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Telemedicine app service is one of the most overlooked on-demand services in the market. It is slowly gaining traction with the current generation and will be widely adopted by every healthcare provider in the world in a few years. Although a significant segment of the world population does not have any idea about these services, its market size was approximately $41.4 billion in 2019. These apps are already popular in western countries as more than half of hospitals in the US started to use telemedicine apps.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with plans to enter this sector, now is the right time to kickstart your project. There is no need to deal with the hiring process’s bureaucracy as project management can be delegated to the industry’s best minds. This article will brainstorm you with the business prospects, critical features, and benefits of developing an on-demand telemedicine service app. 

Why should you develop a healthcare app like Practo?

We live in a digital world where people depend on their smartphones for almost every activity in their lives. With advancements made in technologies every day, the trends keep changing. We are in a stage in which our technologies are deeply rooted in our basic lifestyle. As people are struck with their hectic schedules, on-demand doctor consultation apps will be a boon to them. 

Practo is a pioneer in this niche; with its service-based informative platform, it establishes a connection between doctors and patients seamlessly. It enables doctors to list their services on the platform. They can also add additional details like their working hours, expertise, experience, etc. The customers can browse through their profiles on the app to fix an appointment with them. The app also lets users select their preferred time slots and extensively maintain their medical history for doctors’ access. The millennial generation loves these apps as it saves time and eliminates the need to wait for hours in hospitals. Here are some of the benefits of having a telemedicine app like Practo.

Benefits of having an app like Practo:

Saves your time:

Telemedicine apps eliminate the need for physical visits to hospitals as the users can pick their preferred time slots on the app. The doctors will connect with them on-time to offer professional medical consultation from the comfort of their homes. 


The app’s primary purpose is to offer a seamless experience for users. They can schedule, reschedule, or cancel their appointments anytime. The app’s intuitive interface makes it more accessible as every option will be available at your fingertips. The minimalistic user interface adds the icing on the cake by making things easier and quicker for the patients. 


The app not only offers on-demand doctor consultation but also lets users learn more about doctors. They can access the doctors’ user profile and acquire information on their experience, expertise, qualification, consultation fee, contact details, location, etc. This data will be helpful for them to choose the doctors as per their requirements.

Smart services:

 These apps make things easier for the users as they need not have to enter their information every time. Their contact information, medical reports, and other data will be stored in a remote server and can be accessed only with proper authentication. The doctors can fetch this information directly from the server and eliminate the need to ask users to submit it every time. Storing data directly onto the server also minimizes human errors and paperwork. 

Scope of telemedicine apps in the future:

A majority of people in the US prefer on-demand doctor consultation over physical consultations. As people work in hectic schedules, they are not able to allocate time for their essential tasks. These apps enable the millennial generation to book doctor consultations conveniently with a few taps and swipes on their smartphones. As people are more responsive towards modernization and quickly adapt to new technologies in the market, these apps have a great scope in the near future. 

As people are continually becoming more health-conscious, it gives a significant advantage for developers to build health-tracking apps. The increase in IoT devices has made it easier for developers to integrate these apps into the devices used by people on a daily basis. Furthermore, these health tracking devices can be connected with healthcare apps like Practo for a better experience. The adaptation of modern trends paves the way for more opportunities to exhibit dominance over your rivals. 

Critical features that you shouldn’t miss on your Practo clone app:

Integration of social media plugins:

Instead of registering their accounts on the platform by entering phone numbers and email addresses, the users can directly login with their social media accounts. Integrate social media plugins on your platform for users to login directly with their Facebook or Google accounts. 

Select doctors seamlessly:

Currently, Practo has over 20,000 verified doctors on its platform. Its services have expanded to countries like Singapore, Philippines, USA, and Malaysia. The users can make an appointment at their preferred timings. Social media plugins’ integration makes things easier as people can add their appointment directly to their Google Calendar. The app also enables the users to pick their preferred doctors based on their location and can also check for the feasibility of physical visits. 

Access medical history:

 The user details will be saved on a remote server and cannot be accessed without proper authorization. The users can access their information on medical reports, last visits, scheduled visits, prescribed medicines, etc., at any time on the app.

Search filters:

Users should be able to view the information about doctors on the platform. They should be able to search for doctors by entering their names, symptoms, and medical terms. They can also get refined search results by adjusting the search filters on the app. As you plan to build a Practo clone app, ensure that it has a comparable database and innovative features to compete in the global market.

Physical consultation:

 It would be best to consider offering users the options to get physical doctor consultations since every health issue cannot be dealt with on video calls. The users can schedule a physical visit of doctors to their homes to get better services. But these physical doctor consultations are different from traditional methods as people need not have to wait for hours.  

Effortless booking options:

People choose on-demand healthcare service apps since they don’t find enough time to visit doctors in person. Hence your app must be optimized to make sure that the users spend less time on your app. They should be able to book an appointment easily and quickly without any hassles.

Booking calendar:

The users should be able to view the official calendar of doctors to book appointments. The calendar should also include dates and time slots of the doctors to avoid double bookings.

Sharing articles:

Offering on-demand healthcare services will not be enough to keep people engaged on your platform. Try sending newsletters, articles relevant to your niche, guidelines, and others. You can also send health tips and food consumption opinions from time to time. 

Push notifications:

Push notifications are a must-have feature on your app since you are developing a healthcare app. It is an effective way to send reminders on their appointments, reports, promotions, discounts, relevant articles, and more. 

Multiple payment methods:

Setting up a payment gateway on your Practo clone script is essential, as people will prefer to pay online. Apart from credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, PayPal, etc., you can also integrate an in-app wallet for your customers. It can be an effective strategy to speed up the payment process.

In a nutshell:

There is no argument on the monetary potential of on-demand doctor consultation apps, as experts have predicted an enormous user engagement in this decade. Its capability to meet the millennials’ dynamic needs and the ability to offer more benefits are significant reasons for its popularity. If you are planning on stepping into this sector, contact our development team to kickstart your venture. 

Your healthcare app like Practo can be customized as per your budget and business needs. Our development team will build a robust platform to meet your business goals and financial capacity without compromising the quality. With our extensive history of working with global clients at competitive prices, we believe an Uberlikeapp can be your ideal development partner to get started.

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