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The popularity of video streaming apps has reached a whole new level with the introduction of the TikTok clone app. The seed for the idea to combine music, video, and social networking in a standalone application has successfully attracted millions of teenagers who use different apps to listen to music and record short videos to share them with friends. Here are some insights about the TikTok app:

  • TikTok has grown to be one of the most popular apps on the market. The app shows more than 500 million active users per month, and it shows more than 1 billion downloads in the market. 
  • It is estimated that an average user spends almost 71 minutes on the application.
  • Millennials love the application, and more than 41% of users are aged between 16 and 24.
  • The primary revenue stream of TikTok is its in-app purchases, as it brings in a steady revenue of $3.5 million per month.

What is TikTok and how can you recreate this success formula?

TikTok is a Chinese music video platform where people can create their videos with the collection of songs and audios present in the app. Usually, people lip-sync to their favorite songs or dance to them. The apps also offer features to share videos on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. The apps also provide custom filters and animations to spice up the user experience. Basic video editing tools will be included in the application, which can be used to trim, cut, merge, and duplicate the video. 

If you are interested in the business operations of TikTok and looking for opportunities to get into the market, you should get a TikTok clone app. The clone app is the replica of TikTok as it has the same functionalities and skeletal framework. Entrepreneurs can customize it entirely to match their brand needs and include additional features if required. 

Overview of the features in TikTok:

The following are the most notable features in the TikTok app. These features offer a better experience for the users by providing more value and usability.

Video editing:

TikTok is loaded with an impressive collection of features that are loved by the users. Apart from the regular stickers, animations, and AR masks, users can also change the color of their eyes, hair, and can even add virtual makeup to their convenience.

Video uploading:

Users can upload videos directly from the app or the gallery. They can change the orientation of the video and alter its playback speed before uploading the video.

Live streaming:

This is a premium feature on the TikTok application. It lets users make live streams, and fans can directly interact with them and send/receive virtual merchandise.


The application has an in-built library of soundtracks and also lets users upload their own tracks. 

QR code scanner:

QR codes can be helpful in sharing user profiles. Scanning the QR code will redirect us to the user’s profile. This can come as an easy option to get subscribers.

Duet option:

Duet option is extremely popular among the users as it lets two users perform together in a video at the same time in the app.

Push notifications:

Admins can easily send alerts about discounts, promotions, news, and updates to customers regularly.


Geolocation features are helpful to find active bloggers in a particular place and nearby live streams to increase user engagement,


Hashtags are an effective way to reach more audiences on social media platforms. This innovative concept is also on TikTok so that the users can fully make use of the app’s potential.

Three important steps to remember while developing an app like TikTok:

Make sure that you follow the following steps to emerge as a successful brand in the market, 

Research your target market and audience:

This comes as a primary step to find prospective customers to work on a plan. This can be effective to find demographics and behavioral trends. Demographics include the average age of the users, their location, and their devices. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can customize the experience for users by optimizing their feed based on their behavior on the app, such as likes, comments, and topics.

Choose the monetization model:

The monetization model should be carefully chosen by determining the scalability and operations of your business. Here are some popular models that you can choose from:


Advertising can be an effective way to increase the overall revenue irrespective of the business. Here are the types of advertising for you to choose from:

  • Cost per click – will be charged for every time when the user interacts will the ads on the application.
  • Cost per mille – in this type of advertising, you can charge advertisers for every 1000 impressions of every ad run on the application. 
  • Cost per action – the advertisers will only pay for a specific user’s specific action on the application, such as signing up for newsletters, completing a purchase, etc.

Cooperate with the development team:

Get in touch with a professional clone app development team to learn more about the development process. During the first phase of development, you will deal with cost estimation, project planning, and requirements elicitation as a part of business analysis. After that, the developers will move on to the following operations:

  • Define the scope of your project, which includes your business priorities and unique selling proposition of your application.
  • Create a workflow for the development process by analyzing your monetization strategy.
  • Identify the user roles in your application and main features.

Improving the reachability of your application:

App store optimization:

TikTok is clocking thousands of downloads per day, and it is dominating the marketplace. You can streamline the potential of ranking in the top positions for your application by optimizing it in the following ways:

  • Add relevant keywords in the title tag of your application.
  • Post multiple screenshots that show the unique features of your application.
  • Create a unique and attractive icon for your app.
  • A clear description of the functionalities and integrating keywords in it.

Directing user traffic to the application:

In order to increase user engagement on your application, you can direct traffic from organic sources like different websites and social media platforms. Here are the other ways to funnel traffic to your platforms.

  • Smart banners with a creative slogan or important features can be an effective way to attract users to the app in the marketplace.
  • Content marketing can be an effective way to express the infographics, blogs, videos of your business that are relevant for your audience.
  • Paid advertisements are created with the sole aim to have a call to action feature for your audience. 

What is the scope of the application?

Social media apps are being by millions of people every day as users shoot and upload videos regularly. If you are looking for opportunities to get into the niche, you can use the skeletal framework and mechanics of the TikTok app to increase your venture’s overall revenue. With the help of a professional development team, you can easily turn your business idea into a mobile app. By defining your project goals and functional requirements for your development team, you can get an app like TikTok to stay ahead of your competitors in the market. 

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