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The concept of ordering food online has progressed over the past few years. Yes, the new way of ordering and delivery system have swept the entire world. Hence, adapted to the technological changes, people can now order their favorite food via the app. And the ordered food will be delivered to their doorstep. Fewer people are going to the restaurants, whereas many people prefer to order from their homes with ease. 

Amid the pandemic, most are working from home. At times, they need a Pizza or other food to feel out of the world. They cannot visit the restaurants and spend a lot of time as they have a busy schedule. Given the situation, a food delivery app is an added advantage. Moreover, the net value of the food delivery industry has witnessed a tremendous increase. Most entrepreneurs and businesses are ready to invest in the food delivery app looking at the rising industry.

Gopuff – A Digital Ordering And Delivery Platform

Gopuff is a digital delivery platform operating in more than 650 US cities. As of March 2021, the net value was $8.9 billion. It was founded as an on-demand hookah delivery service in 2013. Later, it was expanded to a food and goods delivery service. 

Unlike other food delivery platforms, Gopuff prefers the steepest road. It operates on a fully integrated business model in which the order will be delivered directly instead of picking it from stores. This platform lets the customers order food, daily essentials, drinks, etc. They can order within a few seconds and it will be delivered in minutes. If you intend to develop a delivery app like Gopuff, this blog gives insightful information. 

Step-by-step Instructions To Develop The Gopuff Like App

Conduct Market Research

First, you have to conceptualize your business idea. For this, you should require market research and a clear understanding of your target audience. Also, it would be better to know your competitors. This will help you to frame a successful business plan. It would be best if you have decided whether you want to serve the audience your competitor is already serving or you are going to choose a new target audience. Make sure you have more clarity about your business idea. 

Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition

Now, you have to determine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that is specific only to your company. This differentiates you from your competitors. USP can be in terms of feature, service, benefits, monetary gain, and much more. The unique offerings help to gain more customers and pave the way to build a loyal customer base.

Plan Your Budget For Developing An App Like Gopuff

The features and functionality determine the cost of developing an app like Gopuff. Besides, several other factors affect the app development cost. A few of them are listed below.

  • App size and complexity
  • App design
  • App platform
  • Third-party API integration
  • Development method
  • Technology stack
  • Location & experience of the app development team

Choose The Right Monetization Strategies To Make Revenue From Your Gopuff Clone App

It is vital for you to know the mode of income generation from your Gopuff clone app. Below are some of the popular ways in which you can generate revenue from a delivery app.

  • Commission fees

Just like other delivery apps, you can charge some percentage from the stores as a commission fee. Ideally, you can charge around 15% to 20% on every delivered order.

  • Delivery fees

You can charge a delivery fee on every order from the customers. Usually, the delivery fees range between $5 and $8.

  • Advertising fees

Apart from the commission fees, you can charge advertising fees from the vendors for advertising their service on the Gopuff clone app. This way, the vendors can generate more revenue as they get attention from a broader customer base.

  • Subscription fees

Most food delivery service platforms charge their customer’s subscription fees. This allows the customers not to pay delivery fees. You can enable your customers to pay the subscription fee on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Partner With The Reliable App Development Company

The things you have done before this step will be useless if you do not find the best app development company that makes your business vision into reality by developing a delivery app like Gopuff. There are two ways in which a delivery app can be developed. One way is developing from scratch and the other way is developing using the Gopuff clone script. It is a ready-made app solution that empowers you to launch the delivery app right away.

Requisite Features For Developing The Gopuff Clone App

The Gopuff clone app comprises three interfaces, namely the Customer interface, Delivery partner interface, and Supplier interface. The indispensable features in these interfaces are as follows.

Customer Interface

  • Quick registration

Ensure the onboarding/registration process is easy and straightforward. Allow your customers to register or sign up with the delivery app via social media accounts. Also, let them register manually by entering the relevant information.

  • Review order

The Review order feature allows the customers to view the order before the checkout process. So, they can include or discard any products from the cart. 

  • Order history

This feature contains information regarding the previous orders. Customers can repeat the order if they want to purchase the same again. In this scenario, they do not have to spend a lot of time and effort making an order.

  • Tracking location

As the app is incorporated with the location tracking system, customers can check the delivery partner’s location in real-time upon the confirmation of the order request.

  • Push notifications

The app sends a notification regarding the order and delivery details from time to time. Ensure your customers get relevant updates.

  • In-app chat/call

The in-app chat feature allows the customers to contact the delivery partner via message. Also, they can make a call via the in-app call feature.

  • Discounts and offers

Providing discounts and offers acts as an incentive for customers to buy more via the app. 

Supplier Interface

  • Chat

Using the chat feature, the supplier can connect with the customers as well as delivery partners hassle-free, whenever needed. 

  • Push notifications

Notifications are necessary as they keep the suppliers aware of all the orders placed and the ones that are being fulfilled.

  • Reports

The app generates a report with information regarding the suppliers’ previous performance. This helps to understand the customers’ preferences and behavior clearly.

  • Admin panel

This panel contains all the information regarding the menu or products listed by the seller. Also, the panel shows the details about the product that are in more demand and which type of products customers are buying.

  • Editing menu

Suppliers can manage the products listed on the app. This can be done manually or using the inventory solutions. Also, the suppliers can change the price of the product.

Delivery Partner Interface

  • Order details

Once the customers’ order request is confirmed, the delivery partner will be assigned. Upon the acceptance of the delivery request, the delivery partner can view the order details. This helps to ensure that all the products are delivered.

  • Accept/reject a delivery request

The delivery partner has the option to accept or decline the delivery request due to valid reasons. When the assigned delivery partner declines the request, it will be passed onto the next person. If the delivery partner accepts the request, the order details will be available and pick the order for delivery.

  • Inactive mode

The delivery partner can enable this feature when he/she is not available to take the delivery request. It would help to assign the work in an efficient manner. 

  • Customer profile

The delivery partner must have the basic profile of the customer. This is to ensure that the right person has accepted the order.

Final Note

The convenience store market is expected to increase at a rate of 0.28% and reach USD 48.1 billion by 2024. This ensures that the delivery industry is growing in an exponential manner. Therefore, it is a precious time to set foot into this remunerative industry with the Gopuff clone app.

Streamline The Profits With A Delivery App Like Gopuff

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