. It was the only way to keep their businesses afloat. Their efforts have turned out to be fruitful, and experts have predicted that the on-demand food services market will grow by $104.45 billion in the next three years.

Market potential:

If you are running a similar business and looking for opportunities to take your business online, now is the right time. This article will give you a clear idea about the business concepts and steps to enter the market. The on-demand food delivery market’s potential is well known, and it is here to stay for a long time. If anyone still does not have any idea about these facts, they are probably living under a rock this whole time. The market is overflowing with providers, but only a few of them have successfully claimed their spot in the market.

Most on-demand food delivery companies own their set of audience and continuously enhance their services to attract more customers and get ahead of the competition. Since few global leaders share the maximum segment of the on-demand food delivery market, most entrepreneurs prefer to replicate their success. Foodpanda clone script is one of the most preferred, among others, as it is highly flexible so it can be easily customized to suit your business needs. Learn more about global brands like UberEats, Grab, Zomato, etc., as it will be helpful for you to analyze your application.

Business models in the market:

People have started to prefer door deliveries for food instead of going to fancy restaurants. Since you are determined to pursue the path to develop a platform to deliver food, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the business models in the market.


This business model establishes a direct connection between the restaurants and the customers. The platform will be the intermediary that the restaurant owners can use to offer door deliveries. The application will take care of the orders placed by the users and assign delivery executives automatically to their location. The well-optimized features and in-built artificial intelligence makes the overall business operations easier.  The user will place the order, and the restaurant will cook and pack it for delivery. The delivery executives at the restaurant will pick the order and deliver it to the customer’s location. The payment will be received based on the option chosen by the customer. But most restaurants deliver food through the delivery executives hired by the platform provider.

Hybrid platforms:

A hybrid platform will be the ideal option for you if you do not have a significant investment. This business model will be the perfect option for small businesses to build brand loyalty within a locality. There is no need to own a fleet of vehicles to deliver food. Hybrid platforms are straightforward for clone app developers to build, and it will be delivered to you within a matter of days. The workflow of this business model is the same as the aggregator model except for the fact that a third party delivery service will pick up the orders.

Why should you invest in an on-demand food delivery app:

Getting a foodpanda clone is beneficial in many ways. There is no need for a second thought about developing the application, and if you do have doubts, the following section will change your mind. Here are some revenue streams that are guaranteed to offer a regular stream of revenue.


Most of the on-demand services providers earn a lot through commissions. Wherever a restaurant gets an order from a customer via the app, a certain percentage will be charged by the platform provider from the customer’s bill. The commission fee is the primary source of revenue for most providers.


Apart from the regular services offered to the customers, some apps also provide premium service to their subscribers. The users will be asked to pay a fee for a monthly or annual subscription. The users will get special offers on every order, no delivery fee, no late night or peak hour charges, and several other attractive offers.

Peak hour fee:

Peak fee is one of the excellent ways to boost revenue. The providers guarantee timely delivery of the food package at any time of the day, but they might choose to collect a peak hour fee in addition to the delivery fee. The restaurants will also pay an extra commission fee for the orders placed in peak hours.


Advertisements are an excellent way to boost your overall revenue and reach more customers. Restaurants pay an extra fee to get featured on the top of the results every time a user does a particular search. This type of revenue generation will be ideal for popular apps in the market, and anyone can adopt this model once they have loyal customers. You should ensure that your development team properly designs the app for ad placements as customers will not prefer an app if it is overflowing with advertisements.

In a nutshell:

No matter how well you optimize your Foodpanda clone, you should have a unique value proposition for your business. It will differentiate your platform from your competitors and increase the reputation of your brand. You can mitigate the potential risks by devising a business strategy. Your efforts will add value to your business by building a fully-fledged app.

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