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There are a few on-demand services in the industry that are developing swiftly without a finish point anytime in the near future. Food delivery is one such service that is soaring to new heights with each day. Due to this fact, many entrepreneurs are on the lookout for a suitable app development firm that will help them launch a profitable business with an attractive and user-friendly app. 

We have a large team of business experts and skilled developers at Uberlikeapp who are proficient in developing and launching a robust app like GrubHub. Any small, medium and large-scale business persons can opt for our pocket-friendly app solution and benefit by all possible means. 

Below listed are a few major reasons as to why you should choose us for your food delivery app development:

Pocket-friendly solution:

We offer an affordable app solution that will suit the needs of every entrepreneur after the customization process. A detailed estimation of the total cost will be provided by our professionals prior to the development process to avoid any conflicts in the future. 

Native app development:

Apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms are provided by our developers to help you acquire a large number of customers in a short time. 

Server installation:

The food delivery app will be installed on your server free of cost post app development in a few days. 

Technical support and maintenance of the app:

After the launch of the app, our dedicated support team will offer technical guidance and maintenance for a limited period for free. After this, you have to pay a fixed price to continue availing our services. 

Licensed source code:

The source code we use to develop the app is completely licensed, and it will be delivered to you during the final phase.

White Labeled app:

An added advantage is that we help you rebrand your application with your brand name and logo to help reach your brand to the customers. 

Delivery on-time:

The app will be developed without any errors and delivered to you within the estimated time. 

App launch and rejection:

We will also help you launch the app on all the major platforms after the development of the app. If the app is rejected by the app stored, we will alter the code to launch the app successfully. 

Our GrubHub clone app includes these essential features:

Customer app:

On-boarding process: Users will be provided with multiple options to register with the app, which include phone numbers, email IDs, and social media account login. 

Search filters: The app consists of advanced filters that can be applied to find the right restaurant or food item required by users. 

Adding to cart: Users can add multiple food items to the cart from a restaurant of their choice. 

Checkout: After adding all the items, they can proceed to the checkout process or modify orders finally if required. 

Payments: From the multiple payment gateways included in the app, users can choose any one of the modes and pay for the food delivery order. Cash on delivery will also be available. 

Ratings and reviews: Customers can rate the service and mention feedback in the respective section after a successful delivery. 

Delivery executive panel:

Registration: Delivery executives can register using their email IDs, mobile numbers, or social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Verification and approval: Post-registration, they have to upload the necessary documents to the app and obtain approval from the admin. 

Accept or reject orders: They can accept user requests or reject them based on factors such as availability, distance, and more. 

Availability slider: Delivery agents can display their availability status using the slide bar present in the app. 

Live location: They will be able to access the live location of users during an ongoing food delivery request. Access to contact details will also be provided. 

Ratings: They can also rate users on a scale of 1-5 after the food had been delivered. 

Admin panel: 

God’s eye view: With this feature, the admin can manage the business easily and get access to all data when required. 

Fare management: The base cost, operational cost, delivery fee, and more can be set by the admin via the powerful dashboard. 

Offers: The admin can create offers and discounts for users via the dashboard. 

Sub-admins: The admin can create sub-admin profiles and give restricted access to them.

Commission cut-down: The admin can cut-down the commission and then transfer the earnings to delivery executives.

Analytics and reports: The admin can view all the analytics and reports related to earnings, sales, and more via the online app. 

Working principle of a GrubHub clone app:

The food delivery app has an effective workflow that will help all users navigate through the app easily: 

  1. Users can register with the app using their phone numbers, social media accounts, or email IDs.
  2. They have to complete the authentication process after the registration is complete. 
  3. Customers can choose a restaurant of their choice from the list or use the search option to find the app. 
  4. From the list of available food items, they can add any number of items to the cart. 
  5. Users can check out the items and pay for it using any one of the payment modes available. 
  6. Delivery executives will receive user requests, and they can accept/reject it based on a few factors. 
  7. Once they accept a request, the restaurant and user details will be displayed in their app. 
  8. They have to reach the correct restaurant and collect the food order.  
  9. Delivery executives can view the location of users via the app and deliver the order within the estimated time. 
  10. Users will then rate the service and provide suggestions if they have any. 


Build an app with these features, workflow, and advanced tools to become a hit in the on-demand food delivery market. Our trained professionals will assist you through the entire app development process and ensure that the app becomes your most productive tool.  

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