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Those days are gone when online shopping was a luxury. Now, it has become a necessity. However, the global ecommerce industry is booming, which is expected to continue to flourish in the foreseeable period. Globally, the net worth of the ecommerce industry in 2019 was $9.09 trillion, estimated to surge at a rate of 14.7% between 2020 and 2027. 

Japan, the third largest ecommerce market by revenue worldwide, is dominant in Business to Business (B2B), growing in Business to Consumer (B2C) & emerging in Consumer to Consumer (C2C). In the last few years, the B2C segment has doubled its size. The C2C segment Mercari has established itself as a successful venture which inspired young budding entrepreneurs to launch a similar app and plunge into the Japanese ecommerce market.  

The net value of the Japanese ecommerce market is expected to reach $128,318 million by the end of 2021 according to Statista. It is estimated to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.29% from 2021 to 2025 and will reach $163,797 million by 2025. 

Astonishingly, the Covid-19 wave accelerated the growth and popularity of ecommerce apps. This is because people are inclined towards such apps as they feared to step outdoors even to purchase commodities. It is time to leverage this opportunity and rule the global ecommerce market with your Mercari Clone app.

Mercari Clone – A reliable marketplace app 

Mercari Clone Script is a customizable ecommerce solution, empowering you to launch your app in a few days upon some tweaks. It is a perfect solution for newbie entrepreneurs who wish to establish an ecommerce business in the short term.

Craft the ecommerce app solution with significant features like multiple payments, a simple checkout process, quick registration, and many more for seamless functionality. The custom-built solution will pave the way to include additional features to stand out from the thriving competition. Thereby, you can get attention from a mammoth user base.   

Why do you have to opt for developing an ecommerce app like Mercari?

In 2013, Shintaro Yamada, Ryo Ishizuka, and Tommy Tomishima Mercari, a Japan-based ecommerce company. The company launched its app on both Android & iOS devices in the same year, available for the larger user base. 

Users can download the Mercari app from Google Play Store or App Store. Since its inception, it has grabbed the attention of more than one million users. It has marked its place in Japan and expanded its service in the United States for business growth. 

Mercari connects the buyers and sellers, making the buying/selling process easy along with the transaction process. This platform also enables individuals to sell/buy second-hand products like jewelry, electronics, hand-made items, and many more. 

It was awarded Best Shopping App, Best App, and Best Local App by Google Play in 2013, 2014, and 2016. It also won the Emerging Leader Award and Best Commercial for the bride at LA film awards in 2017. It secured a place on the Fast company’s list of the World’s most innovative companies in 2021. 

It has crossed over 100 million downloads. Moreover, its revenue has soared high. In 2017, its annual revenue was nearly about $204.91 million. Whereas in 2020, its value was $708.14 million. It is evident that developing an app like Mercari with the same business model will take your ecommerce business to the next level.   

How is Mercari distinguishing itself from other top ecommerce players? 

It is less wonder that Mercari is competing with top & well-known ecommerce players in the market. However, it is distinguishable from Amazon, Poshmark, Wish, and many others. At Techcrunch Tokyo Conference, Shintaro Yamada (CEO of Mercari) said the following. 

The buying process is similar to Amazon from the buyers’ perspective. Contrarily, our service is much easier compared to our competitors from the sellers’ perspective. That is, the ease of uploading the product’s photo and to list in the app is very much simple.”  

The company uses technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for convenient product exchange. Additionally, it enables a low-lift user experience. These all seem to be distinguishable elements to stand out from the competition. With its popularity in the United States and Japan, the company plans to conquer the global market in the near future.  

Considering these key takeaways, there is a high chance for you to flourish in your business with an ecommerce app like Mercari. Continue reading to know some more vital information about the Mercari Clone app development.

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Developing a Japanese ecommerce Mercari clone app- Quick Steps

  • Formulate the app strategy

It is important to validate your app idea and ensure it is worth investing in. Conduct in-depth market analysis and focus on understanding your target audience’s preferences. Never skip this stage, as you can avoid losing a penny on the wrong app idea.  

Don’t miss out on analyzing the strategies of your competitors, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. This way, you will be able to sort out their shortcomings and overcome them in your app. Research helps to formulate a successful business strategy, aiming to thrive in the upcoming years.

  • Decide your Unique Selling Proposition

Once you have chosen your business niche, it is time to concentrate on unique selling points. This will make your ecommerce app distinguishable from other apps in the market. For that, contemplate including advanced & new features. 

You can come with new features upon performing a market study. Some general features include ratings & reviews, payment options, search bar, upload photos, and many more. Advanced features to consider are chatbot, invoice generation, EMI facility, etc.

  • Focus on Intuitive user interface

App’s interface is the first impression the users get. Make sure the UI/UX is simple yet appealing to the users. Ensure that the users can navigate through various options with ease. The app’s success will be based on how well the users are convenient and comfortable in using the app. Check out the color combinations and consider modifying the app’s architecture. 

  • Choose the app development company

Once you are done with drafting the business plan, then it is time to implement it. For that, you have to approach an app development company with experience in creating an app like Mercari. There are two ways you could opt for. The first way is choosing to develop the app from scratch and the second way is opting for the Mercari Clone Script. Most entrepreneurs are reluctant to choose which approach to proceed. The selection of the second approach as it is time-conserving and available at a nominal cost. Whatever it is, make sure to go ahead with a suitable technology partner.

  • Ready to launch your app?

All set? Done with designing & developing the Mercari Clone app? It’s time to deploy the app on Google Play Store, App Store, or both. Before that, ensure that your app is free from glitches and any technical issues for a seamless user experience. Furthermore, promote your app before its launch. 


Hopefully, you have a clear vision that investing in Mercari Clone app development is profitable. You have eye-witnessed the massive growth of Mercari with its unique business model. Along with that, the global ecommerce industry is growing rapidly and is expected to soar high even in the upcoming years. Everything you do is to reach out to the best technology partner to develop an ecommerce app like Mercari.

Kickstart your business by launching a Mercari Clone app

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