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Right from walkmans to Spotify, the music industry has experienced revolutionary growth with people’s demand. The smartphone has transformed almost every sector into the digital world. Nowadays, music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora are famous among people. Still, there is room for many apps to come into play in this industry.

Music streaming market statistics and facts

By 2025, the music streaming market revenue is projected to show a growth rate of 9.69%, with a market volume of US $33,372 million. Some more interesting facts are as follows.

  • The music streaming market generates revenue of $11.4 billion globally, which is 28 times more recorded a decade ago.
  • There are 186.7 million active music app users in the United States of America according to Statista.
  • According to Digital Market Outlook, it is estimated that the number of music app users might reach 933.2 million by 2025. 
  • The number of music streaming app subscribers reached 305 million reported at the end of the first half of 2019. 

The popularity of music streaming app like Spotify is not only because of music reliability but also depends on numerous factors like great user experience, brilliant usage of AI/ML, simple pricing, playlist curation, and multiple device compatibility. Recently, they set out to launch some new features like karaoke mode. Bringing new features might enlighten users.

Are you interested in music streaming app development? Then, this article is for you. Spotify clone script will let you customize features and develop your app. This consumes less time and requires less money (budget-friendly) as it is an efficient way for the Spotify clone app development. 

Robust features of the Spotify clone app

Here is the list of robust features included in the Spotify clone script.

Individual profile – This will let the users create their profile, and it can be viewed by other app users.

Social media integration – Users can connect their profile with other popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder.

Search songs – This option makes the users search for their favorite songs quickly.

Personalized suggestions – The app uses adaptive algorithms to show personalized recommendations for users. 


The app will display informative statistics that tell more about the user’s music preferences and tastes. Also, it shows how much time they have spent listening to music, most played songs, and much more.

Advanced features to consider for the Spotify clone app development

Push notifications

This is the best approach to increase user engagement. You can send them personalized messages related to their music preferences via the app.

Radio stations

Let your users create custom playlists designated to specific artists, genres, and much more.


This feature supports an extensive range of podcasts. Some users might get bored listening to songs for a long time. For them, it will be a good entertainment feature.

Various membership plans

This will let them to avail any subscriptions like free membership, student membership, or premium membership plan as they wish.

How to earn profit with the Spotify clone app? 

You might be wondering how music streaming app like Spotify can generate revenue. Well, here is how. You can consider these and implement them in your business for revenue generation.

In-app advertisements

The Spotify app attracts many people as its basic model is free of cost. With heavy customer traffic, there are a lot of chances of reaching potential customers via advertisements. So, you can allow advertisers to promote their service in your app. Apart from banners and classified ads, Spotify will let the users listen to a couple of ads at an interval of five songs. You can charge the advertisers accordingly. 


You can avail the subscription-based model with some advantages for users. For instance, they can play and listen to music without any advertisements by paying subscription pricing on a monthly or yearly basis. In this way, you can earn some considerable revenue.

Premium service

Although availing subscription-based and basic models, you can offer premium services for premium users. They can access some special features like curated playlists and they can share those with their friends and family members. Also, you can let them play songs in offline mode.

Spotify clone app – How much does it cost to develop?

Factors that determine the cost to develop the Spotify clone app are listed below.

  • App features
  • UX of the app
  • Platforms of your app 
  • Payment gateway integration
  • App testing

The more features you include, the cost will vary accordingly. Consider only the necessary features for your app if you want to develop the app with less budget.

Final note

We have discussed the Spotify clone app development process. So it will be trouble-free for you to proceed further and start a music streaming business. We cater the Spotify clone app with user-friendly UI, attractive design, stand-out features, etc. Also, we provide technical support in the registration of accounts on SMS gateway, payment gateway, server, and other third-party sites. Get a live demo and contact us for the Spotify app development

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