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The travel and tourism industry has embraced the technological advancement of this century to its favor as it has gained a massive surge in terms of revenue and market value. People are able to book flights, vacation itineraries, trains, etc., with a few taps and swipes on their smartphones. These applications have brought people close with service providers and made their lives more convenient. Airbnb has kickstarted a new sector in the market with its unique peer-to-peer offering and still remains the world’s leading travel aggregator. Several entrepreneurs have fallen for its useful features and seamless management of their business. Most of them have stepped ahead to build a similar app for establishing their brand in this lucrative market. This article will brainstorm with you about the overall business process and how to replicate it successfully. 

Structure of an Airbnb clone app:

Before stepping into the Airbnb clone app development process, it is crucial to learn about its business model.


Whoever owns property or land and wants to rent it is called hosts. They will pay a commission fee for the admins upon each successful booking. 


Guests are also known as travelers, seeking out property or land for rent. They can seek accommodation for trips or a temporary stay for various reasons. The admin will collect a convenience fee upon each successful booking. 

Admin panel

Admin will manage the overall business and guest activities. They will be responsible for transactions and should address every customers’ queries. 

How does Airbnb work for guests?

Step: 1

Users can book their accommodations on our Airbnb clone app seamlessly. They should register their profile on the platform to browse the properties. With the integration of social media plugins, the users can seamlessly log into their profile with their Google or Facebook account. 

Step: 2

The users will be asked to fill out some necessary information for their profile, such as profile pictures, phone numbers, gender, country, etc. 

Step: 3

The users can search for their ideal accommodations and further get refined results based on various filters. The platform also facilitates the users to sort properties based on their locality, price, ratings, purpose, etc. 

Step: 4

The users can place a request for a property and should wait for the official confirmation from the owners’ side.

Step: 5

The customers will be prompted to pay a registration and confirmation fee to rent their accommodation.

Step: 6

After the registration, the users will receive an invoice for their booking via mail for further reference. 

How does Airbnb work for hosts:

Step: 1

The onboarding process for hosts will be similar to that of users, but they will have to submit their identity proof as they should be over 18 to post properties on the platform.

Step: 2

After profile creation, they can upload the details of their profile. They should fill out specific information like the type of property, number of guests allowed, amenities, pictures, location, etc., in order to get approved on the platform.

Step: 3

The hosts can also avail of professional photography services available on the platform. The users won’t be charged for this service and can be used to avoid any last-minute casualties. 

Step: 4

The hosts will get notified of the users’ requests and can communicate with them directly if both parties agree upon mutual grounds for every condition, the stay will be finalized, and payment can be processed. 

Who is your target audience:

The type of audience for your vacation rental online marketplace will be directly influenced by the type of properties you choose to list. Since you are developing an app like Airbnb, your audience will consist of:

  • Commercial travelers
  • Family travelers
  • People who move to new cities for job
  • People who own a property/land and looking for opportunities to earn from it
  • Travelers who seek a simple place at an affordable price

How should you approach the estimation of your app development cost:

The cost structure for developing your Airbnb like app will be as follows. The structure will be the same for every app in this niche, irrespective of its scale.

  • Cost to develop the website and app
  • Hiring an administration team
  • Integrating multiple online payment platforms like MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal.
  • Insurance schemes
  • Host assistance

The technological requirements to build your app like Airbnb:

The tech stack that goes into developing your app will determine its performance in the mainstream market and real-world scenarios. Here is what you need to be focused on while developing your Airbnb clone script, as they play a crucial role in determining the future of your business. 

  • Application framework
  • Programming languages
  • Cloud storage and Hosting
  • Voice and SMS API for OTP verification
  • In-app messaging and communication 
  • Global payment
  • SQL data storage

The curated steps to build an app like Airbnb:

1. Draft a business plan

The first and foremost step in starting a business is to develop a descriptive business plan irrespective of the niche. This strategy will help you to stay focused on your business goals and to be organized.

2. Find the developers

Ensure that you hire a team of professional Airbnb clone app developers with a proven track record in this niche. You can also outsource your project to a trustable team.

3. Build a user-friendly Airbnb clone app

It is vital to build a user-friendly and intuitive application as customers will not prefer an app that lacks proper navigability. Ensure that your development team follows a minimalistic approach while designing your app, as customers will prefer to get things done in the shortest turnaround time. Hence it is crucial that you hand over the design part to experienced hands for the desirable results. 

4. Integrate essential and exclusive features

The Airbnb clone app will be preloaded with essential features as they are responsible for the proper functioning of the app and business processes. However, every app in the market will offer the same features, and it will not be enough to be successful in the market. Integrating exclusive features that makes your app stand apart from the competition will be a perfect way. 

5. Testing

Even though you develop an Airbnb clone script, there will be some potential bugs that might hinder the user experience. It is critical to test your app to eliminate bugs and to enhance the overall customer experience effectively.

6. Listen to the user feedback and provide regular updates:

Listening to user feedback is one of the essential parts of running a business successfully. It will be helpful to rectify the drawbacks of your services. It will also help to get a perspective of the customers’ expectation and necessity. Bring regular updates to your app and fix every error faced by your customers since the user feedback is based on their experience in real-world scenarios and will help your business effectively.

Launching your app in the mainstream market:

You must draft a privacy policy and Term of Usage for your app before launching it in the mainstream market. You can either choose to purchase templates from websites or hire a professional to get it done. We will create a developers’ account on both Google Play or Apple Store with your credentials to publish your app. You can also choose to avail of our pre-marketing strategies for an initial boost for your apps in the market. 

Concluding words:

The demand for comfortable accommodations is on the rise as people are always on the move. The competition is tight as more entrepreneurs have stepped into the industry with a thirst for making a profit with perfection. Set your vision to reshape the industry with an innovative solution and focus on providing a global sense of home. Get in touch with our Airbnb clone app development team for a free demo of our product. 

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