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The primary reason for the increase in the number of freelancers and seamless communication systems is the advancement in technologies. The recent surge in the revenue and popularity of the on-demand services industry in recent years is immense. The industry is constantly getting fueled by the demand and trust of the users. In the early days, on-demand services were restricted to ride-hailing service, but now it has expanded into various day to day needs into a border market.

These on-demand service apps bring customers and providers together and serve as a bridge between them. These apps are the modern technological wonders as they offer essential services to people’s doorstep. The development of Gojek clone apps involves specific characteristics and guidelines. This blog will give everything you need to know for developing an app like Gojek.

What is the difference between multi-service and single-purpose app?

The multi-service apps are built with an aim to offer multiple on-demand services to the customers. On the other hand, the purpose of a single-purpose is restricted to a singular service. Initially, ride-hailing services were launched to ease the problems faced by customers during transit. Although it was criticized initially as it posed a threat to the traditional taxi industries, it continued to excel in its niche as they analyzed and offered what people exactly want. The following are some of the advantages of developing an app like gojek to provide multiple services.

  • The users can get a unified experience as the application offers essential services that are required in their everyday lives at a single place.
  • The app like Gojek will be regularly updated with the latest technology to meet the needs of a modern consumer.
  • The cost of developing a multi-purpose app does not differ much from the single-purpose app.

The scope of Gojek in the market:

  • Gojek has raised more than $1 billion in funds since its inception, and the total net worth of the company is estimated to be around $10 billion.
  • Initially, the metric money score of Gojek was 4.4 in its first month, and it suddenly increased to 16.4 in the next month.
  • The customer score for the beta version of Gojke was as less as 1, but currently, it holds a value of 22.3.
  • Gojek is presently operating in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and planning to expand its services to other countries.
  • Gojek hires young minds with innovative skills to meet the needs of modern customers.
  • As of today, more than two million drivers are working for the Gojek app.
  • Gojek handles over one hundred million transactions, and more than 25 million users make use of the services in the application.
  • Gojek has ride-hailing, food delivery, and other eighteen such services under its hood.

Gojek is an inspiration for thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, making them get into the business and exploring the potential of the niche. Handling a multi-services app is not going to be an easy task. Still, if you learn about the possible challenges that you will encounter, then it is easy to devise a contingency plan which will define the success of your business.

Challenges in the on-demand services market:

Customer acquisition:

In today’s world, on-demand services are not new to users, as several companies offer the same services. However, if you learn exactly what the users prefer and what other competitors lack, then you have the golden ticket to success. The initial users you attract are the key to long term success in the market. The fall of most companies is due to the use of improper marketing strategies to attract customers, so if you don’t want to become a similar victim, make sure that you have a unique marketing strategy for your on-demand service application.

Customer service:

Customer service is one of the factors that shouldn’t be overlooked. Even though you have high user engagement, if you end up proving poor customer service, it is a clear sign of downfall for your business. It is an easy task to offer satisfactory customer service with an adequately organized team. Building a proper IT infrastructure with necessary employees is a bit pricey, but it gets your brand a unique identity in the market for long-term success.

In a nutshell:

For any budding entrepreneur, it is risky and tedious to develop an on-demand services app. Approaching a professional Gojek clone app development company can help in reducing the risk factors as the development team will take care of the application. On your part, you can suggest some exclusive features as your unique selling point to make your app stand out in the crowd. The market for the on-demand services app is growing at a tremendous pace as the number of people who rely on these services is increasing. By following these guidelines and strategies, you can easily sustain in the market without any issues.

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