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A few strains of pathogen cut loose on the streets of Wuhan has made people all over the world to stay indoors for months. To protect themselves from COVID-19, people maintain social distancing by staying inside. As people need everyday essentials, they have started to use on-demand services. This can benefit users by getting groceries delivered to their doorstep as a part of contactless deliveries. This enormous user engagement has increased its sales by 500% and is expected to increase. The shares of on-demand grocery app companies have gone up to 55% as more investors show interest in this sector. Let us dive into the working of on-demand grocery apps and how they become a part of every household.

The significance of on-demand grocery apps:

People were not expecting a pandemic situation and never experienced a global lockdown. People are facing difficulties every day to get their essential needs.  On-demand grocery delivery app like Instacart is the savior of the moment as people can get groceries delivered to their doorsteps on the same day. The providers will follow every precaution advised by UNO to ensure that the package is 100% hygiene without any pathogens. The pandemic has completely changed the outlook of the online market, and new buying patterns have emerged in recent months. People prefer comfort over anything else and who will refuse the discounts and coupons offered on these apps.  

What is the future for on-demand grocery delivery apps:

It is roughly estimated that it will take more than a year to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. So it is evident that post the COVID-19 pandemic, the world will function in a different way. Even though countries control the spread of the virus, people still need to follow social distancing norms to stay safe. Hygiene will be prioritized above everything else in the post-pandemic world. People will depend more on businesses that offer door to door services. So building an on-demand grocer delivery app now can fetch you great business opportunities.

Factors to keep in mind while developing an on-demand services app:

Check for the quality:

Proper measures should be taken to ensure that the package is sanitized multiple times at various points like before packing, after packing, and before handing it over to the delivery executives to deliver.

Ease in payments:

The platform must support various payment methods to ensure that the customers don’t have any hassles in payments. Make sure that the platform accepts credit cards, debits cards, UPI, PayPal, internet banking, etc.

Availability of stock:

Make sure that stock is updated regularly and keep track of the inventory to add new products. Customers must not face a situation where a product gets out of stock, which will ruin your reputation. Customers should be able to pick any product, and you should have enough stocks to keep it going.

Wide range of products:

Make sure that you have listed every variant of each product on the app. Customers will have their choice to make when it comes to products and variants. Offering a wide array of choices in products will tempt customers and implies a positive impact on your brand. You will get the upper hand over your competitors in the market.  

Opportunities in the market:

The COVID-19 has been a game-changer in the market as on-demand app service providers are reporting a significant surge in their user engagements. Several entrepreneurs have started to enter the sector to streamline the potential of the business. They are coming up with unique ideas such as delivering alcoholic beverages, meat, and milk to increase their overall revenue. The on-demand grocery delivery app is an economical solution that brings groceries directly to people’s doorsteps without burning a hole in their pocket. These services will also be huge demand as people will be back with their hectic schedules. In this time-defiant world, people will always look for on-demand grocery apps to complete their day. 

Benefits of grocery delivery apps:

Users can pay effortlessly for every purchase made in the application. Worldwide statistics say that about 80% of people prefer cashless transactions over the traditional methods. These apps also created a win-win situation for both supermarket owners as well as the providers. Supermarkets can add their store to the application to serve customers better in return for a share of their revenue for every order placed by the customers via the application. E-wallet options can also come handy as it helps users to pay quickly for every purchase. The platform will be designed with the latest technology to protect online transactions and to avoid any fraudulent activities.

Bottom line:

People always welcomed innovative ideas that made their lives easier. If you are planning to start a business in this sector, make sure that you clearly discuss your business scale with your development team. Getting an Instacart clone app will be the best choice as it is preloaded with all the basic features you will need to run a business, and it can be easily customized according to your business needs.

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