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Over the past few years, the online food delivery sector has witnessed gradual growth. With technological evolution, people always seek on-demand apps. This is because of the convenience of ordering within a few minutes and instant door delivery of it. 

It is not surprising, the demand for food delivery apps has been substantially increasing recently. As evidence, the online food delivery industry’s worth will be projected to reach US $306,808 million by the end of 2021. According to Statista, this industry’s net value is expected to continue to surge at a rate of 10.01% and reach US$449,292 million by 2025. 

Even though the industry has been loaded with many food delivery apps, it provides open space for the advent of new such apps. If you aspire to launch a meal kit app like Hello Fresh, this blog is for you. Keep reading! 

HelloFresh – Germany-based Meal Kit Delivery Service App

Hello Fresh, Germany-based largest meal kit delivery service provider in the United States. It is operated in other regions like Canada, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Western Europe, and New Zealand.  The company launched its app in 2011. In 2014, the company started to deliver 1 million meals/month. It was valued at $1.28 billion in 2018 and increased its revenue generation in 2019, securing $1.80 billion. for more latest app news visit Techy Gossips.

Notably, Hello Fresh acquired GreenChef (a US-based company) and Chefs Plate (A Toronto-based company).   It is highly expected that it will grow by 20% – 25% by the end of 2021. Its popularity amazes upcoming entrepreneurs who plan to enter the online food delivery industry. If you think about developing a meal kit delivery service app, invest in HelloFresh Clone app development. 

Pick Out HelloFresh Clone, A Ready-Made App

Developing a meal kit delivery app isn’t tedious in the technology-driven modern world. There are two approaches to craft an app. The first conventional way is developing it from the beginning, and it may require nearly 6 months to complete the development process. The second modern approach is choosing the ready-to-go HelloFresh Clone app. As it is a custom-built one, you can deploy it once done with some tweaks. Hardly, it takes 3 to 4 weeks and so you can hit the market soon.    

Make Your App User-Friendly With Exciting Features

A proven way to increase your business success is by adding relevant features to your app. Keep in mind that incorporating more features does not mean more success. So, ensure to choose only the features which are helpful for the customers and suitable for your business model. Some popular and noticeable features you could consider are discussed as follows.

Hassle-free reorder

The app will save all the previous orders in a separate section, which the users can access at any time. When they want to repeat the same order, they do not have to choose the order items manually. This simplifies the ordering process and reduces time & effort.  

Modifying recipes

As customers’ tastes and preferences change, you can offer different recipes every week. So, they can choose vegetarian meals, low-carb meals, and so many. 

Give access to multiple payment modes

Users can make use of available payment modes for getting meal kits. Let them choose an online payment option or cash on delivery according to their convenience.

Quick notification

Allow the users to get updates regarding the order status, delivery executive’s location, and new discounts & orders via the push notification. 

Provide special offers

Offering discounts, coupons, and promo codes to the customers will encourage them to order again from your app. It is a suitable feature to boost user engagement.   

In-app call/chat

Allow the customers to communicate with the meal kit provider via call or chat, if required to give instructions. Besides this, let them get 24 * 7 support by contacting the support team in case of any queries.  

Multi-lingual support

When you plan for a global launch, the multilingual feature is indispensable. It allows the users to change the app’s language and use the app in their native language hassle-free. 

Business Model: The Functionality Of An App Like HelloFresh

Once you plan to start a food delivery business, it is requisite that you should understand the prevalent business models. For instance, HelloFresh, a food delivery company delivers meals. It offers personalized plans as people can choose one from the available 20 recipes.

 The significant plus is it introduces a new set of recipes every week. Its unique business concept is that the meal package the company provides consists of recipes and ingredients which are required for cooking.  

Check a glimpse at how a meal kit delivery app functions: in simple steps. 

  • The customers can finish the sign-up process by providing their contact number or email address. Or else, they can choose Google Account or Apple Account for registration.
  • The app displays available recipes which the users can choose based on their tastes and preferences. Moreover, they have the option to customize it on their own.
  • Users have to tap the Add option to add the meal to be delivered. Once they are done with customizing their recipes, tapping the Save option will save the changes.  
  • The meal will be delivered on the specified date. Notably, the users can plan their meal plan up to a maximum of five days and schedule the delivery as per their wishes. You can even extend the meal plan for a week. 

Diversified Streams To Generate Revenue From HelloFresh Clone

The simplest yet effective way to generate revenue from meal kit delivery apps is by charging a subscription fee from the customers on a weekly basis. For instance, HelloFresh collects $8.99 on ordering for two people and $7.49 for four people. The price will vary on the basis of the amount of food ordered.  Though it is effective, having a single revenue stream does not help you through for the long run.

Therefore, think about implementing other monetization strategies. The efficacious way to generate stable revenue is in-app advertising. You can permit third parties to publish ads, promoting their service or product. Thereby, you can charge them based on the views/impressions of the ads.   Take HelloFresh as an example. It follows the franchise fees revenue model, which they charge chefs for including their recipes in the app. It is one possible revenue stream you can take advantage of. 

Final Words

Some might not find time to cook food in their homes as they are busy with their routine work schedules. And, very few do not know how to cook and choose to prefer apps for meal delivery. These are some reasons for the increased demand for meal kits delivery apps.  Another significant reason is the Covid -19 pandemic, which significantly increases the demand for delivery apps to a great extent.

As predicted, the global meal kit delivery app industry will touch $20 billion by the end of 2027.  This implies that there will be good opportunities for entrepreneurs who plan to enter this market. Be an early bird, leverage this wonderful opportunity, and launch the HelloFresh Clone app right away. 

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