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Have you ever heard about Menulog? It is an Australia-based food ordering and delivery platform, catering both food and beverages to the customers. It has gained more than 3 million people and partnered with 30,000 restaurants across Australia alongside New Zealand. This platform is generating nearly $28 million for a year.

Astonishingly, Menulog is one of the well-known order takeaway online platforms in Australia. Taking this into consideration, entrepreneurs and business owners aspire to mimic its business model and set foot into the online food delivery sector in this decade. This is the time when the demand for such kinds of apps is skyrocketing. Have you thought about it? Go ahead with choosing a white-label Menulog Clone

What Is A Menulog Clone?

Menulog Clone is an adjustable food delivery app that has features similar to Menulog, mimicking its functionality. This is the platform connecting eateries, customers, and delivery personnel. 

Building the food delivery platform from scratch is quite tedious which requires high investment and lots of time. Conversely, choosing a white-label Menulog Clone will be a perfect ladder, enabling you to start a food delivery business sooner. 

Key benefits of white-label Menulog Clone are listed here. 

  • End-to-end customizability
  • Scalability
  • Easy to launch
  • Available at an economical price
  • Supports integration of third-party services

In the upcoming section, let us see the features encompassed in a Menulog Clone app and the cost to build the app. Continue reading!

Basic Features Required For developing A Menulog Clone App

To make your food delivery app clone more user-friendly and accessible, you should incorporate relevant features, framing the app’s functionality. The following are the basic features that need to be included in a Menulog Clone app.  

  • Signup/login

First-time users have to specify their personal details, including their name, phone number, and email address. Whenever they want to use the app, they can log in with their credentials. 

  • Location Access

Once done with the initial registration, they have to give location access in order to automatically detect their current location. Or else, they can manually enter their present location.  

  • Search Restaurants

Customers can look for nearby restaurants from the displayed list. Alternatively, they can search it with the help of the advanced search option.

  • Choose Food Cuisines

The users will be able to browse restaurants based on the food they love to order by applying filters. After choosing the restaurant, they can select the food items from a wide range of cuisines. 

  • Add to Cart

The items which the users have selected will be added automatically to the cart. These can be altered at any time but before order confirmation. Yes, they can add or remove items without any hassles. 

  • Seamless Payment Transaction

Digital payments have become the primary choice for everyone as it seems to be more convenient. Apart from the Cash-On-Delivery option, permit your customers to pay online using credit/debit cards, UPI, and e-wallets.

Impressive Features In Menulog Clone To Target Customers

  • Gather Customer Feedback

Through this, users can readily give feedback to the restaurants regarding the quality of the food items. So, it will be easy for other customers to make decisions in choosing restaurants. Alongside, facilitate them leave reviews/ratings for the delivery personnel.   

  • Promotional Offers

Introduce promotional offers for your potential customers and first-time app users. This is to certainly grab the attention of your target audience. Thereby, increase the business sales and generate revenue. 

  • Order Now or Schedule Later

This feature facilitates the customers to place orders and get these immediately. Or else, they can schedule it later as per their convenience.  

  • Push Notifications

Through push notifications, you (the admin) can remind your customers about new offers and promotions alongside ongoing ones. This will make your customers’ orders again and again and thereby increase customer engagement.

  • Estimated Time of Delivery

Once the customers confirm their orders, the app will display the estimated time of delivery. This will give assurance to the customers and prevent frustration about when the orders will be delivered. 

  • Reorder

The app permits the customers to check the order history. If they want to order the same cuisines again, tapping the Reorder option will make it easy. In such a scenario, they do not have to spend more time on placing orders.

What Will Be The Cost To Build An App Like Menulog?

The question which is usually asked is how much does it cost to build a food delivery app? It’s simple to answer this question. As a rough estimate, the cost to build an app like Menulog will be based on various factors as it varies according to the individual business requirements. In this section, let us discuss the major factors that will be taken into consideration for determining the food delivery app development cost.

  • Platform Selection For App Deployment

The first thing to contemplate is which platform you wish to choose for app deployment. Based on this, the cost will be determined. When you plan to launch the app on multiple platforms, the cost for development will shoot up. 

Opting for multiple platforms will lead the way for wider audience coverage. When you restrain the budget, considering any one of the platforms especially, choosing Android will be a wise choice. 

  • Time Frame

The time required for developing a food delivery app like Menulog will have a significant impact on the app development cost. When the app is more complex, the time frame for development will be more. 

  • The Complexity Of The App

The complexity of the app will be based on how many features are added. The more the number of additional features, the higher will be the cost, and so the complexity & size will be. 

  • The Team or Company Of App Development

The app development team you hire or the company you approach for development will also determine the cost. However, the cost varies depending on the geographic location of the company.   

  • A Stack Of Technology Used For App Development

To make your food delivery app perform well and stand out from the competition, utilize modern and innovative technologies. The stack of technology chosen will be based on the feature set you have decided to include in the app.  

Concluding Thoughts: Ready To Develop A Food Delivery App?

Hopefully, this blog will give insightful information regarding essential features to include and the estimation of Menulog clone app development cost. If you are very much sure about leaping into the online food delivery sector, it is time to go forward in app development. We have experienced app developers in hand as they focus on crafting the food delivery clone app for your needs. 

Looking Forward To Creating A Food Delivery App Like Menulog?

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